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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of course," he answered, "you know I will."
2.  Carrie left him, feeling as though a great arm had slipped outbefore her to draw off trouble. The money she had accepted wastwo soft, green, handsome ten-dollar bills.
3.  Hurstwood, however, read on and on. He did not pay muchattention to Carrie. She fulfilled her household duties and saidlittle to disturb him.
4.  Carrie's eyes flamed with the light of achievement.
5.  He gathered her to himself, imprinting kisses upon her lips andcheeks.
6.  In his weary and hungry state, he should never have come here.The contrast was too sharp. Even he was recalled keenly tobetter things."What's the use?" he thought. "It's all up with me. I'll quitthis."


1.  "Don't worry about it. Maybe the grocer will wait. He can dothat. We've traded there long enough to make him trust us for aweek or two."
2.  Once seated, there began that exhibition of showy, wasteful, andunwholesome gastronomy as practised by wealthy Americans, whichis the wonder and astonishment of true culture and dignity theworld over. The large bill of fare held an array of dishessufficient to feed an army, sidelined with prices which madereasonable expenditure a ridiculous impossibility--an order ofsoup at fifty cents or a dollar, with a dozen kinds to choosefrom; oysters in forty styles and at sixty cents the half-dozen;entrees, fish, and meats at prices which would house one overnight in an average hotel. One dollar fifty and two dollarsseemed to be the most common figures upon this most tastefullyprinted bill of fare.
3.  "Will you?" he urged.
4.  The hours slipped by, and with them the possibility of the unionhe had contemplated. He had thought to be joyously aiding Carrieby now in the task of joining her interests to his, and here itwas afternoon and nothing done. Three o'clock came, four, five,six, and no letter. The helpless manager paced the floor andgrimly endured the gloom of defeat. He saw a busy Saturdayushered out, the Sabbath in, and nothing done. All day, the barbeing closed, he brooded alone, shut out from home, from theexcitement of his resort, from Carrie, and without the ability toalter his condition one iota. It was the worst Sunday he hadspent in his life.
6.  "That isn't a good house," said Drouet. "You don't want to workat anything like that, anyhow."


1.  The immediate result of this was nothing. Results from suchthings are usually long in growing. Morning brings a change offeeling. The existent condition invariably pleads for itself.It is only at odd moments that we get glimpses of the misery ofthings. The heart understands when it is confronted withcontrasts. Take them away and the ache subsides.
2.  His dinner cost him .50. By eight o'clock he was through, andthen, seeing guests leaving and the crowd of pleasure-seekersthickening outside wondered where he should go. Not home.Carrie would be up. No, he would not go back there this evening.He would stay out and knock around as a man who was independent--not broke--well might. He bought a cigar, and went outside onthe corner where other individuals were lounging--brokers, racingpeople, thespians--his own flesh and blood. As he stood there,he thought of the old evenings in Chicago, and how he used todispose of them. Many's the game he had had. This took him topoker.
3.  He thought a while, still keeping his arms about her, and thensaid:
4.  "I'll see you again to-morrow," he said, joyously, "and we'lltalk over the plans."
5.   During the last year or two the expenses of the family seemed alarge thing. Jessica wanted fine clothes, and Mrs. Hurstwood,not to be outshone by her daughter, also frequently enlivened herapparel. Hurstwood had said nothing in the past, but one day hemurmured.
6.  The end came with a real mob, which met the car on its returntrip a mile or two from the barns. It was an exceedingly poor-looking neighbourhood. He wanted to run fast through it, butagain the track was blocked. He saw men carrying something outto it when he was yet a half-dozen blocks away.


1.  "They've got that Martha Griswold in it again. She thinks shecan act."
2.  "Very well," said Carrie, who was so disturbed that she could notbring a proper attitude to bear in the matter. She was stillnervous to reach Drouet and see what could be the matter.Hurstwood contemplated her and felt this. He was not disturbedthat it should be so. He did not trouble because she was movedsympathetically in the matter. It was one of the qualities inher which pleased him exceedingly. He was only thinking how heshould explain. Even this was not the most serious thing in hismind, however. His own deed and present flight were the greatshadows which weighed upon him.
3.  "Ha, ha," he exclaimed softly, as if to himself, "that's funny."
4、  "Why don't you?" said Carrie.
5、  Hurstwood at first sympathised with the demands of these men--indeed, it is a question whether he did not always sympathisewith them to the end, belie him as his actions might. Readingnearly all the news, he was attracted first by the scare-headswith which the trouble was noted in the "World." He read itfully--the names of the seven companies involved, the number ofmen.




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      She started to go, and then bethought herself.

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      In Carrie--as in how many of our worldlings do they not?--instinct and reason, desire and understanding, were at war forthe mastery. She followed whither her craving led. She was asyet more drawn than she drew.

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       Drouet listened to her in astonishment. This was something new.

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      The next day he called upon Carrie, and she saw him in herchamber. He was the same jolly, enlivening soul.

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    {  On Friday Carrie remembered her appointment with Hurstwood, andthe passing of the hour when she should, by all right of promise,have been in his company served to keep the calamity which hadbefallen her exceedingly fresh and clear. In her nervousness andstress of mind she felt it necessary to act, and consequently puton a brown street dress, and at eleven o'clock started to visitthe business portion once again. She must look for work.

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      "I couldn't help it," he said, "I wanted you too much."}

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      The machine girls impressed her even less favourably. They seemedsatisfied with their lot, and were in a sense "common." Carriehad more imagination than they. She was not used to slang. Herinstinct in the matter of dress was naturally better. Shedisliked to listen to the girl next to her, who was ratherhardened by experience.

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      "Aren't you going to shake hands with me? Well, you're a dandy!That's all right, shake hands."

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       Still no answer.

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    {  "Well, I tell you, he does it fine."

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      They won't keep you?" he remarked, intuitively.