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1. 他建议深圳应该组织专门力量,从城市人口数量的深度研究开始,对人口规模、结构、质量和城市人力资源的供需平衡等方面进行专业化研究,并充分利用研究结果,为深圳实现特大城市的现代化、精细化、智慧化管理,提供科学的决策依据。
2.   "We have no masks, and it is absolutely necessary to procurethem."
3.   This is an extremely intricate subject. A large amount of inheritable and diversified variability is favourable, but I believe mere individual differences suffice for the work. A large number of individuals, by giving a better chance for the appearance within any given period of profitable variations, will compensate for a lesser amount of variability in each individual, and is, I believe, an extremely important element of success. Though nature grants vast periods of time for the work of natural selection, she does not grant an indefinite period; for as all organic beings are striving, it may be said, to seize on each place in the economy of nature, if any one species does not become modified and improved in a corresponding degree with its competitors, it will soon be exterminated.
4. 东方航空将与阿里巴巴全面合作,在印度尼西亚、韩国、以色列、俄罗斯等14个国家,形成医疗物资全球采购与全球运输的无缝对接。
5. 对举报重大排水违法行为的举报人,除给予物质奖励外,还可以给予相应的精神奖励及表彰。
6. 符合条件用户可自由选择运营商携号转网,将极大降低用户转换网络的门槛,运营商也将面临更为激烈的服务竞争环境,从而刺激并提高电信行业的服务质量。


1. 昨天我还是忍不住第一时间联系了美团点评的高管,怎么现在就退了啊?等到很晚才收到回复说:不好意思,开了一天的会。
2. 27日,蒋劲夫微博转发一封律师函,律师函称Julieta女士恶意解读并传播不实信息,要求Julieta女士立即删除上述不实信息并公开向蒋劲夫先生赔礼道歉
3. 原标题:无证男醉驾法拉利遇交警装老外被当场戳穿前不久,武汉交警在开展酒驾违法整治时,拦下一辆红色的法拉利跑车,开车的是一位满身酒味的男子。
4. 警方缴获的枪支和子弹。
5. 做如家时经历了太多的事情,但这些锻炼了他,让他心胸更加开阔,学会了宽容和容忍。
6. 江南派出所见义勇为工作站,将为3名学生申请见义勇为


1. 穿上防护服的上海援鄂医疗队队员举起拳头为病人和自己鼓劲加油。
2. 陈小俊则记得,城管中队送过的最高龄病人是84岁。
3. 上地是海淀的热门学区,综合实力很强,包括上地东里、上地西里、上地家园等小区可以就近上地实验小学。
4.   So familiar was he in the Wardrobe, by often fetching andreturning the King and Queenes furnitures; that the fellowes to thesame Mantle which the King wore when he went to the Queene, verysecretly he conveighed away thence with him, being provided of aLight, and the very like Wand. Now bestowes he costly bathings onhis body, that the least sent of the Stable might not be felt abouthim; and finding a time sutable to his desire, when he knew the Kingto bee at rest in his owne Lodging, and all else sleeping in theirbed; closely he steals into the Gallery, where alighting his Taper,with the Tinder purposely brought thither, the Mantle folded abouthim, and the Wand in his hand, valiantly he adventures upon hislives perill. Twice hee knockt softly at the doore, which a waytingwoman immediately opened, and receyving the Light, went forth into theGallery, while the supposed King, was conversing with the Queene.
5.   When he did so, it was his intention to make believe that he hadjust come in and was disturbed at being caught. Then he wouldexplain his need of his clothes and find out how things stood.
6. 新京报记者注意到,ofo小黄车为解决用户押金问题绞尽脑汁。


