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1.   Now there remained none but the King himselfe, last of all torecount his Novell; who, after hee heard the Ladies complaintsindifferently pacified, for the rash felling downe of such aprecious Peare-tree; thus he began. Faire Ladies, it is a case morethen manifest, that every King, who will be accounted just andupright: should first of all, and rather then any other, observe thoseLawes which he himselfe hath made; otherwise he ought to be reputed asa servant, worthy of punishment, and no King. Into which fault andreprehension, I your King, shall well neere be constrained to fall;for yesterday I enacted a Law, upon the forme of our discoursing, withfull intent, that this day I would not use any part of mypriviledge; but being subject (as you all are) to the same Law, Ishould speake of that argument, which already you have done.
2.   原标题:英国一女子让俩追求者决斗 其中一人35刀将对方刺死 现场图(图源:《每日邮报》)  海外网12月5日电 英国媒体近日报道了一起离奇的杀人案件,案件起因竟是因为当地一女子让两名追求者展开一场决斗,从获胜的人中挑选出赢得她芳心的人。
3.   Mephistopheles (aside)
4. 随后,他递出自己的名片,从纸箱里掏出产品,表达合作意向。
5. 它从洗衣机里被救出来的时候已经奄奄一息。
6. 在那个阶段,DCM很幸运地选择了投资ToC,因为我们觉得人口多,ToC才是蓝海。


1. 被烧伤住院数月曾留言让姐姐照顾好父母火灾发生后,消防部门对火灾现场进行勘验,发现着有火点及现场有塑料小桶有浓烈的汽油味,涉嫌刑事犯罪移送公安机关处理。
2. 支娄迦谶除了独自翻译佛经外,有时还和早来的竺佛朔合作翻译。影响最大的《道行般若经》和《般舟三昧经》就是两人共同翻译的。
3. 主要就是硅谷做法和大量本土实用主义的操作糅合。
4. 3. Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isn't naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.
5.   Mephistopheles
6.   A tall man in a nightcap had caught up a bundle from among the feet of the horses, and had laid it on the basement of the fountain, and was down in the mud and wet, howling over it like a wild animal.


1. 以谷歌为例,通过第二代深度学习框架TensorFlow向全球开发者免费供给AI库与工具。
2.   He had no idea that this could dwell in the thoughts of his fair young wife; but, when he afterwards joined her in their own rooms, he found her waiting for him with the old pretty lifting of the forehead strongly marked.
3. Trailing behind "Game of Thrones" on the most downloaded list are "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead." Here is the list of 2013's most-downloaded TV shows (single episode) according to data collected by TorrentFreak and BitTorrent trackers:
4. 对于自己的这个行为,汪勇向家人撒下了善意的谎言。
5. 而在这过程中,餐道根据餐饮企业的需求打造产品,而企业客户也给餐道提供了充分的外卖管理流程经验。
6. 历任伦敦上市集团RobertWalters华南副董事、MichaelPage首位管培生,曾入选2018、2019年度中国人力资源科技影响力TOP人物榜。


1. 这就是说,能够随意包罗一切要素、而同时又假定人的偏好是恒常不变的经济学模型,可能会因为忽略了人性的差异或其他相关细节而流于空洞。其他社会科学对经济学帝国主义的批评有时是有道理的。要客服经济学的这一缺点,经济学者只能是在坚持将经济规律运用到极致的同时,谦虚地参考和借鉴社会学、人类学、政治学和法学的研究方式和成果。只有这样,我们对社会现象的解释才会丰满起来。
2. 驾考的一百万种不及格方法,死法太多了。
3.   His face was always full of expression, but I never saw it express such a dark kind of earnestness as when he said these words, with his glance bent on the fire.
4.   by Charles Darwin
5. 记者采访了装完ETC的车主,很多人认为,出入高速路特别方便省事。
6. 神经时刻紧绷着,难怪堵个车、逆行被罚个款,哪怕只是看了一眼地铁里熙熙攘攘的人群,都有可能不小心触发泪崩的开关。


1. 根据相关认定标准,树龄达到一百年的树可称为古树。
2. comedy
3. 直销(快单)直销团队与电销团队一样,都有机会打造成高战斗力的铁军。

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      "'This,' I answered, 'must be as it may please heaven, but tell meand tell me and tell me true, I see my poor mother's ghost close byus; she is sitting by the blood without saying a word, and though I amher own son she does not remember me and speak to me; tell me, Sir,how I can make her know me.'

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      Monsieur the Marquis cast his eyes over the submissive faces that drooped before him, as the like of himself had drooped before Monseigneur of the Court--only the difference was, that these faces drooped merely to suffer and not to propitiate--when a grizzled mender of the roads joined the group.

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      Now began she to seeme better comforted, and forbearing to play onthis string any longer, as well knowing the covetousnes of him and hisequals, she said: Holy Father, some few nights past, me thought inmy sleepe, that divers spirits of my kindred appeared to me in avision, who me thought were in very great pains, and desired nothingels but Almes; especially my Godmother, who seemed to be afflictedwith such extrem poverty, that it was most Pittifull to behold. AndI am halfe perswaded, that her torments are the greater, seeing metroubled with such an enemy to goodnesse. Wherefore (good Father) todeliver her soule and the others out of those fearfull flames, amongyour infinite other devout prayers, I would have you to say theforty Masses of S. Gregory, as a means for their happy deliverance,and so she put ten ducates into his hand. Which the holy man acceptedthankfully, and with good words, as also many singular examples,confirmed her bountifull devotion: and when he had given her hisbenediction, home she departed.

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      88. Emily applied the funeral torch. The "guise" was, among the ancients, for the nearest relative of the deceased to do this, with averted face.