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1. That night, when Sara went to her attic, she was later than usual. She had been kept at work until after the hour at which the pupils went to bed, and after that she had gone to her lessons in the lonely schoolroom. When she reached the top of the stairs, she was surprised to see a glimmer of light coming from under the attic door.
2. 在此基础上,怎么样找到这些人的特质,并且看他怎么看待这个组织和机会,这非常重要。
3. 张丽告诉记者,她当时就想,在这附近都是农村人,攒这么多钱很不容易,失主发现钱不见了一定急坏了。
4.   And this flower - language, darling, let it be, A heavenly oracle! He loveththee! Know'st thou the meaning of, He loveth thee? (He seizes both herhands.)
5.   He began with his victory over the Cicons, and how he thence reachedthe fertile land of the Lotus-eaters. He told her all about theCyclops and how he had punished him for having so ruthlessly eaten hisbrave comrades; how he then went on to Aeolus, who received himhospitably and furthered him on his way, but even so he was not toreach home, for to his great grief a hurricane carried him out tosea again; how he went on to the Laestrygonian city Telepylos, wherethe people destroyed all his ships with their crews, save himselfand his own ship only. Then he told of cunning Circe and her craft,and how he sailed to the chill house of Hades, to consult the ghost ofthe Theban prophet Teiresias, and how he saw his old comrades in arms,and his mother who bore him and brought him up when he was a child;how he then heard the wondrous singing of the Sirens, and went on tothe wandering rocks and terrible Charybdis and to Scylla, whom noman had ever yet passed in safety; how his men then ate the cattleof the sun-god, and how Jove therefore struck the ship with histhunderbolts, so that all his men perished together, himself alonebeing left alive; how at last he reached the Ogygian island and thenymph Calypso, who kept him there in a cave, and fed him, and wantedhim to marry her, in which case she intended making him immortal sothat he should never grow old, but she could not persuade him to lether do so; and how after much suffering he had found his way to thePhaeacians, who had treated him as though he had been a god, andsent him back in a ship to his own country after having given himgold, bronze, and raiment in great abundance. This was the lastthing about which he told her, for here a deep sleep took hold uponhim and eased the burden of his sorrows.
6. 在出错的时候使用友好而有用的文案如何在出错或者碰到问题的时候向传达信息,对于整个产品的体验影响是巨大的。


