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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, well! Rochefort, all is not lost; and perhaps--perhapseverything is for the best."
2.  "How is Monsieur Bernajoux, your esquire's relative?""Why, monsieur, very ill indeed! In addition to the sword thrustin his arm, which is not dangerous, he has received another rightthrough his lungs, of which the doctor says bad things.""But has the wounded man retained his senses?"
3.  "Wait, then, monsieur, wait," said the king; "I will not detainyou long."
4.  "Go on, while I endeavor to recall circumstances.""And now I am convinced," said D'Artagnan, "that this abductionof the queen's woman is connected with the events of which we arespeaking, and perhaps with the presence of Buckingham in Paris.""The Gascon is full of ideas," said Porthos, with admiration."I like to hear him talk," said Athos; "his dialect amuses me.""Gentlemen," cried Aramis, "listen to this."
5.  There was in all this, as may have been observed, one personageconcerned, of whom, notwithstanding his precarious position, wehave appeared to take but very little notice. This personage wasM. Bonacieux, the respectable martyr of the political and amorousintrigues which entangled themselves so nicely together at thisgallant and chivalric period.
6.  "Grimaud is a well-bred lackey. He would never think of faringin the same manner as his master; he only drank from the cask.Hark! I don't think he put the faucet in again. Do you hear it?It is running now."


1.  "You ask that?"
2.  "Ah, he has a niece!" interrupted Porthos.
3.  Mme. Bonacieux made no reply; but her heart beat with joy andsecret hope shone in her eyes.
4.  "How much is it worth?"
5.  "Oh, these plans of retreat have been formed for a long time.You have often heard me speak of them, have you not, my friend?""Yes; but I confess I always thought you jested.""With such things! Oh, D'Artagnan!"
6.  "Now," continued Aramis, taking the same graceful position in hiseasy chair that he would have assumed in bed, and complacentlyexamining his hand, which was as white and plump as that of awoman, and which he held in the air to cause the blood todescend, "now, as you have heard, D'Artagnan, Monsieur thePrincipal is desirous that my thesis should be dogmatic, while I,for my part, would rather it should be ideal. This is the reasonwhy Monsieur the Principal has proposed to me the followingsubject, which has not yet been treated upon, and in which Iperceive there is matter for magnificent elaboration-'UTRAQUEMANUS IN BENEDICENDO CLERICIS INFERIORIBUS NECESSARIA EST.'"D'Artagnan, whose erudition we are well acquainted with, evincedno more interest on hearing this quotation than he had at that ofM. de Treville in allusion to the gifts he pretended thatD'Artagnan had received from the Duke of Buckingham."Which means," resumed Aramis, that he might perfectlyunderstand, "'The two hands are indispensable for priests of theinferior orders, when they bestow the benediction.'""An admirable subject!" cried the Jesuit.


1.  "Never! Though I remember, in our affair of the Rue Ferou, Ireceived a sword wound which at the end of fifteen or eighteendays produced the same effect."
2.  "Traitorous, monsieur."
3.  D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"
4.  "Yes, you are right; I should be ashamed for anyone to know yourbaseness."
5.   Sometimes when the cardinal, always on horseback, like the lowestGENDARME of the army, cast a pensive glance over those works, soslowly keeping pace with his wishes, which the engineers, broughtfrom all the corners of France, were executing under his orders,if he met a Musketeer of the company of Treville, he drew nearand looked at him in a peculiar manner, and not recognizing inhim one of our four companions, he turned his penetrating lookand profound thoughts in another direction.
6.  "Which?"


1.  And D'Artagnan have, feature for feature, a description of theComte de Wardes.
2.  "That's the last folly to be committed," said Athos, "seeingit is the only one for which there is no remedy.""But I can never escape," said D'Artagnan, "with suchenemies. First, my stranger of Meung; then De Wardes, towhom I have given three sword wounds; next Milady, whosesecret I have discovered; finally, the cardinal, whosevengeance I have balked."
3.  Milady received this look like a resigned victim; it wasimpossible to imagine a more submissive or a more mild expressionthan that which prevailed on her beautiful countenance. Lord deWinter himself could scarcely recognize the tigress who, a minutebefore, prepared apparently for a fight.
4、  "But on my part," said Milady, "how should I repay such aservice? I know these lovers. They are men who do nothingfor nothing."
5、  "It is that, then," replied the young man, anxious to find outthe truth, "it is that, then, I remember as we remember a dream.We were speaking of hanging."




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      The young man fled while she was still threatening him withan impotent gesture. The moment she lost sight of him,Milady tumbled fainting into her chamber.

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      "And what is that?" asked Milady.

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       "From Monsieur Laporte. Did I not tell you that she was thegoddaughter of Monsieur Laporte, the confidential man of thequeen? Well, Monsieur Laporte placed her near her Majesty inorder that our poor queen might at least have someone in whom shecould place confidence, abandoned as she is by the king, watchedas she is by the cardinal, betrayed as she is by everybody.""Ah, ah! It begins to develop itself," said D'Artagnan."Now, my wife came home four days ago, monsieur. One of herconditions was that she should come and see me twice a week; for,as I had the honor to tell you, my wife loves me dearly--my wife,then, came and confided to me that the queen at that very momententertained great fears."

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      "Yes," replied Porthos, "it is the one that ought to havebeen sent to me at first. A bad joke of the husband'ssubstituted the other; but the husband has been punishedsince, and I have obtained full satisfaction."

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    {  >From time to time a broad sheet of lightning opened the horizon in itswhole width, darted like a serpent over the black mass of trees, andlike a terrible scimitar divided the heavens and the waters into twoparts. Not a breath of wind now disturbed the heavy atmosphere. Adeathlike silence oppressed all nature. The soil was humid andglittering with the rain which had recently fallen, and the refreshedherbs sent forth their perfume with additional energy.Two lackeys dragged Milady, whom each held by one arm. The executionerwalked behind them, and Lord de Winter, D'Artagnan, Porthos, and Aramiswalked behind the executioner. Planchet and Bazin came last.The two lackeys conducted Milady to the bank of the river. Her mouthwas mute; but her eyes spoke with their inexpressible eloquence,supplicating by turns each of those on whom she looked.Being a few paces in advance she whispered to the lackeys, "A thousandpistoles to each of you, if you will assist my escape; but if youdeliver me up to your masters, I have near at hand avengers who willmake you pay dearly for my death."

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      "Someone is talking in the street."}

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      M. de Treville was in his saloon with his habitual court ofgentlemen. D'Artagnan, who was known as a familiar of the house,went straight to his office, and sent word that he wished to seehim on something of importance.

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      "Oh, as to that, I do not engage myself. That depends upon thesentiments with which you may inspire me."

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       "That there shall be five hundred crowns for you, and fivehundred crowns for me."

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    {  "And that is mine also," said the curate.

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      "My faith, monsieur! that will be the first time I have doneso for sixteen days."