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1. [ei'li:t]
2. 考虑到每列火车全长2公里,每次停站只有2-3分钟,你需要实时查询App上信息才能避免在火车站台间飞奔的窘迫。
3.   `I passed you on the road?'
4. 还有守在家中,捐出善款的每一位普通人……力度:口罩与蔬菜持续上新上海公开信息的力度不减。
5. 事实上,平平无奇的京东,是最早实施高层人员变动计划的公司。
6.   Ye have forsooth y-done a great battaile, Your course is done, your faith have ye conserved; <14> O to the crown of life that may not fail; The rightful Judge, which that ye have served Shall give it you, as ye have it deserved." And when this thing was said, as I devise,* relate Men led them forth to do the sacrifice.


1. 这样让搜索过商品信息的人,回到小区电梯里再看一遍广告,客户就能够通过百度广告平台,一键投到线上和线下,形成线上线下双屏自动覆盖和交互。
2.   'How is Helen Burns?'
3. 值得注意的是,有报告显示,国内在线旅游是消费者投诉较为集中的行业,问题集中在默认搭售、霸王条款、大数据杀熟等方面
4. 史师傅和小伙子也聊了起来。
5.   "I hope it may be so," replied Caderousse, his face flushedwith cupidity.
6.   "The count is a speculator, who will certainly ruin himselfin experiments. He supposes there is in the neighborhood ofthe house he has bought a mineral spring equal to those atBagneres, Luchon, and Cauterets. He is going to turn hishouse into a Badhaus, as the Germans term it. He has alreadydug up all the garden two or three times to find the famousspring, and, being unsuccessful, he will soon purchase allthe contiguous houses. Now, as I dislike him, and hope hisrailway, his electric telegraph, or his search for baths,will ruin him, I am watching for his discomfiture, whichmust soon take place."


1.   Aladdin begged for forty days in which to find her, promising if he failed to return and suffer death at the Sultan's pleasure. His prayer was granted, and he went forth sadly from the Sultan's presence. For three days he wandered about like a madman, asking everyone what had become of his palace, but they only laughed and pitied him. He came to the banks of a river, and knelt down to say his prayers before throwing himself in. In so doing he rubbed the magic ring he still wore.
2.   "Not more than two miles to the Hall gates. That's the road to theleft." He watched us with sullen eyes until we had left his premises.We did not go very far along the road, for Holmes stopped theinstant that the curve hid us from the landlord's view."We were warm, as the children say, at that inn," said he. "I seemto grow colder every step that I take away from it. No, no, I can'tpossibly leave it."
3.   The Chatterleys, two brothers and a sister, had lived curiously isolated, shut in with one another at Wragby, in spite of all their connexions. A sense of isolation intensified the family tie, a sense of the weakness of their position, a sense of defencelessness, in spite of, or because of, the title and the land. They were cut off from those industrial Midlands in which they passed their lives. And they were cut off from their own class by the brooding, obstinate, shut-up nature of Sir Geoffrey, their father, whom they ridiculed, but whom they were so sensitive about.
4. 半月谈记者在各地调研发现,一些不法商人结成炒猪团,瞄准生猪价差大且省际间难以监管的地区,采用各种非法手段跨省偷运生猪,暗地交易,牟取暴利。
5. 在此期间,现金流通情况发生巨大变化,现金自动处理设备快速发展,假币伪造形式多样化,货币防伪技术更新换代加快,这些都对人民币的设计水平、防伪技术和印制质量提出了更高要求。
6.   "I had hardly finished telling everything to the men before wereached the island of the two Sirens, for the wind had been veryfavourable. Then all of a sudden it fell dead calm; there was not abreath of wind nor a ripple upon the water, so the men furled thesails and stowed them; then taking to their oars they whitened thewater with the foam they raised in rowing. Meanwhile I look a largewheel of wax and cut it up small with my sword. Then I kneaded the waxin my strong hands till it became soft, which it soon did betweenthe kneading and the rays of the sun-god son of Hyperion. Then Istopped the ears of all my men, and they bound me hands and feet tothe mast as I stood upright on the crosspiece; but they went on rowingthemselves. When we had got within earshot of the land, and the shipwas going at a good rate, the Sirens saw that we were getting in shoreand began with their singing.


