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1.   "How?"
2.   .
3.   'Is it still Rasselas?' I asked, coming behind her.
4. 除了捐赠电话,接线员们还会接收到各地医院的求助电话。
5.   On the evening of the crime, he returned from the club exactly atten. His mother and sister were out spending the evening with arelation. The servant deposed that she heard him enter the frontroom on the second floor, generally used as his sittingroom. She hadlit a fire there, and as it smoked she had opened the window. No soundwas heard from the room until eleven-twenty, the hour of the return ofLady Maynooth and her daughter. Desiring to say good-night, sheattempted to enter her son's room. The door was locked on theinside, and no answer could be got to their cries and knocking. Helpwas obtained, and the door forced. The unfortunate young man was foundlying near the table. His head had been horribly mutilated by anexpanding revolver bullet, but no weapon of any sort was to be foundin the room. On the table lay two banknotes for ten pounds each andseventeen pounds ten in silver and gold, the money arranged inlittle piles of varying amount. There were some figures also upon asheet of paper, with the names of some club friends opposite tothem, from which it was conjectured that before his death he wasendeavouring to make out his losses or winnings at cards.A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make thecase more complex. In the first place, no reason could be given whythe young man should have fastened the door upon the inside. There wasthe possibility that the murderer had done this, and had afterwardsescaped by the window. The drop was at least twenty feet, however, anda bed of crocuses in full bloom lay beneath. Neither the flowers northe earth showed any sign of having been disturbed, nor were there anymarks upon the narrow strip of grass which separated the house fromthe road. Apparently, therefore, it was the young man himself whohad fastened the door. But how did he come by his death? No onecould have climbed up to the window without leaving traces. Supposea man had fired through the window, he would indeed be a remarkableshot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound. Again,Park lane is a frequented thoroughfare, there is a cab stand withina hundred yards of the house. No one had heard a shot. And yet therewas the dead man and there the revolver bullet, which had mushroomedout, as soft-nosed bullets will, and so inflicted a wound which musthave caused instantaneous death. Such were the circumstances of thePark Lane Mystery, which were further complicated by entire absence ofmotive, since, as I have said, young Adair was not known to have anyenemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuablesin the room.
6.   `But don't you?' she insisted.


1. 1853年佩里来航,使用坚船利炮逼迫日本开国。
2. 达拉特旗存在社会管控不到位,措施落实不到位。
3. 另一方面,也有一大批医美机构正悄悄消失,走下暴利神坛。
4. 逸山是北京一家小型竞速滑雪培训机构的经理。
5. 甲用信用卡,等到要算利息的前一天付款;乙用同样的信用卡,到期前两星期就先付了款。甲的费用比乙的低,有经济学大师说是价格分歧。这不对,因为甲乙二人的信用卡的收费安排都是一样。
6.   'Miss Fairfax? Oh, you mean Miss Varens! Varens is the name of yourfuture pupil.'


1. 到了晚上,白沙滩就摇身一变成巨大的酒吧,灯光不灭、音乐不断。
2. 而流感致死的主要原因,是其并发症。
3. 对此家属质疑,月子中心明知赵女士的身体状况,不应该让她长时间趴在床上按摩
4. 在中国,阿里、京东、苏宁、美团等平台也很早就提出了无人配送,并取得了一些进展。
5. 高速公路防疫一线工作虽然很辛苦,但通过严守输入性疫情第一道关口,能为更多人的平安健康出点力,我觉得很值当。
6.   Porthos looked at the bottle, which was Dear him, and hopedthat with wine, bread, and cheese, he might make a dinner;but wine was wanting, the bottle was empty. M. and Mme.Coquenard did not seem to observe it.


