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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The political plans of the cardinal when he undertook thissiege were extensive. Let us unfold them first, and thenpass on to the private plans which perhaps had not lessinfluence upon his Eminence than the others.
2.  "Oh, as to his name, I know nothing about it; but if I were everto meet him, I should recognize him in an instant, I will answerfor it, were he among a thousand persons."
3.  "Oh, you'll know it someday, Aramis; but at present I mustimitate the discretion of 'the doctor's niece.'"
4.  D'Artagnan comprehended their irresolution.
5.  D'Artagnan went out, but at the door his heart almost failedhim, and he felt inclined to return. Then the noble andsevere countenance of Athos crossed his mind; if he made thecompact with the cardinal which he required, Athos would nomore give him his hand--Athos would renounce him.It was this fear that restrained him, so powerful is theinfluence of a truly great character on all that surroundsit.
6.  The cardinal became as pale as death; lightning darted from hiseyes. He turned round as if to give an order to Cahusac andHoudiniere. Athos saw the movement; he made a step toward themuskets, upon which the other three friends had fixed their eyes,like men ill-disposed to allow themselves to be taken. Thecardinalists were three; the Musketeers, lackeys included, wereseven. He judged that the match would be so much the less equal,if Athos and his companions were really plotting; and by one ofthose rapid turns which he always had at command, all his angerfaded away into a smile.


1.  The baron went out sobbing.
2.  Athos raised his eyes and his finger toward heaven.Grimaud put his basket on the ground and sat down with ashake of the head.
3.  The cardinal was left free to carry on the siege, withouthaving, at least at the present, anything to fear on thepart of the English.
4.  'Has he anything remarkable about him by which one may recognizehim?"
5.  "Eh! How can I tell? Has he not all the tricks of a demon athis command? The least that can be expected is that you will bearrested."
6.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "that is what you meant to say!""Yes, dear Monsieur Porthos. Thus, for instance, don't youin the first place want a horse?"


1.  "Well you--the cardinal would have given you letters ofnobility."
2.  "Will he believe that your Eminence is in a position toaccomplish the threat thus made?"
3.  "Yes, I have something of the highest importance to tell you.""True," said he, "and I have some questions sufficiently seriousto put to you. Describe to me your abduction, I pray you.""Oh, that's of no consequence just now," said Mme. Bonacieux."And what does it concern, then--my captivity?"
4.  The king went straight to him.
5.   "So then, pack up our luggage, Planchet, and let us be off. Onmy part, I will go out with my hands in my pockets, that nothingmay be suspected. You may join me at the Hotel des Gardes. Bythe way, Planchet, I think you are right with respect to ourhost, and that he is decidedly a frightfully low wretch.""Ah, monsieur, you may take my word when I tell you anything. Iam a physiognomist, I assure you."
6.  "What, you scoundrel! Have you kept him in the cellar all thistime?"


1.  The heart of the young man overflowed with joy. An opportunitypresented itself to him in which there would be at the same timeglory to be acquired, and money to be gained; and as a far higherencouragement, it brought him into close intimacy with a woman headored. This chance did, then, for him at once more than hewould have dared to ask of Providence.
2.  End
3.  "Well, madame," said Porthos, "if he owed you more than fivecrowns, your horsedealer is a thief."
4、  In fact, fortune changed; and as the king began to lose what hehad won, he was not sorry to find an excuse for playingCharlemagne--if we may use a gaming phrase of whose origin weconfess our ignorance. The king therefore arose a minute after,and putting the money which lay before him into his pocket, themajor part of which arose from his winnings, "La Vieuville," saidhe, "take my place; I must speak to Monsieur de Treville on anaffair of importance. Ah, I had eighty louis before me; put downthe same sum, so that they who have lost may have nothing tocomplain of. Justice before everything."
5、  End




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      D'Artagnan knew that, although a Gascon, M. de Treville was notin the habit of making promises, and that when by chance he didpromise, he more than kept his word. He bowed to him, then, fullof gratitude for the past and for the future; and the worthycaptain, who on his side felt a lively interest in this youngman, so brave and so resolute, pressed his hand kindly, wishinghim a pleasant journey.

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      "Which is a great chance," replied Planchet, "but we must notdespair of the mercy of God."

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       An instant after, the broken door was removed, and the pale faceof Athos appeared, who with a rapid glance took a survey of thesurroundings.

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      >From him whom you have rendered the happiest of men,Comte de Wardes

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    {  Felton uttered a cry, and rushed toward her. He was too late;Milady had stabbed herself.

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      "Yes, yes. Would God send the same dreams to you as to me if youdid not love me? Should we have the same presentiments if ourexistences did not touch at the heart? You love me, my beautifulqueen, and you will weep for me?"}

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      The order was executed.

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      "But it seems you had not much reason to complain of yourfortune in your contest with him."

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       "I am Monsieur D'Artagnan, a Gascon gentleman, serving inthe king's Musketeers. And you?"

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    {  "One of yours! how many have you, then?" asked D'Artagnan."Three," replied Aramis, smiling.

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      This note was in the first place a forgery; it was likewisean indelicacy. It was even, according to our presentmanners, something like an infamous action; but at thatperiod people did not manage affairs as they do today.Besides, D'Artagnan from her own admission knew Miladyculpable of treachery in matters more important, and couldentertain no respect for her. And yet, notwithstanding thiswant of respect, he felt an uncontrollable passion for thiswoman boiling in his veins--passion drunk with contempt; butpassion or thirst, as the reader pleases.