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1. 其中包括总部位于尼日利亚的2C移动支付提供商Paga以及为肯尼亚用户提供移动汇款服务的M-Pesa等。
2.   There was Clifford's success: the bitch-goddess! It was true he was almost famous, and his books brought him in a thousand pounds. His photograph appeared everywhere. There was a bust of him in one of the galleries, and a portrait of him in two galleries. He seemed the most modern of modern voices. With his uncanny lame instinct for publicity, he had become in four or five years one of the best known of the young `intellectuals'. Where the intellect came in, Connie did not quite see. Clifford was really clever at that slightly humorous analysis of people and motives which leaves everything in bits at the end. But it was rather like puppies tearing the sofa cushions to bits; except that it was not young and playful, but curiously old, and rather obstinately conceited. It was weird and it was nothing. This was the feeling that echoed and re-echoed at the bottom of Connie's soul: it was all flag, a wonderful display of nothingness; At the same time a display. A display! a display! a display!
3. 增租划佃——宋朝出现永佃权的同时,也出现了刬佃(刬音产chǎn)的现象。地主为了使地租增加到最高额,就缩短租佃期限,让佃客互相竟佃。李心传《建炎以来朝野杂记》称,高宗时各地荒田很多,地租较轻而收入多,因而“有增租以攘之者,谓之划佃”。宁宗时,佃客租佃土地,地主乘机加租,再赶走旧佃客,把地租抬到最高限度。宫户和上户地主承佃官田,更经常进行划佃,彼此争夺得极其激烈。
4.   Mephistopheles
5. 我注意到近期来自CVsource(投中数据终端)的一组数据似乎让部分观察者觉得“中关村创业大街的咖啡凉了”。
6. 由于如家比三星级酒店的房价还低10%-15%,加上携程庞大的订房网络,半年不到,如家的利润就稳定在20%。


1. ①同样的简化做法还将用在我们对更多回合的建议和反建议的讨论上。读者可以很方便地将我们的分析套用到一个更接近现实、但也更庞大的决策过程中,这个过程可以将我们在这里忽略的复杂情况包含在内。
2. 根据尼尔森调研,84%的商户在快手上获得商业交易,其中42%的商户每年收益超10万,平均每个视频带来收益超过1068元。
3.   "My son," said he, "rejoice and hold yourself ready to start in three days' time. The ship is to set sail, and I have arranged all about your passage with the captain
4. 武汉大学人民医院东院区,是收治新型冠状病毒感染肺炎危重患者的定点医院。
5. 2019年12月29日上午9时许,黄坤驱车执行勤务任务,根据前一晚开会部署,他当日要带领民警执行一宗毒品案件的抓捕行动。
6. 根据中公教育(一家统计公务员报考人数的机构)的数据,在今年公务员考试报名的第六天,也就是周二,累计报考人数已超过45.96万,其中周一一天的报名人数几乎达到10.3万。


1.   `I always am sound; am I not?'
2. 全新宝马X6新一代的宝马X6带来了全面升级,在外观、动力系统、底盘技术、驾驶辅助系统等方面都有所涉及。
3. “Today you have to shop by image,” Mr. Nathan said. “But if you are brave and don’t follow fashion, there are opportunities.”
4. 在这个重症隔离病房里,生死都是常态。
5. 显然,反锁门的声音惊动了客厅里的贸然闯入者。
6. 王思聪败走熊猫直播王思聪败走熊猫直播主播走,电竞凉,熊猫TV关闭。


1. ”即便辛苦,但张兰一天赚的钱能抵在国内一个月的工资,只是心高气傲的张兰并不甘心在异国他乡靠做苦力赚钱,她给自己定下了目标:挣够了2万美元,就回国做生意。
2. 游泳比赛中,泳坛两大名将的竞争进入白热化。澳大利亚名将索普(IanThorpe)已经证明了自己是自由泳之王,年轻的美国运动员菲尔普斯(MichaelPhelps)尽管在200米自由泳上输给了索普,但也向全世界证明,他是有史以来最灵活的奖牌获得者。要选出他们两个谁更优秀是不妥当的,因为他们为人们提供了独特的竞争乐趣,并且吸引了成群的观众观看游泳比赛,同时,他们也提高了自己的声誉:无论是作为一个游泳运动员的声誉,还是作为一个名人的声誉。菲尔普斯参加了7个游泳项目,仅有两个项目没有获得冠军,他刷新了一个世界纪录和3个奥运纪录。但是他追平马克o施皮兹(MarkSpitz)7块奥运会金牌的计划成为泡影,也失去了赞助商提供的100万奖金。菲尔普斯的成就非凡,在教练鲍伯o鲍曼(BobBowman)的指导下,他跟随索普和施皮兹踏上了光辉之旅。而鲍伯仔细研究了澳大利亚游泳的发展过程,最终使菲尔普斯在年仅15岁的时候,就打破了400米的世界纪录。
3. 慧新辰董事长薛成标表示,本次获得深创投投资,也表明公司的成长及投资价值,公司将借此契机加快推进研发和产品量产上市。
4.   Tommy Dukes roared with laughter. `You angel boy! If only I had! If only I had! No; my heart's as numb as a potato, my penis droops and never lifts its head up, I dare rather cut him clean off than say "shit!" in front of my mother or my aunt...they are real ladies, mind you; and I'm not really intelligent, I'm only a "mental-lifer". It would be wonderful to be intelligent: then one would be alive in all the parts mentioned and unmentionable. The penis rouses his head and says: How do you do?---to any really intelligent person. Renoir said he painted his pictures with his penis...he did too, lovely pictures! I wish I did something with mine. God! when one can only talk! Another torture added to Hades! And Socrates started it.'
5.   I need not tell you how - to close!
6.   "It is this Harrow Weald case. It decides me to look into thematter, for if it is worth anyone's while to take so much trouble,there must be something in it."


1. "They won't find this in a hurry," he asserted, as we scrambled with the utmost difficulty down to safer footing. "Come on, boys-- there were some good lookers in that bunch."
2. 雷军在年初的小米2019年年会上这样说道。
3. 当天,政府下发一份武汉市新冠肺炎防控指挥部的7号文件,要求全市各社区负责,全面排查所服务辖区发热病人(含已就医和未就医市民),并送社区卫生中心对病情进行筛选、分类。

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