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1. 而随着媒体的关注,景的丈夫和“小三”先后以重婚罪和故意伤害罪被逮捕。
2.   "These relics have a history, then?"
3. 这名副厅级干部,最终因贪腐被移送司法机关。
4.   In like mannere each of them took a knight Y-clad in green, and forth with them they fare Unto a hedge, where that they anon right, To make their joustes,<16> they would not spare Boughes to hewe down, and eke trees square, Wherewith they made them stately fires great, To dry their clothes, that were wringing wet.
5. 随着2017年9月,官方开始的虚拟货币清理整顿,中新网记者发现,目前一些从事虚拟货币行业的人对行业和职业都讳莫如深。
6. 细看这些暗中支援,甚至放宽条件的平台,大多是内容分发市场的追随者。


1.   "Yes, monseigneur; but in that unfortunate affair atMeung--"
2.   `Oh, don't bother! let's get on with today,' said Olive. `Only hurry up with the breeding bottle, and let us poor women off.'
3. 只要有人群,就存在对事物的不同估值,就会出现交易;只要有选择,就必然有机会成本;只要存在时间,就存在耐用品,就会刺激投资,这样经济学就必然能派上用场。在此逻辑下,贝克尔1957年出版了《歧视经济学》、1964年出版了《人力资本》、1965年发表了《关于时间分配的理论》、1968年发表了《罪与罚》、1976年出版了《人类行为的经济分析》、1981年发表了《论家庭》、至1994年与墨菲(KevinMurphy)发表了《关于香烟成瘾的实证分析》,可谓一发不可收拾。在贝克尔的示范下,经济学以科学的面目,悍然入侵了被认为只有社会学、人类学、政治学、道德哲学和法学才应涉足的研究领域。
4. They were all quiet for a little.
5. 来自广州的程序员张寒枫,在接到有赞七周年的邀请后,特意去理了头发,拍了人生第一张商务照片。
6.   On this he broke up the assembly, and every man went back to his ownabode, while the suitors returned to the house of Ulysses.


1. 研究负责人德布拉杰·慕克吉博士在一份新闻稿中说:了解这些手术能做什么可以帮助神经外科医生、神经肿瘤学家和患者更好地认识手术结果,这样我们可以进一步为这类罕见、危险的肿瘤的患者提供更好的标准化护理。
2.   "Who can say whether we shall ever see them again?" saidMorrel with tearful eyes.
3. 合计=8690。
4. 一个新的黑马世界正加速成长。
5.   My uncle went first, and I followed him. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we stepped into a sort of ante-room, filled with such a dense smoke that it was hardly possible to see anything. However, we passed through the smoke into a large chamber, which at first seemed quite empty. The room was brilliantly lighted, and in another moment we perceived a sort of platform at one end, on which were the bodies of the prince and a lady, both half-burned, as if they had been dragged out of a fire before it had quite consumed them.
6. 搭载这些物资的该趟航班,晚点数小时。


1. 宿华在谷歌做搜索引擎广告系统的研究工作,工作一年后又给他发了期权,后来翻了倍。
2.   I was born with a caul, which was advertised for sale, in the newspapers, at the low price of fifteen guineas. Whether sea-going people were short of money about that time, or were short of faith and preferred cork jackets, I don't know; all I know is, that there was but one solitary bidding, and that was from an attorney connected with the bill-broking business, who offered two pounds in cash, and the balance in sherry, but declined to be guaranteed from drowning on any higher bargain. Consequently the advertisement was withdrawn at a dead loss - for as to sherry, my poor dear mother's own sherry was in the market then and ten years afterwards, the caul was put up in a raffle down in our part of the country, to fifty members at half-a-crown a head, the winner to spend five shillings. I was present myself, and I remember to have felt quite uncomfortable and confused, at a part of myself being disposed of in that way. The caul was won, I recollect, by an old lady with a hand-basket, who, very reluctantly, produced from it the stipulated five shillings, all in halfpence, and twopence halfpenny short - as it took an immense time and a great waste of arithmetic, to endeavour without any effect to prove to her. It is a fact which will be long remembered as remarkable down there, that she was never drowned, but died triumphantly in bed, at ninety-two. I have understood that it was, to the last, her proudest boast, that she never had been on the water in her life, except upon a bridge; and that over her tea (to which she was extremely partial) she, to the last, expressed her indignation at the impiety of mariners and others, who had the presumption to go 'meandering' about the world. It was in vain to represent to her that some conveniences, tea perhaps included, resulted from this objectionable practice. She always returned, with greater emphasis and with an instinctive knowledge of the strength of her objection, 'Let us have no meandering.'
3. 据中国互联网络信息中心发布的一份报告显示,截止2016年12月,中国网民数量已经达到了7.31亿人,这一数字差不多相当于整个欧洲的全部人口。
4.   `Very well, Sir Clifford.'
5. 任正非的生存哲学,源自中国传统文化、中国共产党领导下的军队文化和西方现代管理学的杂糅。
6.   Frosch


1. "Food-bearing, practically all of them," they announced returning. "The rest, splendid hardwood. Call this a forest? It's a truck farm!"
2. 邮件和语音绝对不行,各级政委一定要跟员工视频沟通,面对面讲话。
3.   "Shall you see the king again?"

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