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1. n. 火焰,热情
2. 一开始,重视加盟酒店总量的OYO使用了轻资产1.0模式。
3. This makes China the leader among middle-income economies for this indicator, followed by India which has overtaken Brazil, according to the report jointly released by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
4. 其中包括“qwerty”(键盘字母顺序,排名第4)、“admin”(管理员,排名第11)和“login”(登录,排名第14)。
5. (2)中国SaaS产品成功四层次:第一层:网络连接不管以后中国SaaS是羊毛出在羊身上,还是羊毛出在狗身上。
6.   Mr. Brocklehurst resumed.


1. 而过去6年集团的研发投入增速远超收入增速。
2. 更让民警想不到的还在后面。
3. 繁荣/萧条模式及其解释都是十分明显的,难以令人产生兴趣。奇怪的是贷款与抵押品价值之间的反身性联系至今仍未得到广泛的承认,有关商业周期的文献汗牛充栋,然而对反身性关系却讳莫如深。不仅如此,教科书中广泛讨论的商业周期,在持续时间上有别于此处所讨论的信贷周期,前者是一种短期波,服从于一个范围更大的模式。人们意识到经济发展存在着更长的周期,通常称其为康德拉季耶夫长波(Kandratieffwave),但它从未得到“科学的”解释。目前,人们都在关注我们可能正在趋近于又一次衰退,但一般都认为这次衰退同以往的历次衰退相比并无二致,而对于我们正处于更大循环的衰退期这一事实却大都未予考虑。我坚持认为,自第二次世界大战结束以来的历次衰退都发生于信用扩张期间,目前的这场尚未定型的可能的衰退却可能发生在真实经济中的借款能力收缩的时刻,这在近期的历史上是没有前例的。
4. 如今,蓬勃发展的互联网经济在支撑我国信息技术(IT)行业财富增长方面正发挥着越来越重要的作用。
5. 因为丑的人也会嫁丑的人,漂亮的人也会嫁漂亮的人。
6. 再一种是拼Office的共享办公模式。


1.   在后续的调查中,李某对自己在大足境内犯下的5次盗窃行为供认不讳。
2.   Then Penelope's heart sank within her, and for a long time she wasspeechless; her eyes filled with tears, and she could find noutterance. At last, however, she said, "Why did my son leave me?What business had he to go sailing off in ships that make long voyagesover the ocean like sea-horses? Does he want to die without leavingany one behind him to keep up his name?"
3. 外婆涉嫌故意杀人罪被公诉医院的儿科主任刘医生清楚地记得这个28周出生的早产儿,也记得当时孩子外婆坚决的态度——绝对不会救治这个婴儿,理由有三:一是孩子没有父亲,二是早产儿可能救治不了,三是家里没钱去支付医疗费。
4. "I never fought with women in my life," said Terry, greatly perturbed, "but I'm not going in there. I'm not going to be-- herded in--as if we were in a cattle chute."
5. 回到寺内,心力交瘁的陈贵平打了个盹儿。
6.   'When Jane Murdstone meets, I say,' he went on, after waiting until my mother was silent, 'with a base return, that feeling of mine is chilled and altered.'


1.   `There's a dear!' laughed Connie, and she moved away, saying `Good morning', heartily relieved to get away from the contact.
2. 报道指出,CAPS系统约2.5厘米厚,设计目的是与头盔、护目镜和其他为军犬设计的头部护具配合使用。
3.   Bitterly reviling Fortune, and calling on Love to explain why his happiness with Cressicla should be thus repealed, Troilus declares that, while he lives, he will bewail his misfortune in solitude, and will never see it shine or rain, but will end his sorrowful life in darkness, and die in distress.
4.   "It is very strange," said Albert, "to hear such wordsproceed from the mouth of any one but an actress on thestage, and one needs constantly to be saying to one's self,`This is no fiction, it is all reality,' in order to believeit. And how does France appear in your eyes, accustomed asthey have been to gaze on such enchanted scenes?"
5.   Fourthly, how can we account for species, when crossed, being sterile and producing sterile offspring, whereas, when varieties are crossed, their fertility is unimpaired?
6. 柴枫桔摄影封面新闻记者代睿柴枫桔1月13日上午9时,山东省高级人民法院在淄博中院对发生在15年前的临沭二中奸杀案再审宣判:原审被告人张志超无罪,本判决为终审判决。


1. 1月18日,到桥东区天一城魏少东牙科诊所看牙
2. 不料10月份违建房又开始重建。
3. 那在工作的时候,你不用跟他说什么满足客户需求,只要问他家里过的怎样,他自己就冲出去干活了。

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