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1.   `It is what I meant to say.'
2.   "I'm not mad," he answered.
3.   "It is probable; but there is no occasion to squeeze sohard."
4. 基础体检项目主要包括身高、体重、视力等体格检查,血常规、尿液分析、肝肾功能、血脂等实验室检查,心电图、胸片、腹部超声等辅助检查。
5. reflect反射;沉思+ion→反射;思考
6.   He left her revived by the possibilities, sure that she had foundsomething at last. Instantly the blood crept warmly over herbody. Her nervous tension relaxed. She walked out into the busystreet and discovered a new atmosphere. Behold, the throng wasmoving with a lightsome step. She noticed that men and womenwere smiling. Scraps of conversation and notes of laughterfloated to her. The air was light. People were already pouringout of the buildings, their labour ended for the day. Shenoticed that they were pleased, and thoughts of her sister's homeand the meal that would be awaiting her quickened her steps. Shehurried on, tired perhaps, but no longer weary of foot. Whatwould not Minnie say! Ah, the long winter in Chicago--thelights, the crowd, the amusement! This was a great, pleasingmetropolis after all. Her new firm was a goodly institution.Its windows were of huge plate glass. She could probably do wellthere. Thoughts of Drouet returned--of the things he had toldher. She now felt that life was better, that it was livelier,sprightlier. She boarded a car in the best of spirits, feelingher blood still flowing pleasantly. She would live in Chicago,her mind kept saying to itself. She would have a better timethan she had ever had before--she would be happy.


1.   7. Citrination: turning to a citrine colour, or yellow, by chemical action; that was the colour which proved the philosopher's stone.
2. 605
3.   The baker, who had of course been only in joke, was exceedingly surprised at my cleverness, and the woman, who was at last convinced that the man spoke the truth, produced another piece of money in its place. When she had gone, my master was so pleased that he told all the neighbours what I had done, and made a great deal more of it than there really was.
4. (李勤余媒体评论员)。
5. 最初是来自希腊人的影响,希腊人在印度被称为雅瓦纳人,在亚历山大之后的两个世纪里,仍是印度西北部的一支力量。如第七章第三节所述,希腊人发展了犍陀罗艺术,为印度铸币提供模型,而最重要的是,促进了印度与中东间的贸易。接着来的是取代希腊人,并在某些情况下进一步向南推进的一批批入侵者。被印度人称为帕拉瓦人的帕提亚人,最早发源于里海地区,他们先从塞琉西王朝手中夺取对伊朗和美索不达米亚的控制;然后,从约公元前140年起,一伙伙地渗入印度西北部,迫使希腊人北去,并最后占据了印度河下游地区。
6. 事故发生后,涉事单位向忻府区豆罗镇政府进行了事故报告,豆罗镇政府随即向忻府区应急管理局提交事故报告,区应急管理局接到事故报告后,按照规定逐级上报事故有关情况,该事故不存在瞒报。


1. 为销售该楼盘车位,逸合创展公司通过微信公众号云阳两江未来城发布了含有只赚不赔车位只会越来越增值等内容的车位销售广告。
2.   "Suitors of the illustrious queen, listen that I may speak even as Iam minded. I appeal more especially to Eurymachus, and to Antinous whohas just spoken with so much reason. Cease shooting for the presentand leave the matter to the gods, but in the morning let heaven givevictory to whom it will. For the moment, however, give me the bow thatI may prove the power of my hands among you all, and see whether Istill have as much strength as I used to have, or whether travel andneglect have made an end of it."
3. 再加上电视晚会往往采用直播,不能在后期进行调整,因此以不出错为基础目标。
4. 第一,我们日常在超市里能买的到洗发水产品,属于日化用品。
5.  之前有一次针对资深科技行业女性的调查,叫“硅谷的大象”,结果表明,她们中有60%的人曾遭受令人不快的性示意,而其中的65%都是被上级骚扰的,三分之一的人觉得这些与工作相关的情况让她们的人身安全没有保障。
6. 原标题:家和学校是防控儿童青少年近视的主阵地1月15日,家长带着孩子在中国中医科学院眼科医院排队等待验光检查。


1. 据介绍,有家民宿拥有国内一流的线上运营与线下服务团队,其中线上运营团队由蚂蚁短租核心团队组成,线下服务管家团队则拥有10年以上锦江、万豪等国内外高星酒店服务经验。
2. 看完新闻看跟帖,一边听歌一边看评论——这种UGC社区优良基因存在在网易的每一个角落。
3. 但是对交粮的农民而言,压在他们身上的沉重负担,还不止这七项明文规定的附加,而是并无明文规定但实际上大量存在的各种苛征勒索。
4. 清末统治的主要问题
5.   This was his story, but Ulysses went on eating and drinkingravenously without a word, brooding his revenge. When he had eatenenough and was satisfied, the swineherd took the bowl from which heusually drank, filled it with wine, and gave it to Ulysses, who waspleased, and said as he took it in his hands, "My friend, who was thismaster of yours that bought you and paid for you, so rich and sopowerful as you tell me? You say he perished in the cause of KingAgamemnon; tell me who he was, in case I may have met with such aperson. Jove and the other gods know, but I may be able to give younews of him, for I have travelled much."
6. 此后不久,国防研究委员会向伦敦派出了自己的代表,科南特光荣地担当了这一职务。英国方面也向华盛顿派了自己的代表——欧内斯特·卢瑟福女婿拉尔夫·福勒成了“莫德”的代表。


1. 海拍客、大掌柜分获亿元融资。
2. (影视内容类知名上市公司前十,按2018年收入规模由高至低排序)万达电影万达电影第600家直营影城落户广州自有高端品牌PRIME同日发布12月30日,万达电影第600家直营影城在广州海珠万达广场隆重揭幕,自有高端品牌PRIME也于同日盛大发布。
3. 而随着淡季的到来,人们也愈发意识到,付费自习室要发展成为一个行业而非简单的一门生意,还有很长的路要走。

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