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1.   Calandrino hearing, that they all agreed in one opinion of him; hebeganne verily to perswade himselfe, that some sodaine sicknes, hadseised upon him, which they could discerne, although hee felt noanguish at all: and therefore, like a man much perplexed in minde,demanded of them, What he should do? Beleeve me Calandrino (answeredBruno) if I were worthy to give thee counsell, thou shouldst returnehome presently to thy house, and lay thee downe in thy warme Bedde,covered with so many cloathes as thou canst well endure. Then toMorrow morning, send thy Water unto Learned Mayster Doctor thePhysitian, who (as thou knowest) is a man of most singular skill andexperience: he will instruct thee presently what is the best course tobe taken, and we that have ever beene thy loving friends, will notfaile thee in any thing that lieth in our power.
2.   'To Miss Temple? Oh, no! I wish it did: she has to answer to Mr.Brocklehurst for all she does. Mr. Brocklehurst buys all our foodand all our clothes.'
3.   Gracious company, there is no defect in this Banquet, or more debarsit of the honour it might else have, but onely the presence ofTheobaldo, who having bin continually in your company, it seemes youare not willing to take knowledge of him, and therefore I meane myselfe to shew him. So, uncasing himselfe out of his Pilgrimes clothes,and standing in his Hose and Doublet, to their no little admiration,they all knew him, yet doubted whether it were he, or no. Which heperceiving, he repeated his brethrens and absent kindreds names, andwhat occurrences hapned betweene them from time to time, beside therelation of his owne passed fortunes, inciting teares in the eyes ofhis brethren, and all else there present, every one hugging andembracing him, yea, many beside, who were no kin at all to him.Hermelina onely excepted: which when Aldobrandino saw, he said untoher; How now Hermelina? Why doest thou not welcome home Theobaldo,so kindly as the rest have done?
4. 想一想再看
5. 目前Grab在越南43个省市都开展了业务,平台上线了约19万辆汽车。
6. 危害就摆在那,可这似乎不足以唤醒很多人的观念自觉,打通他们防患意识的任督二脉。


1. 他经常和我们说:功夫在室外,这点对我们的影响很大,我们把他当成长辈,他把我们当成孩子,互相之间都很亲切。
2.   `Be explicit,' said the Doctor. `Spare no detail.'
3.   Worthy Ladies, it exceedeth the power of my capacitie, to censure inthe case whereof I am to speake, by saying, who sinned most, eitherNature, in seating a Noble soule in a vile body, or Fortune, inbestowing on a body (beautified with a noble soule) a base or wretchedcondition of life. As we may observe by Cistio, a Citizen of our owne,and many more beside; for, this Cistio beeing endued with a singulargood spirit, Fortune hath made him no better then a Baker. And beleeveme Ladies, I could (in this case) lay as much blame on Nature, as onFortune; if I did not know Nature to be most absolutely wise, and thatFortune hath a thousand eyes, albeit fooles have figured her to beeblinde. But, upon more mature and deliberate consideration, I finde,that they both (being truly wise and judicious) have dealt justly,in imitation of our best advised mortals, who being uncertaine of suchinconveniences, as may happen unto them, do bury (for their ownbenefit) the very best and choicest things of esteeme, in the mostvile and abject places of their houses, as being subject to leastsuspition, and where they may be sure to have them at all times, forsupply of any necessitie whatsoever, because so base a conveyance hathbetter kept them, then the very best chamber in the house could havedone. Even so these two great commanders of the world, do many timeshide their most precious Jewels of worth, under the clouds of Artsor professions of worst estimation, to the end, that fetching themthence when neede requires, their splendor may appeare to be themore glorious. Nor was any such matter noted in our homely BakerCistio, by the best observation of Messer Geri Spina, who was spokenof in the late repeated Novell, as being the husband to Madame Oretta;whereby this accident came to my remembrance, and which (in a shortTale) I will relate unto you.
4.   'Yes. He was a retired - what do you call it! - draper - cloth-merchant - and had made me his heir. But he didn't like me when I grew up.'
5.   Part of that power which still Produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill.Faust
6.   Mark, of those flames the motley glare! A merry club assembles there. In asmall circle one is not alone.


