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1. 但诸多证据显示,此次谋杀案的主使是阿斯塔,据称她曾在案发前与朋友讨论过安排这次决斗的目的。
2.   `Yes, a duplicate,' she said, flushing.
3. "How many children do your women have?" Alima had her notebook out now, and a rather firm set of lip. Terry began to dodge.
4. 她觉得,与创业时期的快节奏不同,做投资的周期很长,每个决策都需要经过时间的考验才能得到验证,因此创业时期带来的那种快速满足感也被大大延迟。
5.   nor of them who have sooner made testimonie of marriage by theirbellies, then those ceremonies due to matrimonie, or publicationthereof by the tongue; so that meere necessity and constraint, hathforced the parents to yeeld consent: which hath not so happened toSophronia, for she was given to me by Gisippus discreetly, honestly,and orderly.
6.   He had been talking all day, on many subjects, and with unusual vivacity. `Pray, Doctor Manette,' said Mr. Darnay, as they sat under the plane-tree--and he said it in the natural pursuit of the topic in hand, which happened to be the old buildings of London-have you seen much of the Tower?'


1. 人类在20世纪的伟大成就:克服饥荒、瘟疫和战争,都是为了让所有人享有富足、健康与和平。至于21世纪的新议题:获得永生、幸福快乐、化身为神,也同样希望为全人类服务。然而,由于这些计划的目的在于超越而非维持基本要求,最后就可能创造出新的超人类阶级,砍断自由主义本源;超人类看待一般人,就会像是19世纪欧洲人看待非洲人的情况。
2. "You're all off, boys," I insisted. "If there is such a place--and there does seem some foundation for believing it--you'll find it's built on a sort of matriarchal principle, that's all. The men have a separate cult of their own, less socially developed than the women, and make them an annual visit--a sort of wedding call. This is a condition known to have existed--here's just a survival. They've got some peculiarly isolated valley or tableland up there, and their primeval customs have survived. That's all there is to it."
3. 警方正会同区市场监督管理部门对制假售假源头开展进一步调查。
4. control
5. 他们自称是夫妻,男的说车子是他开的,女的说车子是她开的,让男的不要说话……两人争着做驾驶员。
6. 第三个点是,我认为我们已经做了太多玄幻、太多优秀传统文化题材,一起来做科幻吧。


1. 鸦片来自域外,唐代始传入中国,初名罂粟,明时称之为乌香,鸦片或阿芙蓉,南洋诸国以为贡品,市肆亦有货卖,价与黄金相等,葡人自印度来粤,输入渐增。十六世纪晚年,海关开始征税,列入药材项下,与自菲律宾传入的烟草混合吸食。清初其法益精,"煮土成膏,镶竹为管,就灯吸食其烟,不数年流行各省,甚至开馆卖烟"。雍正时(一七二九)以其淫荡伤人,予以禁止,但所指为烟草与鸦片合制的鸦片烟,并非鸦片本身。时每年进口约二百箱,每箱重约百斤,至一七六七年,已达千箱。葡人之外,英人亦事贩运。
3. 3很可能德国事实上也正在发展这种武器……
4. 对屯溪阳湖片区的历史建筑、其他徽派元素建筑以及有特殊风貌的近代建筑的后期命运,新安晚报安徽网大皖客户端将持续关注。
5. 我们相识后,我知道了赵忠祥在我们中国电视广播事业中,有多么了不起。
6.   "Do as I bade you," cried the commissary, "and preserve absolutesecrecy. You understand!"


1. "That is what has happened to me!" she cried. "I was always so sure of his payments that I went to all sorts of ridiculous expenses for the child. I paid the bills for that ridiculous doll and her ridiculous fantastic wardrobe. The child was to have anything she wanted. She has a carriage and a pony and a maid, and I've paid for all of them since the last cheque came."
2. 首先,就其文学自身发展的规律而论,赋体文学作为一种社会精神现象,从它产生的那一天起,就必然进入不断发展演变的轨道中,赋家也必然要通过赋的创作,尽其才力,形象地艺术地再现自己对极其丰富复杂、多姿多采的社会、人生的观察、体验、感受与思索,并借此表达、宣泄自己的心绪情态与理想愿望,而这一切又无可避免地必然打上时代的鲜明烙印。赋产生于南方楚国,原本就具有南国人文独特的神秘诡谲、绮靡华采的风韵,又以体物为其特色,因此在发展的过程中,自然会更广泛地吸收融合策士纵横游说的雄肆恢宏、铺张扬厉的语言表达技巧。而到汉代,继秦以后政治上所出现的空前的大一统局面,再加之思想上所实行的相对宽松的政策,愈加促进了文化上的吸收融合,为其形成骈散整饬的体物大赋提供了前所未有的条件。
3. 三月十四日,哀宗登端门赏赐军士,改年号开兴为“天兴”。赤盏合喜说他守城有功,主张朝中庆贺蒙古退兵。几个宰相都出来反对。权参知政事完颜思烈说:“城下之盟,诸侯以为耻,怎么能以(敌军)罢攻为可贺呢?”赤盏合喜大怒说:“社稷不亡,帝后免难,你们不高兴吗?”翰林学士赵秉文拒不起草贺表。朝贺事不再举行。
4. 蔑儿乞蒙古牧地以北,从鄂尔浑河到薛灵哥(色楞格)河流域,居住着蔑儿乞人,是四个部落的联合体。辽、金之际,正在迅速地发展壮大。
5.   "Well, you see how a man may compromise himself when he does notknow what he says," replied Athos, shrugging his shoulders as ifhe thought himself an object of pity. "I certainly never willget drunk again, D'Artagnan; it is too bad a habit."D'Artagnan remained silent; and then changing the conversationall at once, Athos said:
6. 2017年摘得全国文明城市的宿迁市,此前曾用大白话倡导文明守则,包括吃法不能吧唧嘴、好好说话不抬杠、朋友圈不拉票刷屏等,曾引发社会热议和好评。


1. The Big Bang Theory is not short on geniuses. Not only is the show about highly intelligent scientists, but cast member Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. So it should come as no surprise that the cast would want to show off their intelligence and attention to detail. In Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, there's a large white board. The two roommates use the board frequently for everything from actual work that Leonard or Sheldon has brought home, or to decide whether to eat before or after the new Spider-Man movie.
2. 9958的项目收款明细单中,一些民营诊疗机构频繁出现。
3. 在三马同车的时代,可能不会出现协同不一致的问题,但是在三驾马车时代就不一样了。

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