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1. 【Q】这个20-30%的储备是已经开始了,还是明年在准备?这个肯定是要做了,设备一直在增加,陆陆续续的到位。
2.   Cressida, though thinking that her servant and her knight should not have doubted her truth, yet sought to remove his jealousy, and offered to submit to any ordeal or oath he might impose; then, weeping, she covered her face, and lay silent. "But now," exclaims the poet --
3. 2019年12月12日,经成都市中级人民法院审理判决,该案维持原判。
4.   "Well, you never can tell," returned Hurstwood gently. "Heprobably thought he was right."
5. 布局最深贡献利润最大的一块,毫无疑问是大湾区。
6.   "When you arrived here did you not sit down on the ground?" asked the genius, "and did you not take some dates from your wallet, and whilst eating them did not you throw the stones about?"


1.   "Oh, yes, come and go. What have you got to do?"
2. 第二天我就去找勺子了。
3.   "I really think," replied the king, "that will be the best way."
4.   "This vizir," he replied, "told King Sindbad that one ought not believe everything that a mother-in-law says, and told him this story."
5. 我们再度收获了一个增长强劲的季度,收入的快速增长意味着美团给商家和用户创造了更多价值,同时也印证了中国仍是全球最具成长性的消费市场,我们对中国市场的长期增长充满信心,美团CEO王兴表:在‘Food+Platform的战略下,我们将持续投入科技创新,持续提升效率,不断推进生活服务业供给侧数字化,与商户和合作伙伴共同成长,满足用户更加多元的消费需求,为社会创造更大价值。
6. 此后十几年,上海四大百货公司陷入困顿,十里洋场再不复往日繁华。


1. 资本增值型基金:基金经理各类型股票都可投资,不拘泥于特定投资观念。麦哲伦基金就属于这种基金。
2.   `As to me, the greatest desire I have, is to forget that I belong to it. It has no good in it for me--except wine like this--nor I for it. So we are not much alike in that particular. Indeed, I begin to think we are not much alike in any particular, you and I.'
3. 举报者供图根据中央、河北省委、保定市委有关文件精神和相关规定,鉴于当前特殊形势,以及相关企业不配合核查、不诚恳整改、推卸责任的态度,按照特殊时期特事特办、依法依规从快从重处罚的原则,经保定市市场监督管理局认真研究,依据《中华人民共和国价格法》第十四条和《价格违法行为行政处罚规定》第六条相关规定,1月28日,作出对河北保百集团购物广场有限公司处以200万元罚款的决定,并将相关情况向社会公布,以此震撼违法商家,稳定市场秩序
4. 这确实是一份有着某种拐点意义的财报,瑞幸此份三季度财报一经公布,因店铺层面盈利等利好因素,其股票在数个交易日连续上涨,股价大涨至50美元上方。
5.   In another second I was embracing and kissing her rapturously:'Bessie! Bessie! Bessie!' that was all I said; whereat she halflaughed, half cried, and we both went into the parlour. By the firestood a little fellow of three years old, in plaid frock and trousers.
6. 除了创办礼物说的温城辉,有名的90后创业者还有:以“性解放者”为标签的马佳佳、“要给员工分1个亿”的余佳文、17岁扬言“赚够95后钱”的王凯歆,要颠覆KTV市场的“海归”尹桑……现在,他们都过得怎样了呢?宣称能把情趣用品卖出“逼格”的马佳佳,创办的泡否科技仅不到一年就关门大吉; 余佳文在豪言“给员工发一个亿”不久,就反悔举办“公开认怂会”,表示是自己以前是吹牛逼。


1. 虽然机器从技术上推翻了旧的分工制度,但是最初这种旧制度由于习惯,仍然作为工场手工业的传统在工厂里延续着,后来被资本当作剥削劳动力的手段,在更令人厌恶的形式上得到了系统的恢复和巩固。过去是终身专门使用一种局部工具,现在是终身专门服侍一台局部机器。滥用机器的目的是要使工人自己从小就
2. 玩家在虚拟世界里有一个定位,在现实生活中也有一个完全不同定位,等你退出游戏回到现实的时候,周围并没有多少人会因为你排名全服第一而对你表达认同和崇拜之情,两者很难产生交集,所以传统网游的社交和现实生活中的社交是脱离的,这种本质上的脱离感,才是传统PC端网游社交一直不太成功的原因。
3. 为了掩饰尴尬,一个人在学校食堂用最快的速度吃完午饭,之后就在教学楼绕圈打发时间。
4. Mr. Barrow did not sit down at once. His attention seemed attracted by the Last Doll and the things which surrounded her. He settled his eyeglasses and looked at them in nervous disapproval. The Last Doll herself did not seem to mind this in the least. She merely sat upright and returned his gaze indifferently.
5.   `Where did you go?'
6. 冬天根本睡不暖和,被子上要压很多衣服保暖……酒店业一泡就是21年,别人只知道季琦的酒店业越做越大,却不知道这一切源于他对生活无限的渴望。


1. 《静待黎明》
2.   My Master Bukton, when of Christ our King Was asked, What is truth or soothfastness? He not a word answer'd to that asking, As who saith, no man is all true, I guess; And therefore, though I highte* to express *promised The sorrow and woe that is in marriage, I dare not write of it no wickedness, Lest I myself fall eft* in such dotage.** *again **folly
3.   And Eumaeus answered, "Antinous, your birth is good but your wordsevil. It was no doing of mine that he came here. Who is likely toinvite a stranger from a foreign country, unless it be one of thosewho can do public service as a seer, a healer of hurts, a carpenter,or a bard who can charm us with his Such men are welcome all the worldover, but no one is likely to ask a beggar who will only worry him.You are always harder on Ulysses' servants than any of the othersuitors are, and above all on me, but I do not care so long asTelemachus and Penelope are alive and here."

