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1. 即使相对于市场有20%的折价,对于早期投资者而言,仅涉及公司hc的资金量就已经太大了,而那些试图通过聘用不合格的工程师来节省资金的初创公司总是在技术执行的节骨眼上失败。
2.   `Oh, you'd no right t'ave bothered, Lady Chatterley, I'm sure! I'm sure it was very good of you, but you shouldn't 'ave bothered. Why, did ever you see!'---and the old woman turned to the child: `Fancy Lady Chatterley takin' all that trouble over yer! Why, she shouldn't 'ave bothered!'
3.   And not to wander like a dulled ass, Ragged and torn, disguised in array, Ribald in speech, or out of measure pass, Thy bound exceeding; think on this alway: For women be of tender heartes ay, And lightly set their pleasure in a place; When they misthink,* they lightly let it pace. *think wrongly
4.   "Well, I must confess, these are scruples."
5. 一旦有人出现状况,很可能带来大范围的波及。
6. Then Terry, wholly in his element, made a polite speech, with explanatory gestures, and proceeded to introduce us, with pointing finger. "Mr. Jeff Margrave," he said clearly; Jeff bowed as gracefully as a man could in the fork of a great limb. "Mr. Vandyck Jennings"--I also tried to make an effective salute and nearly lost my balance.


1. 元朝的侵缅战争虽然以失败而告终,但在金齿和缅甸之间的各土邦慑于元军威力,纷纷来降。于是又先后设立了骠甸(后并入平缅路,一三三五年立为散府)、通西(以蒙阳甸置,在陇川西南)军民府,木邦(怒江以西南北掸邦地区)、蒙怜、蒙莱(南康以西孟乃附近)、孟广、孟密(沿瑞丽江至伊洛瓦底江以下,孟密今蒙末特附近)、太公(老蒲甘城)路。伊洛瓦底江以西,设蒙光(即猛拱,西北接阿萨密)、云远(西接印度曼尼坡,东抵伊洛瓦底江)路。在澜沧江以西,先后设立了孟定(今耿马孟定街)、孟绢(孟定以南)、木连(今澜沧、孟连等县地)、谋粘(今耿马境)等路和银沙罗甸宣慰司(今双江、澜沧县地)。以上行政设施,已包括了今德宏傣族景颇族自治州和临沧地区及其以南广大地区。
2.   据英国广播公司(BBC)网站近日报道,这位艺术家名叫约翰娜·巴斯福德·奥贝,来自英国苏格兰的阿伯丁郡,此前曾开创了一股成人彩绘书的潮流。
3. "I know I am queer," admitted Sara, cheerfully; "and I TRY to be nice." She rubbed her forehead with her little brown paw, and a puzzled, tender look came into her face. "Papa always laughed at me," she said; "but I liked it. He thought I was queer, but he liked me to make up things. I--I can't help making up things. If I didn't, I don't believe I could live." She paused and glanced around the attic. "I'm sure I couldn't live here," she added in a low voice.
4. 方淦介绍说,《功夫熊猫3》的编剧团队就是中美合璧。
5. 涉事公交车当天晚上被吊出。
6.   Wragby was a long low old house in brown stone, begun about the middle of the eighteenth century, and added on to, till it was a warren of a place without much distinction. It stood on an eminence in a rather line old park of oak trees, but alas, one could see in the near distance the chimney of Tevershall pit, with its clouds of steam and smoke, and on the damp, hazy distance of the hill the raw straggle of Tevershall village, a village which began almost at the park gates, and trailed in utter hopeless ugliness for a long and gruesome mile: houses, rows of wretched, small, begrimed, brick houses, with black slate roofs for lids, sharp angles and wilful, blank dreariness.


1. 工作人员称美牙无需相关医疗资质北京市朝阳区卫健委一工作人员告诉记者,牙齿浮雕的贴面、贴片技术属于医疗级别,想要从事相关服务的机构必须持有卫生健康行政部门核发的《医疗机构执业许可证》,医师应具有《医师执业证书》等相关医学资质,护士应具有《护士执业证书》等相关医学资质,且场所卫生环境、消毒情况均要达到相关要求。
2. 3月18日下午,Redmi召开了品牌独立后的第二场新品发布会。
3. “我们可不喜欢,”控制者说,“我们喜欢一切都舒舒服服地进行。”
4. We met their laughter cordially, and doffed our hats to them, at which they laughed again, delightedly.
5.   Hurstwood made arrangements with one of the instalment houseswhereby they furnished the flat complete and accepted fiftydollars down and ten dollars a month. He then had a littleplate, bearing the name G. W. Wheeler, made, which he placed onhis letter-box in the hall. It sounded exceedingly odd to Carrieto be called Mrs. Wheeler by the janitor, but in time she becameused to it and looked upon the name as her own.
6. 经过10年的打磨,王功权总结出一个好的项目要能接地气,“回归商业本质,以尽可能的低成本,去创造高质量的产品和服务”,他总结出一个值得投资的项目必须具备四个条件:首先,一定是一个庞大的市场。


1. 2016年11月24日,宁夏食药监局官网发布抽检信息表示,生产企业为漯河市平平食品有限公司生产的卫龙调味面制品因检出甜蜜素,被列为不合格产品。
2.   Much merriment was among the Ladies, hearing this Tale ofMartellinos misfortunes, so familiarly reported by Madam Neiphila, andof the men, it was best respected by Philostratus, who sitting neerestunto Neiphila, the Queene commanded his Tale to be the next, whenpresently he began to speake thus.
3. "Are all these breeds of dogs you have made useful?" they asked.
4.   The joviall dayes of feasting being past, he went aboord a Galleywith the Poore expelled, his Daughter, the Ambassador, and theNurse, departing thence to Lericy, where they were nobly welcommedby Messer Conrado, and his Castle being not farre from thence, with anhonourable traine they were conducted thither, and entertained withall possible kindnesse. Now concerning the comfort of the Mother,meeting so happily with both her sonnes, the joy of the brethren andmother together, having also found the faithful Nurse, Gasparino andhis daughter, in company now with Conrado and his wife, friends,familiars, and all generally in a jubilee of rejoycing: it exceedethcapacity in mee to expresse it, and therefore I referre it to yourmore able imagination.
5.   `And you in brown!' she said, indignantly turning to Mr. Lorry; `couldn't you tell her what you had to tell her, without frightening her to death? Look at her, with her pretty pale face and her cold hands. Do you call that being a Banker?'
6.   'Like two young mavishes,' Mr. Peggotty said. I knew this meant, in our local dialect, like two young thrushes, and received it as a compliment.


1. 12月7日,记者从德格县委宣传部获悉,12月6日13时50分,德格县竹庆镇档木村第一书记、甘孜州人大常委会副秘书长、办公室副主任袁剑同志,在德格县竹庆镇开展脱贫攻坚工作期间,带病坚持工作,因突发心脑血管疾病,经抢救无效,不幸离世,终年42岁。
2. 在这场特殊的组织生活会最后,戴着口罩的全体党员共同宣誓:迎难而上,共同战斗。
3.   Although the old woman was very pious, she was not at all indifferent to the magnificence of all around her, which she seemed to understand as well as to admire, and when she had seen it all she was led by the servants before the princess, who was seated in a room which surpassed in splendour all the rest.

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