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1.   'I will send her, then, as soon as possible, Mr. Brocklehurst; for,I assure you, I feel anxious to be relieved of a responsibility thatwas becoming too irksome.'
2.   "They all swore as she told them, and when they had completedtheir oath the woman said, 'Hush; and if any of your men meets me inthe street or at the well, do not let him speak to me, for fear someone should go and tell my master, in which case he would suspectsomething. He would put me in prison, and would have all of youmurdered; keep your own counsel therefore; buy your merchandise asfast as you can, and send me word when you have done loading. I willbring as much gold as I can lay my hands on, and there is somethingelse also that I can do towards paying my fare. I am nurse to theson of the good man of the house, a funny little fellow just able torun about. I will carry him off in your ship, and you will get a greatdeal of money for him if you take him and sell him in foreign parts.'
3. 闹钟一响,懒腰一伸,电脑一开,大门不出二门不迈。
4.   She was silent. Logic might be unanswerable because it was so absolutely wrong.
5.   Then Amphinomus drew his sword and made straight at Ulysses to tryand get him away from the door; but Telemachus was too quick forhim, and struck him from behind; the spear caught him between theshoulders and went right through his chest, so that he fell heavily tothe ground and struck the earth with his forehead. Then Telemachussprang away from him, leaving his spear still in the body, for hefeared that if he stayed to draw it out, some one of the Achaeansmight come up and hack at him with his sword, or knock him down, so heset off at a run, and immediately was at his father's side. Then hesaid:
6.   Faire Ladies, at such time as the good King William reigned inSicily, there lived within the same Dominion, a young Gentleman, namedSignior Amarigo, Abbot of Trapani, who among his other worldlyblessings, (commonly termed the goods of Fortune) was notunfurnished of children; and therefore having neede of servants, hemade his provision of them the best he might. At that time, certaineGallies of Geneway Pyrates comming from the Easterne parts, whichcoasting along Armenia, had taken divers children; he bought some ofthem, thinking that they were Turkes. They all resembling clownishPeazants, yet there was one among them, who seemed to be of moretractable and gentle nature, yea, and of a more affable countenancethan any of the rest, being named Theodoro: who growing on inyeeres, (albeit he lived in the condition of a servant) was educatedamong Amarigoes Children, and as enstructed rather by nature, thenaccident, his conditions were very much commended, as also the featureof his body, which proved so highly pleasing to his Master Amarigo,that he made him a free man, and imagining him to be a Turke, causedhim to be baptized, and named Pedro, creating him superintendent ofall his affaires, and reposing his-chiefest trust in him.


1. 公开报道显示,科比整个篮球生涯赚得5亿美元,而球场之外,科比也铺设了巨大的商业帝国。
2. 撒八率军西撤的路上,起义军内部发生了分歧。撒八主张投奔西辽反金。原居山前的起义者不愿远行,主张回军去占领契丹人的故乡临潢。移刺窝斡和陈家等杀撒八,拘捕老和尚、孛特补等,窝斡自称都元帅,领兵东还,在临潢府东南新罗寨驻营。
3. 不过,很多人同时想知道:这样的论文如何能被录用刊发?期刊的审稿采编规范何在?学术把关人在哪里?面对类似事件,能否从被动回应,变成严格审核、不再出现?带着这些疑问,人们应该思考,什么是真正的学术规范、科研责任。
4. ”他还补充说,希望美国能和其他国家融洽相处,“我们希望和所有国家融洽相处,当然如果我们能和俄罗斯、中国、日本等国融洽相处,会对美国有好处。
5. 来自40个国家和地区的2500名“选手”参加了本届机器人世界杯15个项目的比赛,它们种类繁多,有电脑控制的足球机器人,医疗组机器人,救援组机器人和会跳舞的机器人。
6.   Still he got nothing for his words.


1.   "Well, I must confess it does," replied D'Artagnan. "That horsewas to have identified us in the day of battle. It was a pledge,a remembrance. Athos, you have done wrong."
2. 但新技术为各行各业创造新价值的同时往往也会带来新挑战,物联网端产生的绝大多数据(如语音、图像等原始数据)都是碎片化、非机构化的,将这些数据结构化从而挖掘价值的过程中,无论是计算量还是难度都是空前巨?的。
3.   "So, captain," said I, "the merchant who owned those bales was called Sindbad?"
4. 20世纪30年代的日本甚至还异想天开,将佛教教义与民族主义、军国主义和法西斯主义全部结合起来。日本的激进佛教思想家如井上日召、北一辉、田中智学等人认为,想让人不再执着于利己,就该让人完全把自己奉献给天皇,斩除所有个人思想,并对国家完全忠诚。这种想法催生了许多超民族主义的组织,其中还出现一个有军方支持的狂热团体,意图以暗杀活动推翻日本的保守政治系统,遭暗杀的名单包括前财务大臣、三井财阀的总负责人,最后还包括当时的内阁总理大臣犬养毅。这一切让日本加速向军事独裁迈进。等到日本正式开战,佛教僧侣和禅宗大师也鼓吹要无私服从国家权威,并慷慨为国捐躯。相较之下,佛教教义虽然也有慈悲和非暴力,但在某种程度上遭到遗忘,而且对日军后来在南京、马尼拉或汉城的所作所为似乎也没发挥什么作用。24
5. 《蜘蛛侠:英雄归来》
6.   How the dull boors exulting shout! Poison for the poor rats to strew A fineexploit it is no doubt.


1.   'Well, ma'am, have YOU got anything to remark?'
2. 每个产品都要有独特性、都要思考如何占领客户心智、如何提升产品竞争优势,从外到内、从内到外,形成良性循环。
3.   "'Then,' said they, 'if no man is attacking you, you must be ill;when Jove makes people ill, there is no help for it, and you hadbetter pray to your father Neptune.'
4.   'Yet it would be your duty to bear it, if you could not avoid it:it is weak and silly to say you cannot bear what it is your fate to berequired to bear.'
5. 京东以前是在上段,那我打仗的时候到底打哪?我肯定会打到中段,而不是下段。
6. 多巴胺是人体在感到愉悦和兴奋刺激的时候分泌的一种生物化学物质,跟上瘾行为密切相关。


1. From a slumber as deep as death, as refreshing as that of a healthy child, I slowly awakened.
2. 8.杨元庆回应常程入职小米:高管离职是正常的只要不违反相关规定1月8日消息,联想集团董事长兼CEO杨元庆在CES展会接受媒体采访时,谈到了前联想副总裁常程离职并加盟小米一事。
3.   4th. Hudson came. Same old platform.

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      Now, Fortune envying thus their stollen pleasures, and that shee,being the purposed wife of a potent King, should thus become thewanton friend of a much mean man, whose onely glory was her shame;altered the course of their too common pastimes, by preparing afarre greater infelicity for them. This Bajazeth had a Brother, agedabout five and twenty yeeres, of most compleate person, in the verybeauty of his time, and fresh as the sweetest smelling Rose, hebeing named Amurath. After he had once seene this Ladie (whose fairefeature pleased him beyond all womens else) shee seemed in his sodaineapprehension, both by her outward behaviour and civill apparancie,highly to deserve his verie best opinion, for she was not meanelyentred into his favour. Now hee found nothing to his hinderance, inobtaining the heighth of his hearts desire, but onely the strictcustodie and guard, wherein his brother Bajazeth kept her: whichraised a cruell conceite in his minde, wherein followed (not longafter) as cruell an effect.

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