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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have the note," said he to Athos and to his friends."That's well," said Athos, "let us go home and read it."The note burned the hand of D'Artagnan. He wished to hastentheir steps; but Athos took his arm and passed it under hisown, and the young man was forced to regulate his pace bythat of his friend.
2.  Then the young man tremblingly comprehended what a terriblethirst for vengeance urged this woman on to destroy him, aswell as all who loved him, and how well she must beacquainted with the affairs of the court, since she haddiscovered all. There could be no doubt she owed thisinformation to the cardinal.
3.  "And I--I tell you against both. I tell you the queen does notlove me; I tell you she loves another; I tell you she loves thatinfamous Buckingham! Why did you not have him arrested while inParis?"
4.  Still more must be done. He must be made to speak, in order thathe might be spoken to--for Milady very well knew that hergreatest seduction was in her voice, which so skillfully ran overthe whole gamut of tones from human speech to language celestial.Yet in spite of all this seduction Milady might fail--for Feltonwas forewarned, and that against the least chance. From thatmoment she watched all his actions, all his words, from thesimplest glance of his eyes to his gestures--even to a breaththat could be interpreted as a sigh. In short, she studiedeverything, as a skillful comedian does to whom a new part hasbeen assigned in a line to which he is not accustomed.Face to face with Lord de Winter her plan of conduct was moreeasy. She had laid that down the preceding evening. To remainsilent and dignified in his presence; from time to time toirritate him by affected disdain, by a contemptuous word; toprovoke him to threats and violence which would produce acontrast with her own resignation--such was her plan. Feltonwould see all; perhaps he would say nothing, but he would see.In the morning, Felton came as usual; but Milady allowed him topreside over all the preparations for breakfast withoutaddressing a word to him. At the moment when he was about toretire, she was cheered with a ray of hope, for she thought hewas about to speak; but his lips moved without any sound leavinghis mouth, and making a powerful effort to control himself, hesent back to his heart the words that were about to escape fromhis lips, and went out. Toward midday, Lord de Winter entered.It was a tolerably fine winter's day, and a ray of that paleEnglish sun which lights but does not warm came through the barsof her prison.
5.  D'Artagnan uttered an exclamation of surprise andindignation.
6.  "Do you believe you have still a certain amount of it to expendthis evening?"


1.  "Ah," cried Milady and Rochefort together, "it is you!""Yes, it is I."
2.  "What, monsieur, will you leave us so soon?"
3.  Planchet began to weep. We will not venture to say whetherit was from terror created by the threats or from tendernessat seeing four friends so closely united.
4.  "Be it then as you desire. One of my friends--one of my friends,please to observe, not myself," said Athos, interrupting himselfwith a melancholy smile, "one of the counts of my province--thatis to say, of Berry--noble as a Dandolo or a Montmorency, attwenty-five years of age fell in love with a girl of sixteen,beautiful as fancy can paint. Through the ingenuousness of herage beamed an ardent mind, not of the woman, but of the poet.She did not please; she intoxicated. She lived in a small townwith her brother, who was a curate. Both had recently come intothe country. They came nobody knew whence; but when seeing herso lovely and her brother so pious, nobody thought of askingwhence they came. They were said, however, to be of goodextraction. My friend, who was seigneur of the country, mighthave seduced her, or taken her by force, at his will--for he wasmaster. Who would have come to the assistance of two strangers,two unknown persons? Unfortunately he was an honorable man; hemarried her. The fool! The ass! The idiot!"
5.  "That's Kitty!" said D'Artagnan to himself, and darted intothe passage.
6.  At that moment the countenance of Mme. Bonacieux became livid; a fearfulagony pervaded her frame, and she sank panting into the arms of Porthosand Aramis.


