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1. 融资环节很难,但必须要自己花精力去做。
2.   Being on a day in company, (very little differing in quality fromhim selfe) he chanced to say; that he had beene at such good wine,as God himselfe did never drinke better. Which words (by someSicophant then in presence) being carried to this curiousInquisitor, and he well knowing, that the mans faculties were great,and his bagges swolne up full with no meane abundance: Cum gladijset fustibus; With Booke, Bell, and Candle, he raysed an hoast ofexecrations against him, and the Sumner cited him with a solemneProcesse to appeare before him, understanding sufficiently, thatthis course would sooner fetch money from him, then amend anymisbeliefe in the man; for no further reformation did he seeke after.
3. 就这样,张琳的想法更进了一步:她要自己成为一名司机,找一份工作单独开车。
4.   "Oh, what is the matter?" cried Dantes.
5.   The little girl clung to her grandmother's skirts and simpered.
6. 如果进入消化道,轻则引起呕吐腹痛,重则导致肠胃损伤。


1. 只不过,前者售卖的是自己的劳务时间与熟练的技巧,后者售卖的是具备优势的技术工具而已。
2. 被追回的女婴这起卖婴案被成功阻止了,但隐藏在群里的人贩子却没有闲着,他们又盯上了另外一个孩子。
3. 想一想再看
4. 玻尔觉得,战时取这样的信应该事先向“管道合金局”负责安全的官员打招呼。玻尔这样做了。然后,他到苏联大使馆去取这封信。
5. 其中,成龙将带领全体演员演唱《国家》,张明敏将带来经典歌曲《我的中国心》。
6. 光武帝的内郡屯田,开始于建武五年(公元29年)。这时东汉政权统一关东的战争已取得决定性的胜利,并陆续收编降卒数十万人。刘秀抓住这一有利时机,命令部分军队屯田积谷,以便自行解决军粮,支持即将开始统一关西的战争。由于推行内郡屯田的成效显著,所以光武帝于建武六年(公元30年)宣布今军士屯田,粮储差积,并下令民户田租由什一之税减为三十税一,减轻辐度达2/3。可见当时屯田的范围很广,规模甚大,积谷较多,从而为统一全国奠定了雄厚的物质基础。


1.   "In which notorious transgression, I understand you all to beguiltie, if common fame speake truely, concerning the marriage of myselfe and Sophronia, whom you imagined as given to Gisippus; for younever remember that it was so ordained from eternitie, shee to bemine, and no Wife for Gisippus, as at this instant is made manifest byfull effect. But because the kinde of speaking, concerning divineprovidence, and intention of the Gods, may seeme a difficult matter tomany, and somewhat hard to bee understood: I am content to presuppose,that they meddle not with any thing of ours, and will onely stay myselfe on humane reasons, and in this nature of speech, I shall beenforced to doe two things, quite contrary to my naturall disposition.The one is, to speake somewhat in praise and commendation of my selfe:And the other, justly to blame and condemne other mens seemingestimation. But because both in the one and the other, I doe notintend to swerve a jot from the Truth, and the necessitie of thepresent case in question, doth not onely require, but also command it,you must pardon what I am to say.
2. 在华为被列入实体清单后,部分制造商已下调了它们的收入预期。
3. 同时,校聘网为求职者提供培训和住宿服务,从而形成人才供应闭环。
4.   "I may not do as every ploughman may: My people me constraineth for to take Another wife, and cryeth day by day; And eke the Pope, rancour for to slake, Consenteth it, that dare I undertake: And truely, thus much I will you say, My newe wife is coming by the way.
5. 我们的很多客户是中小型企业,在这次疫情当中受冲击很大。
6. 2003年,因为有媒体报道其餐厅在掉星边缘,名厨BernardLoiseau成为第二位自杀的三星主厨,轰动整个法国。


1. 图片截自俄罗斯诊所Limpopo社交媒体。
2. 想通过品牌跨界活动带流量,不妨先思考一下,我方产品和对方产品的用户群体重叠度有多少。
3. 而且,因为各个部门已经智能联动了,就算发生了危险,处置起来的效率也更高。
4.   "Thus through the livelong day to the going down of the sun westayed there eating and drinking our fill, but when the sun wentdown and it came on dark, we camped upon the sea shore. When the childof morning, fingered Dawn, appeared, I called a council and said,'My friends, we are in very great difficulties; listen therefore tome. We have no idea where the sun either sets or rises, so that wedo not even know East from West. I see no way out of it; nevertheless,we must try and find one. We are certainly on an island, for I went ashigh as I could this morning, and saw the sea reaching all round it tothe horizon; it lies low, but towards the middle I saw smoke risingfrom out of a thick forest of trees.'
5. 四、文化上的欧化
6. 回家之前,都没有想到事情会变成今天这样。


1. 比如,和医生、警察直接相关的是,他们是健康和安全这两个公共品的供给者。
2. 去年十月末,烟台人王琳(化名)经熟人推荐,接触了一款名为抓蛋的APP平台。
3.   Marzavan was rejoiced, and set out at once for Prince Camaralzaman's residence. The ship on which he embarked had a prosperous voyage till she got within sight of the capital of King Schahzaman, but when just about to enter the harbour she suddenly struck on a rock, and foundered within sight of the palace where the prince was living with his father and the grand-vizir.

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