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1. 有了它自动保存备份,以后再也不用担心重要文件的丢失了。
2.   Oh, be so good, With sweat and with blood The crown to lime!(They handle the crown awkwardly and break it in two pieces, with whichthey skip about.)
3. 今年2月份,褚某刚到该校传达室工作。
4. 贝多芬比查克·贝里更高级吗?
5. 贝壳找房:2019年全国二手房成交创5年新低贝壳找房研究院发布的《报告》显示,2015年~2018年期间,全国二手房成交量为457万套、506万套、430万套和430万套。
6.   "That's just about all that passed between us, as near as I canremember. You can imagine, Dr. Watson, how pleased I was at such anextraordinary bit of good fortune. I sat up half the night huggingmyself over it, and next day I was off to B in a train that would takeme in plenty time for my appointment. I took my things to a hotel inNew Street, and then I made my way to the address which had been givenme.


1.   "I took the precaution to half empty the carafe, in order that mysuspicions might not be noticed.
2. 所以这里,也是作为一个对新版本的小预告。
3.   "I imagine any one may write to Yanina."
4. 大家都会互点加速,共同获得加速包加速,使得大家都有了加速包,然后就会去使用这种加速包。
5. 公开资料显示,2014年、2015年它连续两年实现盈利。
6.   Frosch


1.   "Farewell, queen," said he, "henceforward and for ever, till age anddeath, the common lot of mankind, lay their hands upon you. I now takemy leave; be happy in this house with your children, your people,and with king Alcinous."
2.   I can remember Miss Temple walking lightly and rapidly along ourdrooping line, her plaid cloak, which the frosty wind fluttered,gathered close about her, and encouraging us, by precept andexample, to keep up our spirits, and march forward, as she said, 'likestalwart soldiers.' The other teachers, poor things, were generallythemselves too much dejected to attempt the task of cheering others.
3. We had no need to make pathetic pantomime of hunger; the smaller tables were already laid with food, and we were gravely invited to be seated. The tables were set for two; each of us found ourselves placed vis-a-vis with one of our hosts, and each table had five other stalwarts nearby, unobtrusively watching. We had plenty of time to get tired of those women!
4. 线下转线上一家机构8%的学员想退课线上随时回看功能特别好,不懂的可以倒回去再听一遍,这是在教室上课无法实现的。
5. 监控显示,事发后李某某从校门翻出逃离
6. 作为底层技术,创造社会价值、赋能实体经济是区块链行业的大势。


1. 有矛就有盾,有弓箭就有盔甲,有偷袭轰炸机也就有了雷达。
2. 爱之心案发后,长沙市天心区将该案定性为以养老为名非法吸收公众存款。
3.   "Hear me," she cried, "Daughter of Aegis-bearing Jove,unweariable. If ever Ulysses while he was here burned you fat thighbones of sheep or heifer, bear it in mind now as in my favour, andsave my darling son from the villainy of the suitors."
4.   She looked as if she thought he had been contracting someneedless expense.
5. 东汉末年出现的道教派别除了张角的太平道之外,还有一个教派,这就是张陵创立的五斗米道。五斗米道与太平道一样,都是利用符箓咒水辟邪驱鬼,为人治病,从而在下层社会劳动人民中组织起最早的道教团体。
6. 与上虞朱雀一样,其对外投资也仅有金科文化一家。


1.   Yes!
2.   The turnkey fired the little pile, which blazed high and hot. Stooping again to come out at the low-arched door, they left it burning, and retraced their way to the court-yard; seeming to recover their sense of hearing as they came down, until they were in the raging flood once more.
3. 这跟我少年时候读鲁迅有关系,鲁迅说文学青年要多读点科技方面的书,研究科学的要读文学的书,不然就枯萎了。

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