1.   Do you stay long here, Littimer?' said I, as he stood waiting to see the coach start.
2. 心流造物是北京最早运营的自习室品牌之一,从2018年4月第一家门店开业到现在,已经有近2年的时间,目前已经开出了3家门店,最新开的一家门店位于某高档小区内。
3. 他们心中只有一个目标:早日战胜疫情,守卫人民健康。
4.   I crept forward and looked across at the familiar window. As my eyesfell upon it, I gave a gasp and a cry of amazement. The blind wasdown, and a strong light was burning in the room. The shadow of aman who was seated in a chair within was thrown in hard, black outlineupon the luminous screen of the window. There was no mistaking thepoise of the head, the squareness of the shoulders, the sharpness ofthe features. The face was turned half-round, and the effect wasthat of one of those black silhouettes which our grandparents loved toframe. It was a perfect reproduction of Holmes. So amazed was I that Ithrew out my hand to make sure that the man himself was standingbeside me. He was quivering with silent laughter.
5. "This moment!" was the fierce answer. "Don't sit staring like a goose. Go!"
6.   'No,' said I, drily.


1. 嗡地一声仿佛有一个炮仗在耳边炸开了,接着热乎乎的鼻血流了下来。
2. 酒精测试数值显示高达274,涉嫌醉驾。
3.   The conversation had now turned upon a topic so pleasing toMorrel, that he was ready to accede to anything thatValentine thought fit to propose, and he likewise felt thata piece of intelligence such as he just heard ought to bemore than sufficient to content him for one day. However, hewould not leave without the promise of seeing Valentineagain the next night. Valentine promised all that Morrelrequired of her, and certainly it was less difficult now forher to believe that she should marry Maximilian than it wasan hour ago to assure herself that she should not marryFranz. During the time occupied by the interview we havejust detailed, Madame de Villefort had gone to visit M.Noirtier. The old man looked at her with that stern andforbidding expression with which he was accustomed toreceive her.

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      Let us now briefly consider the steps by which domestic races have been produced, either from one or from several allied species. Some little effect may, perhaps, be attributed to the direct action of the external conditions of life, and some little to habit; but he would be a bold man who would account by such agencies for the differences of a dray and race horse, a greyhound and bloodhound, a carrier and tumbler pigeon. One of the most remarkable features in our domesticated races is that we see in them adaptation, not indeed to the animal's or plant's own good, but to man's use or fancy. Some variations useful to him have probably arisen suddenly, or by one step; many botanists, for instance, believe that the fuller's teazle, with its hooks, which cannot be rivalled by any mechanical contrivance, is only a variety of the wild Dipsacus; and this amount of change may have suddenly arisen in a seedling. So it has probably been with the turnspit dog; and this is known to have been the case with the ancon sheep. But when we compare the dray-horse and race-horse, the dromedary and camel, the various breeds of sheep fitted either for cultivated land or mountain pasture, with the wool of one breed good for one purpose, and that of another breed for another purpose; when we compare the many breeds of dogs, each good for man in very different ways; when we compare the gamecock, so pertinacious in battle, with other breeds so little quarrelsome, with 'everlasting layers' which never desire to sit, and with the bantam so small and elegant; when we compare the host of agricultural, culinary, orchard, and flower-garden races of plants, most useful to man at different seasons and for different purposes, or so beautiful in his eyes, we must, I think, look further than to mere variability. We cannot suppose that all the breeds were suddenly produced as perfect and as useful as we now see them; indeed, in several cases, we know that this has not been their history. The key is man's power of accumulative selection: nature gives successive variations; man adds them up in certain directions useful to him. In this sense he may be said to make for himself useful breeds.The great power of this principle of selection is not hypothetical. It is certain that several of our eminent breeders have, even within a single lifetime, modified to a large extent some breeds of cattle and sheep. In order fully to realise what they have done, it is almost necessary to read several of the many treatises devoted to this subject, and to inspect the animals. Breeders habitually speak of an animal's organisation as something quite plastic, which they can model almost as they please. If I had space I could quote numerous passages to this effect from highly competent authorities. Youatt, who was probably better acquainted with the works of agriculturalists than almost any other individual, and who was himself a very good judge of an animal, speaks of the principle of selection as 'that which enables the agriculturist, not only to modify the character of his flock, but to change it altogether. It is the magician's wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases.' Lord Somerville, speaking of what breeders have done for sheep, says: 'It would seem as if they had chalked out upon a wall a form perfect in itself, and then had given it existence.' That most skilful breeder, Sir John Sebright, used to say, with respect to pigeons, that 'he would produce any given feather in three years, but it would take him six years to obtain head and beak.' In Saxony the importance of the principle of selection in regard to merino sheep is so fully recognised, that men follow it as a trade: the sheep are placed on a table and are studied, like a picture by a connoisseur; this is done three times at intervals of months, and the sheep are each time marked and classed, so that the very best may ultimately be selected for breeding.What English breeders have actually effected is proved by the enormous prices given for animals with a good pedigree; and these have now been exported to almost every quarter of the world. The improvement is by no means generally due to crossing different breeds; all the best breeders are strongly opposed to this practice, except sometimes amongst closely allied sub-breeds. And when a cross has been made, the closest selection is far more indispensable even than in ordinary cases. If selection consisted merely in separating some very distinct variety, and breeding from it, the principle would be so obvious as hardly to be worth notice; but its importance consists in the great effect produced by the accumulation in one direction, during successive generations, of differences absolutely inappreciable by an uneducated eye differences which I for one have vainly attempted to appreciate. Not one man in a thousand has accuracy of eye and judgement sufficient to become an eminent breeder. If gifted with these qualities, and he studies his subject for years, and devotes his lifetime to it with indomitable perseverance, he will succeed, and may make great improvements; if he wants any of these qualities, he will assuredly fail. Few would readily believe in the natural capacity and years of practice requisite to become even a skilful pigeon-fancier.The same principles are followed by horticulturists; but the variations are here often more abrupt. No one supposes that our choicest productions have been produced by a single variation from the aboriginal stock. We have proofs that this is not so in some cases, in which exact records have been kept; thus, to give a very trifling instance, the steadily-increasing size of the common gooseberry may be quoted. We see an astonishing improvement in many florists' flowers, when the flowers of the present day are compared with drawings made only twenty or thirty years ago. When a race of plants is once pretty well established, the seed-raisers do not pick out the best plants, but merely go over their seed-beds, and pull up the 'rogues,' as they call the plants that deviate from the proper standard. With animals this kind of selection is, in fact, also followed; for hardly any one is so careless as to allow his worst animals to breed.