1. 齐心村村支书欧灵跟新京报记者介绍,这个被偷的古树打村里人记事以来就在这里,这棵树在族谱里都有记载,是当时村里人从村外面带回来的树苗,随后种在了这里,距现在应该有二三百年了。
2. 投下州县赋税圣宗时,辽朝普遍实行赋税制。俘掠奴隶设置的投下州城,分赋税为二等,工商税中,市井之赋归投下,酒税缴纳给朝廷(据《辽史·食货志》当始于圣宗时)。投下俘奴由此演变为输租于官、纳课于主的“二税户”。九九五年,诏令诸道民户,自穆宗以来被“胁从”为奴隶者,“仍籍州县”。隶属州县,即不再是奴隶主完全占有的奴隶,而成为向朝廷纳税的编民。部分寨堡的民户,迁置州县垦殖,如“徙吉避寨居民三百户于檀、顺、蓟三州”,从事农耕。山前后未纳税户迁于密云、燕乐两县“占地置业”,交纳赋税,被称为“私田”。又募民耕滦河一带的荒地,十年以后才开始收租,称“在官闲田”,即朝廷所有的荒田。耕私田和闲田,都要“计亩出粟,以赋公上”。西北沿边各地设置屯田垦耕,在屯民户“‘力耕公田,不输税赋”,即不再向朝廷输税,积粟供给当地军饷。在屯户实际上是为朝廷服力役的农奴。
3. (三)不同类别合约的选择时间工资合约只是几类雇用劳力合约其中之一。有些行业的选择比较多,有些比较少。例如工厂生产,时间工资合约之外还可选的有件工合约、分成合约、劳力租用厂房等安排。但在美国,二十世纪三十年代的工会强力反对之后,件工合约在好些行业是不容许的。另一方面,因为量度件数的困难,好些工作不采用件工合约(见本章第六节)。
4. 根据该计划,洋河将在2015年上半年推出首款鸡尾酒产品,当年销售5000万元,然后用2~3年时间成为行业主流品牌,最后再用3~5年时间成为行业领导者。
5. 明初已开始注重水利事业。明太祖在工部下设立“水部”,职责是“掌水利、水害、坝闸、桥梁、舟车。”(《太祖实录》卷六十四)并命工部:“陂塘湖堰可蓄泄以备旱潦者,皆因其地势修治之。”至洪武二十八年(一三九五年),全国共修浚河道四千一百六十二处,陂渠堤岸五千四十八处,加上地方修治的水利,总共四万九百八十七处。(《太祖实录》卷二四三)
6.   As she spoke, she told Eumaeus to set the bow and the pieces of ironbefore the suitors, and Eumaeus wept as he took them to do as shehad bidden him. Hard by, the stockman wept also when he saw hismaster's bow, but Antinous scolded them. "You country louts," said he,"silly simpletons; why should you add to the sorrows of yourmistress by crying in this way? She has enough to grieve her in theloss of her husband; sit still, therefore, and eat your dinners insilence, or go outside if you want to cry, and leave the bow behindyou. We suitors shall have to contend for it with might and main,for we shall find it no light matter to string such a bow as thisis. There is not a man of us all who is such another as Ulysses; for Ihave seen him and remember him, though I was then only a child."


1. 据了解,东风雷诺10月单月销量已经沦落至三位数水平,仅为953辆,这已其连续两个月销量不足千辆。
2. 今年我打算用一天的时间跟亲戚们拜年,然后陪父母看秧歌、看电视,我还专门在网上购置了一副麻将,已经寄回家里了。
3. We boast a good deal of our "high level of general intelligence" and our "compulsory public education," but in proportion to their opportunities they were far better educated than our people.

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      "I am by birth a Cretan; my father was a well-to-do man, who hadmany sons born in marriage, whereas I was the son of a slave whom hehad purchased for a concubine; nevertheless, my father Castor son ofHylax (whose lineage I claim, and who was held in the highest honouramong the Cretans for his wealth, prosperity, and the valour of hissons) put me on the same level with my brothers who had been born inwedlock. When, however, death took him to the house of Hades, his sonsdivided his estate and cast lots for their shares, but to me they gavea holding and little else; nevertheless, my valour enabled me to marryinto a rich family, for I was not given to bragging, or shirking onthe field of battle. It is all over now; still, if you look at thestraw you can see what the ear was, for I have had trouble enoughand to spare. Mars and Minerva made me doughty in war; when I hadpicked my men to surprise the enemy with an ambuscade I never gavedeath so much as a thought, but was the first to leap forward andspear all whom I could overtake. Such was I in battle, but I did notcare about farm work, nor the frugal home life of those who wouldbring up children. My delight was in ships, fighting, javelins, andarrows- things that most men shudder to think of; but one man likesone thing and another another, and this was what I was mostnaturally inclined to. Before the Achaeans went to Troy, nine timeswas I in command of men and ships on foreign service, and I amassedmuch wealth. I had my pick of the spoil in the first instance, andmuch more was allotted to me later on.

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