1. 据郑某供述,他们和另一个团伙联手,利用刑满释放人员,采用打砸等暴力手段强制组成船队,垄断当地砂石资源。
2.   She looked at him, getting his meaning through the fog of the dialect.
3. 协和街道原本属于华阳街道,2013年调整区划时剑南大道以西属于双流,从华阳街道拆出来,成立协和街道,现在又准备划入公兴街道。
4. "Exactly," answered Somel, nodding gravely. "Of course we know that among other animals it is not so, that there are fathers as well as mothers; and we see that you are fathers, that you come from a people who are of both kinds. We have been waiting, you see, for you to be able to speak freely with us, and teach us about your country and the rest of the world. You know so much, you see, and we know only our own land."
5. 工行客服人员告诉新京报记者,可通过该行融e购平台进行预约购买,预约后纪念币以邮寄形式送达。
6. "Lost every penny. That young man had too much money. The dear friend was mad on the subject of the diamond mine. He put all his own money into it, and all Captain Crewe's. Then the dear friend ran away-- Captain Crewe was already stricken with fever when the news came. The shock was too much for him. He died delirious, raving about his little girl--and didn't leave a penny."


1. 回到2019年,这一年有2笔大型融资:分别是英国的BabylonHealth的5.5亿美元C轮融资和美国Hims的1亿美元C轮融资。
2. 萨姆·史密斯《痛快感受》
3.   Chateau and hut, stone face and dangling figure, the red stain on the stone floor, and the pure water in the village well--thousands of acres of land--a whole province of France--all France itself--lay under the night sky, concentrated into a faint hairbreadth line. So does a whole world, with all its greatnesses and littlenesses, lie in a twinkling star. And as mere human knowledge can split a ray of light and analyse the manner of its composition, so, sublimer intelligences may read in the feeble shining of this earth of ours, every thought and act, every vice and virtue, of every responsible creature on it.

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    Mr Koepke argues, however, that the role of US interest rates in provoking EM crises has not been fully understood. He presents evidence that the probability of EM crises is substantially higher during a conjunction of three conditions: during a Fed tightening cycle, when the federal funds rate is above its natural rate (the rate that leads actual output to converge to potential output), and when market participants are surprised by signals that the Fed will tighten policy faster than previously expected.

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      In man's methodical selection, a breeder selects for some definite object, and free intercrossing will wholly stop his work. But when many men, without intending to alter the breed, have a nearly common standard of perfection, and all try to get and breed from the best animals, much improvement and modification surely but slowly follow from this unconscious process of selection, notwithstanding a large amount of crossing with inferior animals. Thus it will be in nature; for within a confined area, with some place in its polity not so perfectly occupied as might be, natural selection will always tend to preserve all the individuals varying in the right direction, though in different degrees, so as better to fill up the unoccupied place. But if the area be large, its several districts will almost certainly present different conditions of life; and then if natural selection be modifying and improving a species in the several districts, there will be intercrossing with the other individuals of the same species on the confines of each. And in this case the effects of intercrossing can hardly be counterbalanced by natural selection always tending to modify all the individuals in each district in exactly the same manner to the conditions of each; for in a continuous area, the conditions will generally graduate away insensibly from one district to another. The intercrossing will most affect those animals which unite for each birth, which wander much, and which do not breed at a very quick rate. Hence in animals of this nature, for instance in birds, varieties will generally be confined to separated countries; and this I believe to be the case. In hermaphrodite organisms which cross only occasionally, and likewise in animals which unite for each birth, but which wander little and which can increase at a very rapid rate, a new and improved variety might be quickly formed on any one spot, and might there maintain itself in a body, so that whatever intercrossing took place would be chiefly between the individuals of the same new variety. A local variety when once thus formed might subsequently slowly spread to other districts. On the above principle, nurserymen always prefer getting seed from a large body of plants of the same variety, as the chance of intercrossing with other varieties is thus lessened.Even in the case of slow-breeding animals, which unite for each birth, we must not overrate the effects of intercrosses in retarding natural selection; for I can bring a considerable catalogue of facts, showing that within the same area, varieties of the same animal can long remain distinct, from haunting different stations, from breeding at slightly different seasons, or from varieties of the same kind preferring to pair together.

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