1.   They were talking at the breakfast table, a morning or two later,when she brought up the dramatic subject by saying that she sawthat Sarah Bernhardt was coming to this country. Hurstwood hadseen it, too.
2. 一二四八年,率领第八次十字军东征的法国国王路易九世在尼可西亚接待了一个自称是蒙古驻小亚细亚的将军按只吉歹所派遣的使团,使者名大维德。明年二月,圣路易遣安德烈为使,进行回访。安德烈大概是在木干平原见到按只吉歹,然后绕行里海南岸,循锡尔河而东,抵达额敏河上贵由的行官。这时贵由已病死,海迷失皇后执政,她接见了安德烈。一二五一年四月,安德烈返抵帕托列玛恩,觐见圣路易,递交了给海迷失皇后的回书。书中敦促称臣入贡。紧接着,圣路易又在凯撤里亚接见了据说是海迷失所派遣的菲力浦使团。使团受到圣路易的款待,逗留一年之久。一二五二年春,圣路易又派教士卢卜鲁克以传教士的名义前往蒙古。卢卜鲁克可能是从阿克儿乘船,伴同菲力浦使团抵孔士坦丁堡。然后越里海,从克里米亚半岛登陆东行,先后觐见了西欧盛传是基督教徒的蒙古诸王撒里塔,和住牧在伏尔加河上的拔都。拔都派他往见蒙哥汗。他在一二五三年十二月抵达蒙哥在汪吉河附近的冬营帐地,然后伴随蒙哥的大帐日渐北移。次年四月进入和林城。逗留五个多月之后,卢卜鲁克带着蒙哥的严厉的促降书返回。他从拔都处折而南行,穿过高加索与小亚细亚,一二五五年六月抵达塞浦路斯。他此行的使命,原是希望结好蒙古,共同抗击伊斯兰教徒,收复圣地与宣扬基督教义。这无疑是彻底失败了。但他成功地深入了解了蒙古的状况和东西交通的道路。他所著的《行纪》一书,是关于蒙古和中亚历史的有价值的资料。
3.   "You know what I mean," she said, finally, as if there were aworld of information which she held in reserve--which she did notneed to tell.
4.   `It is hard for me to speak of her at any time. It is very hard for me to hear her spoken of in that tone of yours, Charles Darnay.'
5. Casual games--simple games such as card games--take second place with three ranked among the top 10 game list, while Web page games--such as Tencents' QQ games--are emerging as a new growth area. According to the report, by the end of Octover 2009, there were 1.54 million users playing the top five Web page games, with each user playing for an average of 30 minutes a day.
6.   The only difference between organisms which annually produce eggs or seeds by the thousand, and those which produce extremely few, is, that the slow-breeders would require a few more years to people, under favourable conditions, a whole district, let it be ever so large. The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two: the Fulmar petrel lays but one egg, yet it is believed to be the most numerous bird in the world. One fly deposits hundreds of eggs, and another, like the hippobosca, a single one; but this difference does not determine how many individuals of the two species can be supported in a district. A large number of eggs is of some importance to those species, which depend on a rapidly fluctuating amount of food, for it allows them rapidly to increase in number. But the real importance of a large number of eggs or seeds is to make up for much destruction at some period of life; and this period in the great majority of cases is an early one. If an animal can in any way protect its own eggs or young, a small number may be produced, and yet the average stock be fully kept up; but if many eggs or young are destroyed, many must be produced, or the species will become extinct. It would suffice to keep up the full number of a tree, which lived on an average for a thousand years, if a single seed were produced once in a thousand years, supposing that this seed were never destroyed, and could be ensured to germinate in a fitting place. So that in all cases, the average number of any animal or plant depends only indirectly on the number of its eggs or seeds.In looking at Nature, it is most necessary to keep the foregoing considerations always in mind never to forget that every single organic being around us may be said to be striving to the utmost to increase in numbers; that each lives by a struggle at some period of its life; that heavy destruction inevitably falls either on the young or old, during each generation or at recurrent intervals. Lighten any check, mitigate the destruction ever so little, and the number of the species will almost instantaneously increase to any amount. The face of Nature may be compared to a yielding surface, with ten thousand sharp wedges packed close together and driven inwards by incessant blows, sometimes one wedge being struck, and then another with greater force.


1. 血清中同样含有抗体成分。
2. 我的答案:汇率是由甲国人民对乙国资源的需求,以及乙国人民对甲国资源的需求共同决定的。如果一国人民对另一国资源完全没有需求,那么两国就不存在汇率;如果甲国人民对乙国资源的需求增加,在其他条件不变的情况下,甲国的货币就会相对乙国货币贬值。
3. 早在6月,就有消息传出,苹果已经从陷入困境的自动驾驶汽车初创公司Drive.ai那里抢购了一些资产和员工。
4. 这些年里杨某孤身一人躲躲藏藏,就算曾被骗好几次,他也都不敢报警求助,只能满腔苦水往肚里咽
5.   "Tell me," he said, softly, "that you love me."
6. 中亚在此期间,俄国人也正在侵入中亚,不过,他们向这一地区的推进是直到19世纪第二个25年时才开始的。之所以会耽搁,在某种程度上是由于缺乏可与北方有利可图的皮毛贸易相比的经济刺激。但是,还有其他一些原因:中亚的气候和植被全然不同于俄国人所习惯的气候和植被。紧靠着西伯利亚南部的是居住着哈萨克游牧民的草原区。再往南去,是大沙漠,上面点缀着供养了布哈拉、希瓦和浩罕这些古老的穆斯林汗国的肥沃绿洲。19世纪末叶以前,这些汗国在军事上比分散的西伯利亚部落强大得多,能够一直避免与俄国人亲近。实际上,俄国人为了挡住游牧民对其西伯利亚居留地的袭击,已在18世纪期间从奥伦堡到鄂木斯克修筑了一系列防御工事。


