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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, well, we have made a beginning. I should not expect any freshdevelopments until next Tuesday. In the meantime we can only keep intouch with friend Bennett and enjoy, the amnenities of this charmingtown."
2.  encourage visitors."
3.  Holmes looked triumphantly at Bannister. "He put his gloves on thechair, and he took the proofs, sheet by sheet, to copy them. Hethought the tutor must return by the main gate and that he would seehim. As we know, he came back by the side gate. Suddenly he heardhim at the very door. There was no possible escape. He forgot hisgloves but he caught up his shoes and darted into the bedroom. Youobserve that the scratch on that table is slight at one side, butdeepens in the direction of the bedroom door. That in itself is enoughto show us that the shoe had been drawn in that direction, and thatthe culprit had taken refuge there. The earth round the spike had beenleft on the table, and a second sample was loosened and fell in thebedroom. I may add that I walked out to the athletic grounds thismorning, saw that tenacious black clay is used in the jumping-pitand carried away a specimen of it, together with some of the finetan or sawdust which is strewn over it to prevent the athlete fromslipping. Have I told the truth, Mr. Gilchrist?"
4.  It was a dreadful cry that he gave- a yell which might have beenheard down the street. My skin went cold and my hair bristled atthat horrible scream. As I turned I caught a glimpse of a convulsedface and frantic eyes. I stood paralyzed, with the little box in myhand.
5.  "I am glad you were not forced to break his woolly head, Watson. Iobserved your manoeuvres with the poker. But he is really rather aharmless fellow, a great muscular, foolish, blustering baby, andeasily cowed, as you have seen. He is one of the Spencer John gang andhas taken part in some dirty work of late which I may clear up whenI have time. His immediate principal, Barney, is a more astute person.They specialize in assaults, intimidation, and the like. What I wantto know is, who is at the back of them on this particular occasion?""But why do they want to intimidate you?"
6.  Holmes smiled.


1.  "Well, what happened then?"
2.  The afternoon was far advanced before we were able to snatch a hastyluncheon at a restaurant. A news-bill at the entrance announced"Kensington Outrage. Murder by a Madman," and the contents of thepaper showed that Mr. Horace Harker had got his account into printafter all. Two columns were occupied with a highly sensational andflowery rendering of the whole incident. Holmes propped it against thecruet-stand and read it while he ate. Once or twice he chuckled."This is all right, Watson," said he. "Listen to this:
3.  "It was a just Providence that killed him. But, mind you this,that if I had knocked his brains out, as it was in my heart to do,he would have had no more than his due from my hands. If his ownguilty conscience had not struck him down it is likely enough that Imight have had his blood upon my soul. You want me to tell thestory. Well, I don't know why I shouldn't, for there's no cause for meto be ashamed of it.
4.  Mycroft Holmes took out a sheet of paper.
5.  "Did you take it?"
6.  Holmes sat up abruptly.


1.  "Pray be precise as to details," said he.
2.  "I have rubber-soled tennis shoes."
3.  "In that case, of course, I'd come forward."
4.  "Yes. I heard his wife tell Mrs. Rucastle that she could donothing with him."
5.   "No, sir."
6.  "Never mind. There may be some door-keeper or attendant-""Ah, yes, they keep a permanent guard there on account of thevalue of the securities that they hold. I remember hearing it talkedof in the City."


1.  "Oh, fresh and glossy."
2.  Half an hour later we were seated, all four, in the smallsitting-room of Signora Lucca, listening to her remarkable narrativeof those sinister events, the ending of which we had chanced towitness. She spoke in rapid and fluent but very unconventionalEnglish, which, for the sake of clearness, I will make grammatical."I was born in Posilippo, near Naples," said she, "and was thedaughter of Augusto Barelli, who was the chief lawyer and once thedeputy of that part. Gennaro was in my father's employment, and I cameto love him, as any woman must. He had neither money nor position-nothing but his beauty and strength and energy- so my father forbadethe match. We fled together, were married at Bari, and sold myjewels to gain the money which would take us to America. This was fouryears ago, and we have been in New York ever since.
3.  well-deserved reputation. It is not a case in which you can possiblysucceed. You will have barren work, to say nothing of incurring somedanger. Let me very strongly advise you to draw off at once.'"'It is curious,' I answered, 'but that was the very advice whichI had intended to give you. I have a respect for your brains, Baron,and the little which I have seen of your personality has notlessened it. Let me put it to you as man to man. No one wants torake up your past and make you unduly uncomfortable. It is over, andyou are now in smooth waters, but if you persist in this marriageyou will raise up a swarm of powerful enemies who will never leave youalone until they have made England too hot to hold you. Is the gameworth it? Surely you would be wiser if you left the lady alone. Itwould not be pleasant for you if these facts of your past were broughtto her notice.'
4、  "Thank you. That is quite settled," said he, rising and puttinghis lens in his pocket. "Hello! Here is something interesting!"The object which had caught his eye was a small dog lash hung on onecorner of the bed. The lash, however, was curled upon itself andtied so as to make a loop of whipcord.
5、  I was horrified by my first glimpse of Holmes next morning, for hesat by the fire holding his tiny hypodermic syringe. I associated thatinstrument with the single weakness of his nature, and I feared theworst when I saw it glittering in his hand. He laughed at myexpression of dismay and laid it upon the table.