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      The last command of the Queene, remained upon Madam Elissa, orEliza, who (without any delaying) thus beganne. Young Ladies, ithath often beene seene, that much paine hath beene bestowed, andmany reprehensions spent in vaine, till a word happening at adventure,and perhaps not purposely determined, hath effectually done the deede:as appeareth by the Tale of Madame Lauretta, and another of mine owne,where with I intend briefly to acquaint you, approving that whengood words are discreetly observed, they are of soveraigne power andvertue.

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      Now for your better understanding the quality of the place, and whatensued thereupon, it is not unnecessary to describe it, according to acommon use, observed in those parts. There was a narrow passage orentrie, as often we see reserved betweene two houses, for eithersbenefit to such a needfull place; and boards loosely lay upon thejoynts, which such as were acquainted withall, could easily avoide anyperille in passing to or from the stoole. But our so newly createdBrother, not dreaming to find a Queane to his Sister, receiving sofoule a fall into the vault, and knowing not how to helpe himselfe,being sorrowfull beyond measure; cryed out to the boy for light andaide, who intended not to give him any. For the crafty wag, (a meeteattendant for so honest a Mistresse) no sooner heard him to be fallen,but presently he ran to enforme her thereof, and shee as speedilyreturned to the Chamber, where finding his cloathes under the bedshead, shee needed no instruction for search of his pockets. But havingfound the gold, which Andrea indiscreetely carried alwayes abouthim, as thinking it could no where else be so safe: This was allshee aymed at, and for which shee had ensnared him, faigning her selfeto be of Palermo, and Daughter to Piero of Perouse, so that notregarding him any longer, but making fast the house of Office doore,there she left him in that miserable taking.Poore Andrea perceiving, that his calles could get no answere fromthe Lad; cryed out louder, but all to no purpose: when seeing into hisowne simplicity, and understanding his error, though somewhat toolate, hee made such meanes constrainedly, that he got over a wall,which severed that foule sinke from the Worlds eye; and being in theopen streete, went to the doore of the House, which then he knew toowell to his cost, making loud exclaimes with rapping and knocking, butall as fruitelesse as before. Sorrowing exceedingly, and manifestlybeholding his misfortune; Alas (quoth he) how soone have I lost aSister, and five hundred Crownes besides? With many other words,loud calles, and beatings uppon the doore without intermission, theneighbours finding themselves disturbed, and unable to endure any suchceaselesse vexation, rose from their beddes, and called to him,desiring him to be gone, and let them rest. A Maide also of the samehouse, looking forth at the window, and seeming as newly raised fromsleepe, called to him, saying; What noyse is that beneath? WhyVirgin (answered Andrea) know you not me? I am Andrea de Piero,Brother to your Mistresse Fiordeliza. Thou art a drunken knave replyedthe Maide, more full of drinke then wit: goe sleepe, goe sleepe, andcome againe to morrow: for I know no Andrea de Piero, neither hathmy Mistresse any such Brother. Get thee gone go ie good man, andsuffer us to sleepe I prythee. How now (quoth Andrea) doest thou notunderstand what I say? Thou knowest that I supt with thy Mistressethis night; but if our Sicilian kindred be so soone forgot, Iprythee give mee my Cloathes which I left in my Chamber, and thenverie gladly will I get mee gone. Hereat the Maide laughing outaloude, saide; Surely the man is mad, or walketh the streetes in adreame: and so clasping fast the Window, away she went and left him.Now could Andrea assure himselfe, that his Golde and cloathes werepast recovery, which mooving him to the mor impatience, his formerintercessions became converted into furie, and what hee could notcompasse by faire intreats, he intended to winne by outrage andviolence: so that taking up a great stone in his hand, hee layedupon the doore verie powerfull strokes. The neighbors hearing thismollestation still, admitting them not the least respite of rest,reputed him for a troublesome fellow, and that he used thosecounterfet words, onely to disturbe the Mistresse of the house, andall that dwelled neere about her; looking againe out at theirwindowes, they altogether beganne to rate and reprove him, even likeso many bawling Curres, barking at a strange dog passing through thestreet. This is shamefull villany (quoth one) and not to besuffered, that honest women should thus be molested in their houses,with foolish idle words, and at such an unseasonable time of thenight. For Gods sake (good man) be gone, and let us sleepe; if thouhave any thing to say to the Gentlewoman of the house, come tomorrowin the daytime, and no doubt but she will make thee sufficient answer.