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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well," said Athos, "that only makes four; and we arefour-- one for one. Pardieu! if we may believe the signsGrimaud is making, we are about to have to do with a verydifferent number of people. What is it, Grimaud?Considering the gravity of the occasion, I permit you tospeak, my friend; but be laconic, I beg. What do you see?""A troop."
2.  The old man listened attentively, making a sign only that it wasall so; and then, when D'Artagnan had ended, he shook his headwith an air that announced nothing good.
3.  "What, without chastising this insolent boy?" asked the lady.The stranger was about to reply; but at the moment he opened hismouth, D'Artagnan, who had heard all, precipitated himself overthe threshold of the door.
4.  "You don't know I quit the seminary?"
5.  "Thanks, my captain!" replied D'Artagnan, who wished fornothing better than an opportunity to distinguish himselfunder the eye of the lieutenant general.
6.  "But in coming too early I should be afraid of awakening yourMajesty."


1.  "Oh, these plans of retreat have been formed for a long time.You have often heard me speak of them, have you not, my friend?""Yes; but I confess I always thought you jested.""With such things! Oh, D'Artagnan!"
2.  "What is this gentleman's name?" asked the commissary."I cannot tell you; I don't know him."
3.  "Do you believe that the cardinal is as well posted as yourself,and knows that I have been to London?"
4.  The three companions advanced rather humbly--for all werenow convinced that they had to do with someone more powerfulthan themselves--leaving Athos the post of speaker.One of the two riders, he who had spoken second, was tenpaces in front of his companion. Athos made a sign toPorthos and Aramis also to remain in the rear, and advancedalone.
5.  "Well, and what are you going to do at St. Germain?" thendemanded Athos.
6.  "A very respectable lady," said Aramis.


1.  At this cry all the crowd re-entered the apartment, and throughout thepalace and town there was nothing but consternation and tumult.As soon as Lord de Winter saw Buckingham was dead, he ran to Felton,whom the soldiers still guarded on the terrace of the palace."Wretch!" said he to the young man, who since the death of Buckinghamhad regained that coolness and self-possession which never afterabandoned him, "wretch! what have you done?"
2.  "I! Not at all. I am dead drunk, that's all, and never did aman more strongly set about getting so. By the Lord, my goodhost! I must at least have drunk for my part a hundred and fiftybottles."
3.  "But suppose we all go," said D'Artagnan; "what the devil!They won't devour us all four, four lackeys, horses, arms,and all!"
4.  "I don't know what you mean," replied Felton, quietly, "and I amignorant of whom you are speaking, my Lord. I killed the Duke ofBuckingham because he twice refused you yourself to appoint me captain;I have punished him for his injustice, that is all."De Winter, stupefied, looked on while the soldiers bound Felton, andcould not tell what to think of such insensibility.One thing alone, however, threw a shade over the pallid brow of Felton.At every noise he heard, the simple Puritan fancied he recognized thestep and voice of Milady coming to throw herself into his arms, toaccuse herself, and die with him.
5.   "And I an the more grateful to your Eminence," replied Anne ofAustria, with a smile that proved she was not the dupe of thisingenious gallantry, "from being certain that these two studsalone have cost you as much as all the others cost his Majesty."Then saluting the king and the cardinal, the queen resumed herway to the chamber in which she had dressed, and where she was totake off her costume.
6.  "To a certainty, Athos," said Aramis, "you were meant to bea general of the army! What do you think of the plan,gentlemen?"


1.  He folded the letter fancifully, and took up his pen andwrote:
2.  "Your husband has none. Is that what you would say?""He has some, but he is very avaricious; that is his fault.Nevertheless, let not your Majesty be uneasy, we will findmeans."
3.  "Cousin-german."
4、  "Monsieur Athos," said Richelieu, "receive my thanks for thegood guard you have kept. Gentlemen, we are arrived; takethe gate on the left. The watchword is, 'King and Re.'"Saying these words, the cardinal saluted the three friendswith an inclination of his head, and took the right hand,followed by his attendant--for that night he himself sleptin the camp.
5、  "I am all attention."




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      "I am only temporarily a Musketeer," said Aramis, humbly."It is some time since we heard from his mistress," saidAthos, in a low voice. "But take no notice; we know allabout that."

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      "May you tell me whither?"

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       "Softly, gentlemen!" said D'Artagnan, drawing his pistols fromhis belt, "you will kill nobody, if you please!"

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      "Ah, and a master stroke, too, I assure you. Your friend's soulmust stick tight to his body."

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    {  The queen cast a glance around her, and saw the cardinal behind,with a diabolical smile on his countenance.

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      During this time Porthos played close. It was almostimperceptible motions of his eyes, fingers placed upon the lips,little assassinating smiles, which really did assassinate thedisdained beauty.}

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      The baron entered slowly, sending a scrutinizing glance fromMilady to the young officer.

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      "Hold your tongue, you stupid fellow!" said the young man; "I amD'Artagnan; don't you know me? Where is your master?""You, Monsieur D'Artagnan!" cried Grimaud, "impossible.""Grimaud," said Athos, coming out of his apartment in adressing gown, "Grimaud, I thought I heard you permittingyourself to speak?"

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       "She is afraid so."

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    {  "Let him be sent for instantly."

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      "But," said he, as he retired as quickly as possible fromthe reproaches of Kitty, "I must not play the fool. Thiswoman is certainly a great liar. I must take care."