1. 比如原来通过产品收费,能否改为通过服务收费?比如是否可以考虑提供更多附加值的产品,给消费者提供更多样的选择?或者是否可以通过对某种产品或服务免费,通过后续增值服务来盈利?我相信,办法总比困难多。
2. 用户对盒马鲜生、叮咚买菜、每日优鲜等买菜APP一菜难求配送太慢等现状的吐槽充斥在猫投诉、21CN聚投诉等投诉平台上。
3. 结果最后客户提出,你能不能给我们培训一下中台。
4.   "Well, it might do- so far as it goes."
5. 此外,产前诊断、肿瘤基因检测、个体化用药等应用场景将成为未来主流趋势,需求将快速释放。
6.   But a child, a baby! That was still one of the sensations. She would venture very gingerly on that experiment. There was the man to consider, and it was curious, there wasn't a man in the world whose children you wanted. Mick's children! Repulsive thought! As lief have a child to a rabbit! Tommy Dukes? he was very nice, but somehow you couldn't associate him with a baby, another generation. He ended in himself. And out of all the rest of Clifford's pretty wide acquaintance, there was not a man who did not rouse her contempt, when she thought of having a child by him. There were several who would have been quite possible as lover, even Mick. But to let them breed a child on you! Ugh! Humiliation and abomination.


1.   The Sultan, who was sitting in his closet, mourning for his lost daughter, happened to look up, and rubbed his eyes, for there stood the palace as before! He hastened thither, and Aladdin received him in the hall of the four-and-twenty windows, with the princess at his side. Aladdin told him what had happened, and showed him the dead body of the magician, that he might believe. A ten days' feast was proclaimed, and it seemed as if Aladdin might now live the rest of his life in peace; but it was not to be.
2. 在家中,郭兵更多利用双拐支撑行走。
3. 如果量再大的话,我们就自己做。
4. 表9.5是美林公司关于双线相交法的最新研究报告(计算机交易技术1,美林公司商品部)。最近这份报告一直覆盖到1981年全年,其中还包括了几种新的期货市场。
5.   Then were there younge poore scholars two, That dwelled in the hall of which I say; Testif* they were, and lusty for to play; *headstrong <6> And only for their mirth and revelry Upon the warden busily they cry, To give them leave for but a *little stound*, *short time* To go to mill, and see their corn y-ground: And hardily* they durste lay their neck, *boldly The miller should not steal them half a peck Of corn by sleight, nor them by force bereave* *take away And at the last the warden give them leave: John hight the one, and Alein hight the other, Of one town were they born, that highte Strother,<7> Far in the North, I cannot tell you where. This Alein he made ready all his gear, And on a horse the sack he cast anon: Forth went Alein the clerk, and also John, With good sword and with buckler by their side. John knew the way, him needed not no guide, And at the mill the sack adown he lay'th.
6. 机器间大规模协作成为可能。


1. 澎湃新闻记者伊川图闵行区卫生健康委主任杭文权在上海市政府新闻发布会上表示,作为进出上海的门户之一,虹桥枢纽是全市疫情防控工作的重点区域。
2. 秦汉时期的内河交通也很发达。据《史记?陈丞相世家》、《汉书?武帝纪》和《东观汉记》等古籍记载,黄河、湟水、滇水、漓水和巴蜀之水皆可行船。而行船最为普遍又不大受旱、雨季影响的长年水道,当推长江中下游及相关水系。如《汉书?高帝纪》:悉发关中兵,收三河士,南浮江汉以下。《史记?淮南衡山列传》:伍被言吴王上取江陵木以为船,一船之载,当中国数十两车,国富民众.《后汉书?第五伦传》》:拜会稽太守,坐法微,老小攀车叩马,不得前。伦乃伪止亭舍,阴乘船去。但自然水道或于枯水季节不得不停航,或因多险滩礁石难以飞渡,使水运受到很大阻碍。并且我国水道多东西流向,对于南北不同纬度地区的经济文化交往也带来不利。所以需要通过开凿人工运河,尤其是南北向的运河来弥补。
3. 这则建议称:武汉市汉口北四季丰华物业有几万间水电全通的空置商铺,可容纳10万个床位,一个独立商铺放可放2-4张床,水电全部都是好的独立有墙可以隔离单间的商铺,我们广大业主上书网络平台:请求把我们商铺提供给政府,改建成临时医院或者隔离区,收治新冠状肺炎疑似病人。

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