1. 这其中包含比较有名的加速器项目GoogleLaunchpadAccelarator。
2. 萨马兰奇明白自己在贝丽乌夫人的问题上必须忍耐一段时间,同时他也意识到必须尽快铲除凯勒。就在莫斯科奥运会之前,凯勒还曾激怒过基拉宁,事情源于他单方面给三大支柱委员会的所有成员发送一封信函,信中建议下一年大会的主题应该按以下安排:第一天--国际奥委会讨论1973年至1981年的工作;第二天--各国奥委会讨论抵制事件;第三天--各国际单项体育联合会讨论奥运会的未来。
3. 患病后,花钱如流水,去年家里申请了低保和残疾人补贴,每回家里来亲戚朋友,赵书新都会偷偷抹眼泪。
4. 王某身高在1.78米左右,手上有些灰尘,看样子像是刚干完农活,王某邀请记者一行进屋,屋里收拾的比较整齐,这间屋子曾是和路某丽的婚房。
5.   Alas! they scorne them, for full well they know,
6.   Carrie had no excellent home principles fixed upon her. If shehad, she would have been more consciously distressed. Now thelunch went off with considerable warmth. Under the influence ofthe varied occurrences, the fine, invisible passion which wasemanating from Drouet, the food, the still unusual luxury, she


1. 提供了更多服务、用户体验更好的友友用车,价格却和其他分时租赁平台相差无几。
2. 03本职工作不明确我们经常能够看到、听到,诸多大咖强调创始人的职责:就是找人、找钱、找方向。
3. 原标题:#武汉一商场发生外卖小哥伤人事件#伤人者已被控制来源:北京青年报SINA_TEXT_PAGE_INFO[videoDatas0]=[{ad_state:1,pid:1,video_id:316948078,//vidpic://n.sinaimg.cn/front20191222ac/532/w480h852/20191222/c8f8-ikyziqx4910302.jpg,//节目列表小图thumbUrl://n.sinaimg.cn/front20191222ac/532/w480h852/20191222/c8f8-ikyziqx4910302.jpg,//html5播放器上视频还未开始播显示的图片,可与pic相同title:视频-疑因差评外卖小哥商场内疑持刀伤人,//标题source:,//视频发布来源

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      There are many laws regulating variation, some few of which can be dimly seen, and will be hereafter briefly mentioned. I will here only allude to what may be called correlation of growth. Any change in the embryo or larva will almost certainly entail changes in the mature animal. In monstrosities, the correlations between quite distinct parts are very curious; and many instances are given in Isidore Geoffroy St Hilaire's great work on this subject. Breeders believe that long limbs are almost always accompanied by an elongated head. Some instances of correlation are quite whimsical; thus cats with blue eyes are invariably deaf; colour and constitutional peculiarities go together, of which many remarkable cases could be given amongst animals and plants. From the facts collected by Heusinger, it appears that white sheep and pigs are differently affected from coloured individuals by certain vegetable poisons. Hairless dogs have imperfect teeth; long-haired and coarse-haired animals are apt to have, as is asserted, long or many horns; pigeons with feathered feet have skin between their outer toes; pigeons with short beaks have small feet, and those with long beaks large feet. Hence, if man goes on selecting, and thus augmenting, any peculiarity, he will almost certainly unconsciously modify other parts of the structure, owing to the mysterious laws of the correlation of growth.The result of the various, quite unknown, or dimly seen laws of variation is infinitely complex and diversified. It is well worth while carefully to study the several treatises published on some of our old cultivated plants, as on the hyacinth, potato, even the dahlia, &c.; and it is really surprising to note the endless points in structure and constitution in which the varieties and sub varieties differ slightly from each other. The whole organization seems to have become plastic, and tends to depart in some small degree from that of the parental type.

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      A part developed in any species in an extraordinary degree or manner, in comparison with the same part in allied species, tends to be highly variable.

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