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1. 2020年1月12日21时许,筠连县公安局110报警台接群众朱某报警称其家里有枪,请警察快来收缴。
2.   Sending presently abroad, and buying all the Hennes that the Countryaffoorded, shee commaunded her Cookes, that onely of them (without anyother provision beside) they should prepare all the services that theycould devise. On the morrow, the King came according to his promise,and was most honourably welcomed by the Lady, who seemed in his eye(far beyond the Knights speeches of her) the fairest creature thatever he had seene before; whereat he mervailed not a little, extollingher perfections to be peerelesse, which much the more enflamed hisaffections, and (almost) made his desires impatient. The King beeingwithdrawne into such Chambers, as orderly were prepared for him, andas beseemed so great a Prince: the houre of dinner drawing on, theKing and the Lady Marquesse were seated at one Table, and hisattendants placed at other tables, answerable to their degrees ofhonour.
3. 黄老之学是汉代的一个极为重要的学术派别,它在西汉前期曾非常盛行,不仅是当时政治上的指导思想,而且还成了一种社会思潮。到西汉中期,随着儒学独尊地位的确立,黄老之学才开始走向衰落,但它的影响却远远没有消绝。
4. 对于开发商而言,在佛山这样的城市,机会只会迟到,但不会缺席,各方等待的,或许只是一个时间节点,比如这个周末。
5. 白腹鹭是一种分布区域狭窄,数量稀少的鸟类,已被《世界自然保护联盟濒危物种红色名录》列为极度濒危物种。
6. 这次iOS13.3的更新,将改善国内用户的短信使用情况,减少用户收到的iMessage垃圾信息的频率。


1.   Breakfast was served in the bedrooms; Clifford never appeared before lunch, and the dining-room was a little dreary. After coffee Michaelis, restless and ill-sitting soul, wondered what he should do. It was a fine November...day fine for Wragby. He looked over the melancholy park. My God! What a place!
2. 玻尔:“你的意思是,你们要进行搜查?”
3. 十勤勉指数★★★★★勤勉至上,不愧是党员示范宿舍
4. 建都城,定礼仪——金朝的都城会宁府,建号上京。原来的辽上京,改称临潢府。又在上京会宁府修建宫殿。建敷德殿为朝殿,百宫在此朝见皇帝。建庆元宫,安放金太祖以下遗像,为原庙。又建明德宫、明德殿,供太后居住,安放金太宗遗像。金太宗时营建的乾元殿,改名皇极殿。以后又兴建凉殿、太庙、社稷。金熙宗仿汉制兴建华丽的宫殿,使上京的面貌大为改观。
5. 离开商业谈数据,是耍流氓。
6. [in'telidns]


1.   Now hearken how she gan to pay Them that gan of her grace to pray; And right, lo! all this company Saide sooth,* and not a lie. *truth "Madame," thus quoth they, "we be Folk that here beseeche thee That thou grant us now good fame, And let our workes have good name In full recompensatioun Of good work, give us good renown "I warn* it you," quoth she anon; *refuse "Ye get of me good fame none, By God! and therefore go your way." "Alas," quoth they, "and well-away! Tell us what may your cause be." "For that it list* me not," quoth she, *pleases No wight shall speak of you, y-wis, Good nor harm, nor that nor this."
2. (环球网)宇通客车、海马汽车拟获新能源车补贴,合计金额超9000万元郑州市工信局、市财政局、市科技局、市发展改革委等四部门组织相关专家,对郑州市整车生产企业上报的2016年度新能源汽车中央财政补助资金申报材料进行了审核,经研究,郑州宇通客车股份有限公司等2家企业符合申报条件。
3. 后来经过讨论,京喜做一个独立的场,刚好到与腾讯合作续约,早一年不行,晚一年就晚了。
4. 正如俄国和欧洲之间的关系基本上是由欧洲的经济、技术优势决定的一样,俄国和亚洲之间的关系由俄国的优势决定。由于这一优势的缘故,乃至18世纪的俄国已能制服西伯利亚的部落民,向东扩张到太平洋。但是,在东南部,俄国人由于强大的、人口稠密的中国帝国而停止前进,不得不接受了把他们限制在阿穆尔河以北地区的尼布楚条约(1689年)。
5.   "*Woe worth* the faire gemme virtueless! <15> *evil befall!* Woe worth the herb also that *doth no boot!* *has no remedial power* Woe worth the beauty that is rutheless!* *merciless Woe worth that wight that treads each under foot! And ye that be of beauty *crop and root* *perfection <16> If therewithal in you there be no ruth,* *pity Then is it harm ye live, by my truth!"
6. 目前,旅拍性质的宠物写真已经占了其所有的订单三分之一左右


1. 做公司也是一样,大家都是创业者,特别是大学生、年轻人创业,你们先别想着会成为马云。
2.   After you have so often spoken them, two goodly Ladies (the veryfairest that ever you beheld) wil appeare unto you, very graciouslysaluting you, and demanding what you would have them to performe foryou. Safely you may speake unto them, and orderly tel them what youdesire: but be very careful, that you name not one man insted ofanother. When you have uttered your mind, they wil depart from you,and then you may descend againe, to the place where you did leave yourgarments, which having putte on, then returne to your house. Andundoubtedly, before the midst of the next night following, your friendwil come in teares to you, and humbly crave your pardon on hisknees; beeing never able afterward to be false to you, or leave yourLove for any other whatsoever.
3. □刘昌松(北京慕公律师事务所律师)。
4.   Now was our Scholler the onely jocond man of the world, and failednot the time assigned him, but went unto the Ladies house, whereAncilla was ready to give him entertainment, conducting him into thebase Court, where she lockt him up fast, untill her Lady should sendfor him. This night shee had privately sent for her friend also, andsitting merrily at supper with him, told him, what welcome she hadgiven the Scholler, and how she further meant to use him, saying.Now Sir, consider with your selfe, what hot affection I beare tohim, of whom you became so fondly jealous. The which words were verywelcome to him, and made him extraordinarily joyful; desiring to seethem as effectually performed, as they appeared to him by herprotestations.
5. "Then why not in your children?" urged Jeff.
6. 他们虽然嘴上说自己玩自己的各自表述互不干扰,看上去似乎也一直沉浸在自己的文化圈层之中,但一直没有放弃对年长一辈的文化理解。


1. The theory that exercise boosts your intelligence might have some basis in fact according to a study conducted at Georgia Tech. Even if you don't like lifting weights, and the inside of a gym makes you want to run for the nearest doughnut shop, it might take just 20 minutes to enhance your memory, according to the 2014 study. Researchers asked participants to work out for 20 minutes in an intense manner and found that just 20 minutes of activity could help improve "episodic memory" by as much as 10% in young adults.
2. 另外戴森PH02还内置了三种不同的传感器,分别对应颗粒物,挥发性有机化合物,以及温湿度。
3. 这不是一门赚快钱的生意。

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