1.  The night was quiet enough. Toward two o'clock in the morningsomebody endeavored to open the door; but as Planchet awoke in aninstant and cried, "Who goes there?" somebody replied that he wasmistaken, and went away.
2.  "But this is tyranny!" cried one of them, in very good French,though with a foreign accent, "that this madman will not allowthese good people access to their own wine! Nonsense, let usbreak open the door, and if he is too far gone in his madness,well, we will kill him!"
3.  "Well," replied Athos, "I am not far from approving the ideaof Monsieur Porthos."
4.  Felton's orders were, for the rest, executed with a silentrapidity that gave a good idea of the way in which he maintaineddiscipline.
5.   "This measure is general, madame; and you will seek in vain toevade it."
6.  "Yes, monsieur, yes. And as it is three months since you havebeen here, and though, distracted as you must be in yourimportant occupations, you have forgotten to pay me my rent--as,I say, I have not tormented you a single instant, I thought youwould appreciate my delicacy."


1.  "Go on, go on!" said D'Artagnan, who quickly understood whencesuch an exact description had come.
2.  Athos entered without the least mistrust, and took out twopistoles to pay the bill. The host was alone, seated before hisdesk, one of the drawers of which was partly open. He took themoney which Athos offered to him, and after turning and turningit over and over in his hands, suddenly cried out that it wasbad, and that he would have him and his companions arrested asforgers.
3.  "Yes."
4、  "I am going a few steps farther."
5、  Athos, wounded anew by Cahusac, became evidently paler, but didnot give way a foot. He only changed his sword hand, and foughtwith his left hand.




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      D'Artagnan released the hands of Athos which he still held clasped inboth his own, and hastened to her. Her beautiful face was distortedwith agony; her glassy eyes had no longer their sight; a convulsiveshuddering shook her whole body; the sweat rolled from her brow."In the name of heaven, run, call! Aramis! Porthos! Call for help!""Useless!" said Athos, "useless! For the poison which SHE pours thereis no antidote."

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      "And how do you know there is a young woman whom I love, andthat I believed that woman dead?" asked D'Artagnan."By that letter which my comrade has in his pocket.""You see, then," said D'Artagnan, "that I must have thatletter. So no more delay, no more hesitation; or elsewhatever may be my repugnance to soiling my sword a secondtime with the blood of a wretch like you, I swear by myfaith as an honest man--" and at these words D'Artagnan madeso fierce a gesture that the wounded man sprang up."Stop, stop!" cried he, regaining strength by force ofterror. "I will go--I will go!"

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       And having put three or four double pistoles into his pocketto answer the needs of the moment, he placed the others inthe ebony box, inlaid with mother of pearl, in which was thefamous handkerchief which served him as a talisman.The two friends repaired to Athos's, and he, faithful to hisvow of not going out, took upon him to order dinner to bebrought to them. As he was perfectly acquainted with thedetails of gastronomy, D'Artagnan and Aramis made noobjection to abandoning this important care to him.They went to find Porthos, and at the corner of the Rue Bacmet Mousqueton, who, with a most pitiable air, was drivingbefore him a mule and a horse.

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      "Oh, do not kill me!" cried the bandit. "Pardon, pardon, myofficer, and I will tell you all."

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    {  "Yes," said Aramis, "Athos is right: Animadvertuntur indesertis."

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      "It appears that our journey was a remounting journey, then?""Exactly so," said D'Artagnan; and nodding to Planchet, he wentout.}

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      "Yes, Monsieur Officer," stammered the mercer, more dead thanalive, "at your service."

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      "You have a quick ear, Monsieur Athos," said the cardinal;"but now listen to this. It is not from mistrust that Irequest you to follow me, but for my security. Yourcompanions are no doubt Messieurs Porthos and Aramis.""Yes, your Eminence," said Athos, while the two Musketeerswho had remained behind advanced hat in hand.

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       "Put back that weapon, D'Artagnan!" said he; "this woman must be tried,not assassinated. Wait an instant, my friend, and you shall besatisfied. Come in, gentlemen."

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    {  Porthos had seen neither the footman nor the carriage, but withhe eye of a jealous woman, Mme. Coquenard had seen everything.Porthos regretted that he had not at once made the lady of thered cushion a princess.

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      D'Artagnan released the hands of Athos which he still held clasped inboth his own, and hastened to her. Her beautiful face was distortedwith agony; her glassy eyes had no longer their sight; a convulsiveshuddering shook her whole body; the sweat rolled from her brow."In the name of heaven, run, call! Aramis! Porthos! Call for help!""Useless!" said Athos, "useless! For the poison which SHE pours thereis no antidote."