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1.   "And that running footman who waited at the door, and thatcarriage with a coachman in grand livery who sat waiting on hisseat?"
2. 下表(略)是英格兰银行的银行券——5镑和10镑券、20镑—100镑券和200镑—1000镑的大额券——每年在公众手中的年平均额,以及每一种银行券在流通的银行券总额中所占的百分比。数字以千为单位,千以下的三位数字从略。
3.   Mervaile and amazement, encreased in Nicostratus far greater thenbefore, hearing him to avouch still so constantly what he had seene,no contradiction being able to alter him, which made him rashly sweareand say. I will see my selfe, whether this Peare-tree bee enchanted,or no: and such wonders to be seene when a man is up in it, as thouwouldst have us to beleeve. And being mounted up so hy, that they weresafe from his sodaine comming on them, Lydia had soone forgotten hersicknes, and the promised kisse cost her above twenty more, besideverie kinde and hearty embraces, as lovingly respected and entertainedby Pyrrhus. Which Nicostratus beholding aloft in the tree; cryed outto her, saying. Wicked woman, What doest thou meane? And thouvillain Pyrrhus, Darst thou abuse thy Lord, who hath reposed so muchtrust in thee? So, descending in haste downe againe, yet crying soto them still: Lydia replyed, Alas my Lord, Why do you raile andrave in such sort? So, he( found her seated as before, and Pyrrhuswaiting with dutiful reverence, even as when he climbed up the Tree:but yet he thought his sight not deceyved, for all their demure andformall behaviour, which made him walke up and downe, extreamelyfuming and fretting unto himselfe, and which in some milder mannerto qualifie, Pyrrhus spake thus to him.
4.   neglected to light the lamp. The fire in the grate, too, hadburned low.
5. 讲话再度为科创板定调,为其下一步发展明确了前进的方向,引导社会资本流向真正需要资金的硬科技企业。
6. As I studied these youngsters, vigorous, joyous, eager little creatures, and their voracious appetite for life, it shook my previous ideas so thoroughly that they have never been re-established. The steady level of good health gave them all that natural stimulus we used to call "animal spirits"--an odd contradiction in terms. They found themselves in an immediate environment which was agreeable and interesting, and before them stretched the years of learning and discovery, the fascinating, endless process of education.


1. 11、80岁老人的铁腕管理:推出夜莺计划,效率惊人。
2.   He ran around, he ran abroad, Of every puddle drinking. The house with ragehe scratch'd and gnaw'd, In vain, - he fast was sinking; Full many an anguish'dbound he gave, Nothing the hapless brute could save, As if his frame lovewasted.
3. 小小年纪勇于展示自己是可贵的,不过在其父亲就是该刊主编的情况下,很难不让人怀疑这是其父的公器私用。
4. 护林员赶紧向当地政府报告了情况。
5.   And all were of the same age, save one; who was advanced in years, though no less gay in demeanour than the rest. While he stood admiring the richness and beauty of the place, and the fairness of the ladies, which had the notable gift of enduring unimpaired till death, the poet was accosted by the old lady, to whom he had to yield himself prisoner; because the ordinance of the isle was, that no man should dwell there; and the ladies' fear of breaking the law was enhanced by the temporary absence of their queen from the realm. Just at this moment the cry was raised that the queen came; all the ladies hastened to meet her; and soon the poet saw her approach -- but in her company his mistress, wearing the same garb, and a seemly knight. All the ladies wondered greatly at this; and the queen explained:
6. 浙江工业大学法学院福利与法治研究中心(慈善法研究中心)副主任李德健对《财经》记者表示。


1. 第二,无人机竞速可延展许多产业附加值,如零售(队服、帽子等周边商品)、体验(通过竞速无人机模拟器,体验驾驶的感觉)、选拔(举办模拟器大赛,优胜者有机会成为职业飞手、培训(职业战队日常训练)。
2. 因为小朋友看到五颜六色的样子,容易就把它当成糖果吃进肚子里。
3.   It was the Feast of the New Year, the oldest and most splendid of all the feasts in the Kingdom of Persia, and the day had been spent by the king in the city of Schiraz, taking part in the magnificent spectacles prepared by his subjects to do honour to the festival. The sun was setting, and the monarch was about to give his court the signal to retire, when suddenly an Indian appeared before his throne, leading a horse richly harnessed, and looking in every respect exactly like a real one.
4.   "I really think," replied the king, "that will be the best way."
5.   "In like manner, if Gisippus hath married Sophronia well, it isfoolish and superfluous, to finde fault with the manner hee used inher marriage. If you mislike his course in the case, beware of himhereafter, yet thanke him because it is no worse. "Neverthelesse,you are to understand, that I sought not by fraud or deceit, (butonely by witte) any opportunitie, whereby any way to sullie thehonestie and cleere Nobilitie of your bloud, in the person ofSophronia: for although in secret I made her my wife, yet I came notas an enemie, to take her perforce, nor (like a ravisher) wrongedher virginitie, to blemish your no. titles, or despising youralliance. But fervently, enflamed by her bright beauty, and incitedalso by her unparalleld vertues, I shaped my course; knowing wellenough, that if I tooke the ordinarie way of wiving, by moving thequestion to you, I should never winne your consent, as fearing, lest Iwould take her with me to Rome, and so conveigh out of your sight, ajewell by you so much esteemed, as she is.
6.   After they had walked an indifferent space of time, and found therayes of the Sunne to be over-piercing for them: they returned backeagaine to the Pallace, as fearing to have their blood immoderatelyheated. Then rinsing their Glasses in the coole cleare runningcurrent, each tooke their mornings draught, and then walked into themilde shades about the Garden, untill they should bee summoned todinner. Which was no sooner over-past, and such as slept, returnedwaking: they mette together againe in their wonted place, according asthe King had appointed, where he gave command unto Madame Neiphila,that shee should (for that day) begin the first Novell, which shehumbly accepting, thus began.


1. We looked out of all the windows. The blinds opened easily enough, and there were no bars, but the prospect was not reassuring.
2.   The First Fit* *part
3. 请在疫情防控期间不要参加大型聚会、大型婚礼,不要去公共场所。
4. 西贝餐饮董事长贾国龙除了担心,一切都无能为力。
5.   "May heaven," answered Ulysses, "requite to them the wickedness withwhich they deal high-handedly in another man's house without any senseof shame."
6. Amalrik)在其《苏联会生存到1984年吗?》一书中这样预测,少数民族将在苏联这个国家的瓦解中起到重要作用,而这是他满怀信心地期待和盼望着的。


1. Jumping all in is rarely ever successful. There are success stories about people who invested everything once and came out winners after six months or a couple years, but those are rare. Risk management is an essential factor in any startup, and balance is vital. You can absorb losses more easily if you take smaller risks in the beginning. Those will provide essential and productive lessons.
2. 书法是用线条画出来的,它的线条也是长短、粗细、轻重、快慢……我逐步对比。
3.   "Valentine," said Morrel pushing aside a loose plank, "giveme your hand in token of forgiveness of my anger; my sensesare confused, and during the last hour the most extravagantthoughts have passed through my brain. Oh, if you refuse myadvice" --

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