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1. 交易量在所有价格形态中,都起到重要的验证作用。在形势不明时(许多情况下都是这样的),研究一下与价格数据伴生的交易量形态,是判断当前价格形态是否可靠的决定性办法.
2. 平行进口中,丰田品牌一直是广受好评的,普拉多、陆巡、塞纳。
3.   "No, no, I wish to do away with that mysterious reputationthat you have given me, my dear viscount; it is tiresome tobe always acting Manfred. I wish my life to be free andopen. Go on, Baptistin."
4. 以他在武汉的一家店为例,进入一月份,每天都能有十几万的营业额,从1月19日起,客流量直线下降,一天营业额只有几千块,因此1月20日,汪铭选择了关门,当时政府没有强制关门,但是入不敷出,我只能关门。
5. 这个决定在当时遭到很多员工的反对,很多人认为线下门店正在盈利,为何要去冒险。
6. 想一想再看


2.   'What were you doing behind the curtain?' he asked.
3. 19世纪末和20世纪初,中国对西方挑战的反应从军事和经济领域扩大到社会和文化领域。这种扩大反映在中国人选来翻译的西方书籍的类别有了改变。在1850年到1899年这段时期中,中国人所翻译的自然科学、尤其是应用科学方面的著作在数量上超过了社会科学和古典文学方面的著作,比例为四比一;1902年到1904年的两年中,后者却以二比一的比例超过了前者;而在1912年到1940年这一时期中,得到翻译的社会科学和古典文学方面的著作比自然科学和应用科学方面的著作多两倍。
4. 这种关系的进一步发展,必然导致发放原料支付加工费以代替原料与产品的交换。如果生产工具再由“老板”提供,那么小生产者这时实际上就成为在家内工作而又领取工资的工资劳动者,虽然还不是纯粹的工资劳动者。
5.   And right so as these philosophers write, That heav'n is swift and round, and eke burning, Right so was faire Cecilie the white Full swift and busy in every good working, And round and whole in good persevering, <8> And burning ever in charity full bright; Now have I you declared *what she hight.* *why she had her name*
6. 光宗赵惇即位时已经四十多岁。即位前,名义上作过临安府尹,实际是长期生长深宫,不达世务。一一八八年参预政务时,他的老师尤袤(音茂mào)对他说:“大权所在,天下所争趋,非常可怕。愿殿下事无大小,都要取上旨而后行,付众议而后定。”光宗即位后,宫内被皇后(李后)所左右,朝政被反战主和的官员所操纵。


1. 目前产品已经上线,经过近1个月的自然转化积累了数百名客户……(查看更多请点这里)教育项目报道:「太平松体育」:体育教育太平松体育集团由五星体育运动和太平松高尔夫合并而来。
2.   I repeated the question more distinctly.
3. 365
4. 当前形势下,两国有责任、有义务体现大国担当,肩负起维护世界和平稳定,捍卫国际公平正义的历史使命。
5. 2月5日,山东首例确诊新型冠状病毒感染肺炎患者张阳(化名)出院后已经闭门隔离观察7天,身体逐渐恢复,不时在病友群里分享康复经验,鼓励病友们坚持。
6. 目前本案仍在调查中,待血检鉴定报告出来后,大队将进行进一步处理


1. 8月30日,记者从邓州法院了解到,法院最终以调解方式化解了双方的抚养费矛盾。
2.   "What did you do that for, Carrie?" asked Minnie when she saw it.
3.   'He is very tall: some people call him a fine-looking young man;but he has such thick lips.'
4. 这与传统的消费生意不一样。
5. 刺猬公社:你们是怎么做推广的?王俊煜:我们现在还是轻运营,主要靠口碑。
6. 这两年,亨达股份的业绩一直在滑坡。


1.   `I think you're right, Clifford. And as far as I can see I agree with you. Only life may turn quite a new face on it all.'
2. 这时,还没等红灯变绿灯,王阿姨已经带着孩子朝北面的马路走去。
3. com共同+plex重叠→全部重叠→复杂的

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      It is worth while to reflect for a moment on the character of the new species F14, which is supposed not to have diverged much in character, but to have retained the form of (F), either unaltered or altered only in a slight degree. In this case, its affinities to the other fourteen new species will be of a curious and circuitous nature. Having descended from a form which stood between the two parent-species (A) and (I), now supposed to be extinct and unknown, it will be in some degree intermediate in character between the two groups descended from these species. But as these two groups have gone on diverging in character from the type of their parents, the new species (F14) will not be directly intermediate between them, but rather between types of the two groups; and every naturalist will be able to bring some such case before his mind.

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      These propositions will be most readily understood by looking to our domestic races. The most distinct breeds of pigeons, in countries most widely apart, present sub-varieties with reversed feathers on the head and feathers on the feet, characters not possessed by the aboriginal rock-pigeon; these then are analogous variations in two or more distinct races. The frequent presence of fourteen or even sixteen tail-feathers in the pouter, may be considered as a variation representing the normal structure of another race, the fantail. I presume that no one will doubt that all such analogous variations are due to the several races of the pigeon having inherited from a common parent the same constitution and tendency to variation, when acted on by similar unknown influences. In the vegetable kingdom we have a case of analogous variation, in the enlarged stems, or roots as commonly called, of the Swedish turnip and Ruta baga, plants which several botanists rank as varieties produced by cultivation from a common parent: if this be not so, the case will then be one of analogous variation in two so-called distinct species; and to these a third may be added, namely, the common turnip. According to the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we should have to attribute this similarity in the enlarged stems of these three plants, not to the vera causa of community of descent, and a consequent tendency to vary in a like manner, but to three separate yet closely related acts of creation.With pigeons, however, we have another case, namely, the occasional appearance in all the breeds, of slaty-blue birds with two black bars on the wings, a white rump, a bar at the end of the tail, with the outer feathers externally edged near their bases with white. As all these marks are characteristic of the parent rock-pigeon, I presume that no one will doubt that this is a case of reversion, and not of a new yet analogous variation appearing in the several breeds. We may I think confidently come to this conclusion, because, as we have seen, these coloured marks are eminently liable to appear in the crossed offspring of two distinct and differently coloured breeds; and in this case there is nothing in the external conditions of life to cause the reappearance of the slaty-blue, with the several marks, beyond the influence of the mere act of crossing on the laws of inheritance.

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