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    It set minimum prices too high for commodities including cotton, sugar and corn, and as those prices diverged from the market prices, authorities encouraged excessive production as well as strong import flows.

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      'I am very happy, Jane; and when you hear that I am dead, youmust be sure and not grieve: there is nothing to grieve about. Weall must die one day, and the illness which is removing me is notpainful; it is gentle and gradual: my mind is at rest. I leave noone to regret me much: I have only a father; and he is lately married,and will not miss me. By dying young, I shall escape great sufferings.I had not qualities or talents to make my way very well in theworld: I should have been continually at fault.'

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      When Egano heard these Words, sodainely hee started out of Bed,saying. Doe I foster such a Snake in mine owne bosome? GramercieWife for this politicke promise of thine, and beleeve mee, I meaneto follow it effectually. So, on he put his Ladies Night-gown, herformall head Attire and Chin-cloth, going presently downe into theGarden, to expect Anichinoes comming to the Pine-Tree. But beforethe matter grew to this issue, let me demand of you faire Ladies, inwhat a lamentable condition (as you may imagine) was poore Anichino;to bee so strongly detained by her, heare all his amorous suitediscovered, and likely to draw very heavy afflictions on him?Undoubtedly, he looked for immediate apprehension by Egano,imprisonment and publike punishment for his so malapert presumption:and had it proved so, she had much renowned her selfe, and dealtwith him but as he had justlie deserved.

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      At about that hour, Minnie was soundly sleeping, after a longevening of troubled thought. She had her elbow in an awkwardposition under her side. The muscles so held irritated a fewnerves, and now a vague scene floated in on the drowsy mind. Shefancied she and Carrie were somewhere beside an old coal-mine.She could see the tall runway and the heap of earth and coal castout. There was a deep pit, into which they were looking; theycould see the curious wet stones far down where the walldisappeared in vague shadows. An old basket, used fordescending, was hanging there, fastened by a worn rope.