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      One realized the red-hot energy which underlay Holmes's phlegmaticexterior when one saw the sudden change which came over him from themoment that he entered the fatal apartment. In an instant he was tenseand alert, his eves shining, his face set, his limbs quivering witheager activity. He was out on the lawn, in through the window, roundthe room, and up into the bedroom, for all the world like a dashingfoxhound drawing a cover. In the bedroom he made a rapid cast aroundand ended by throwing open the window, which appeared to give him somefresh cause for excitement, for he leaned out of it with loudejaculations of interest and delight. Then he rushed down thestairs, out through the open window, threw himself upon his face onthe lawn, sprang up and into the room once more, all with the energyof the hunter who is at the very heels of his quarry. The lamp,which was an ordinary standard, he examined with minute care, makingcertain measurements upon its bowl. He carefully scrutinized withhis lens the tale shield which covered the top of the chimney andscraped off some ashes which adhered to its upper surface, puttingsome of them into an envelope, which he placed in his pocketbook.Finally, just as the doctor and the official police put in anappearance, he beckoned to the vicar and we all three went out uponthe lawn.

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      "All right," said Holmes quietly. "I have given you the chance. Hereare your lodgings. Good-bye. I shall drop you a line before I leave."Having left Lestrade at his rooms, we drove to our hotel, where wefound lunch upon the table. Holmes was silent and buried in thoughtwith a pained expression upon his face, as one who finds himself ina perplexing position.

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       "Dear me! I must have a look at the matter."

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      Holmes sprang from his chair.

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    {  A look of surprise passed over his face, and at the first quiverof his eyebrows my heart turned to lead in my breast.

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      "That is better," said John Clay serenely. He made a sweepingbow to the three of us and walked quietly off in the custody ofthe detective.}

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      "The fact is, your Grace," said he, "that my colleague, Dr.Watson, and myself had an assurance from Dr. Huxtable that a rewardhad been offered in this case. I should like to have this confirmedfrom your own lips."

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      "Well, I never thought to see her again, but last voyage I waspromoted, and the new boat was not yet launched, so I had to waitfor a couple of months with my people at Sydenham. One day out in acountry lane I met Theresa Wright, her old maid. She told me all abouther, about him, about everything. I tell you, gentlemen, it nearlydrove me mad. This drunken hound, that he should dare to raise hishand to her, whose boots he was not worthy to lick! I met Theresaagain. Then I met Mary herself- and met her again. Then she would meetme no more. But the other day I had a notice that I was to start on myvoyage within a week, and I determined that I would see her oncebefore I left. Theresa was always my friend, for she loved Mary andhated this villain almost as much as I did. From her I learned theways of the house. Mary used to sit up reading in her own littleroom downstairs. I crept round there last night and scratched at thewindow. At first she would not open to me, but in her heart I knowthat now she loves me, and she could not leave me in the frosty night.She whispered to me to come round to the big front window, and I foundit open before me, so as to let me into the dining-room. Again I heardfrom her own lips things that made my blood boil, and again I cursedthis brute who mishandled the woman I loved. Well, gentlemen, I wasstanding with her just inside the window, in all innocence, as Godis my judge, when he rushed like a madman into the room, called herthe vilest name that a man could use to a woman, and welted her acrossthe face with the stick he had in his hand. I had sprung for thepoker, and it was a fair fight between us. See here, on my arm,where his first blow fell. Then it was my turn, and I went through himas if he had been a rotten pumpkin. Do you think I was sorry? Not IfIt was his life or mine, but far more than that, it was his life orhers, for how could I leave her in the power of this madman? Thatwas how I killed him. Was I wrong? Well, then, what would either ofyou gentlemen have done, if you had been in my position?""She had screamed when he struck her, and that brought old Theresadown from the room above. There was a bottle of wine on the sideboard,and I opened it and poured a little between Mary's lips, for she washalf dead with shock. Then I took a drop myself. Theresa was as coolas ice, and it was her plot as much as mine. We must make it appearthat burglars had done the thing. Theresa kept on repeating ourstory to her mistress, while I swarmed up and cut the rope of thebell. Then I lashed her in her chair, and frayed out the end of therope to make it look natural, else they would wonder how in theworld a burglar could have got up there to cut it. Then I gatheredup a few plates and pots of silver, to carry out the idea of therobbery, and there I left them, with orders to give the alarm when Ihad a quarter of an hour's start. I dropped the silver into thepond, and made off for Sydenham, feeling that for once in my life Ihad done a real good night's work. And that's the truth and thewhole truth, Mr. Holmes, if it costs me my neck."

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       "I fancy our researches must lie in that direction. At the worst thelock should not be very formidable. Have you any other able-bodied manon the premises?"

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    {  "Well, it was the beginning of '84 when my father came to liveat Horsham, and all went as well as possible with us until theJanuary of '85. On the fourth day after the new year I heard myfather give a sharp cry of surprise as we sat together at thebreakfast-table. There he was, sitting with a newly openedenvelope in one hand and five dried orange pips in the

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      "Yes, sir, he is very hard at it just now. I'm frightened for hishealth. He gets paler and thinner, and he eats nothing. 'When will yoube pleased to dine, Mr. Holmes?' Mrs. Hudson asked. 'Seven-thirty, theday after to-morrow,' said he. You know his way when he is keen on acase."