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1.   He had lapsed into the vernacular. Connie hesitated; he was putting up an opposition. Was it his hut, after all?
2. 谁的青春里,没有五月天和蔡依林?(暴露年龄)蔡依林是72变的亚洲天后,出了名的拼命三娘。
3. 让他们以前所未有的方式来思考,用完全新式的语言来沟通。
4. Aspiring young leaders already place more emphasis on using their influence, rather than trying to exert power through the embedded authority of their position or their assigned title. Many are already gaining leadership experience, not through promotion at established institutions but by running bottom-up movements and voluntary groups, or by shaping their own start-ups.
5. 老苏分析,高中三年,可能远离了父母,儿子对学习放松了。
6. 警方在安抚报警人情绪的同时,及时调查确认这是一起电话诈骗。


1.   "He is an original, then?"
2. adj. 方便的,便利的
3. 李玲透露,近两个月时不时就会有相关组织上门,质问她们为何出租猫,并威胁将其店铺的信息公开到网络上,让所有猫奴共同讨伐商家。
4.   "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."
5. 2019年11月20日,美团旗下生鲜业务美团买菜在深圳首批开设了9家线下服务站,为社区居民提供手机买菜服务,覆盖深圳南山区、罗湖区、龙岗区、龙华区、宝安区。
6.   How sir? (quoth she,) your Barber? Uppon mine Honour, there shallcome no Barber heere. Why Sir, it is such a rotten Tooth, and standethso fairely for my hand: that, without helpe or advice of any Barber,let mee alone for plucking it forth without putting you to any paineat all. Moreover, let me tell you Sir, those Tooth-drawers are so rudeand cruell, in performing such Offices, as my heart cannot endure,that you should come within compasse of their currish courtesie,neither shall you Sir, if you will be ruled by me. If I should failein the manner of their facilitie, yet love and duty hath enstructedme, to forbeare your least paining, which no unmannerly Barber willdo.


1.   There were people staying in the house, among them Clifford's Aunt Eva, Lady Bennerley. She was a thin woman of sixty, with a red nose, a widow, and still something of a grande dame. She belonged to one of the best families, and had the character to carry it off. Connie liked her, she was so perfectly simple and [rank, as far as she intended to be frank, and superficially kind. Inside herself she was a past-mistress in holding her own, and holding other people a little lower. She was not at all a snob: far too sure of herself. She was perfect at the social sport of coolly holding her own, and making other people defer to her.
2. 1月24日早08:30,区人民医院派车将其送往龙南医院发热门诊诊治。
3. 哈恩希望迈特纳能够很快地对他的这个史无前例的化学发现做出某种物理学上的解释。那无疑会加强他的论断,而且可使迈特纳的名字出现在论文上。这将是一件最好的圣诞节礼物。
4.   The only marked event of the afternoon was, that I saw the girlwith whom I had conversed in the verandah dismissed in disgrace byMiss Scatcherd from a history class, and sent to stand in the middleof the large schoolroom. The punishment seemed to me in a highdegree ignominious, especially for so great a girl- she lookedthirteen or upwards. I expected she would show signs of great distressand shame; but to my surprise she neither wept nor blushed:composed, though grave, she stood, the central mark of all eyes.'How can she bear it so quietly- so firmly?' I asked of myself.'Were I in her place, it seems to me I should wish the earth to openand swallow me up. She looks as if she were thinking of somethingbeyond her punishment- beyond her situation: of something not roundher nor before her. I have heard of day-dreams- is she in aday-dream now? Her eyes are fixed on the floor, but I am sure theydo not see it- her sight seems turned in, gone down into her heart:she is looking at what she can remember, I believe; not at what isreally present. I wonder what sort of a girl she is- whether good ornaughty.'
5. 自强则万强,是2016年荔枝在探索商业模式时期,投资方经纬中国创始管理合伙人张颖送给荔枝创始人兼CEO赖奕龙的五个字,这句话对赖奕龙带领下的荔枝在发展过程中产生了重大影响,后来这句话也成为了张颖的名言。
6. 为什么呢?第一,你公司的业务和阿里、华为不一样,你也不知道阿里、华为体系的本质和底层逻辑是什么。


1.   "No, no," continued Danglars; "if we resolve on such a step,it would be much better to take, as I now do, this pen, dipit into this ink, and write with the left hand (that thewriting may not be recognized) the denunciation we propose."And Danglars, uniting practice with theory, wrote with hisleft hand, and in a writing reversed from his usual style,and totally unlike it, the following lines, which he handedto Fernand, and which Fernand read in an undertone: --
2. 公司前员工小萧(化名)告诉记者:完不成就惩罚,打屁股,裸奔,苦瓜加芥末……小萧表示,自己被打过10棍后不敢去公司辞职,选择直接离开,很多人认为公司有前景,为了高薪所以才愿意接受这种惩罚。
3.   "Yes; but she would then be the accomplice of an
4. 法院认定的事实为,余女士与睿嘉公司签订《认购协议书》,向睿嘉公司支付款项时,公司开据的收据已注明顾问费及咨询服务费。
5. 5)最后,还是回到我们的老路子上,定位与战略,这是集团公司、省公司必须解决的问题,没有好的定位和战略,就相当于累死员工也没有好的结果
6.   After he was dismounted from horsebacke, and found so good companyattending for him (the Lady also, more faire and healthful thenever, and the Infant lively disposed) he sate downe at the Tablewith his guests, causing them to be served in most magnificent manner,with plenty of all delicates that could be devised, and never beforewas there such a joviall feast. About the ending of dinner, closely hemade the Lady acquainted with his further intention, and likewise inwhat order every thing should be done, which being effected, hereturned to his company, and used these speeches.


1.   Throughout one entire year Noureddin did nothing but amuse himself, and dissipate the wealth his father had taken such pains to acquire. The year had barely elapsed, when one day, as they sat at table, there came a knock at the door. The slaves having been sent away, Noureddin went to open it himself. One of his friends had risen at the same time, but Noureddin was before him, and finding the intruder to be the steward, he went out and closed the door. The friend, curious to hear what passed between them, hid himself behind the hangings, and heard the following words:
2.   And she produced from her pocket a most housewifely bunch ofkeys, and delivered them to the servant.
3. 率先进入团购市场的拉手网,被后起之秀美团超越。

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      And most of love and virtue was his speech, And *in despite he had all wretchedness* *he held in scorn all And doubtless no need was him to beseech despicable actions* To honour them that hadde worthiness, And ease them that weren in distress; And glad was he, if any wight well far'd, That lover was, when he it wist or heard.

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      Great as the differences are between the breeds of pigeons, I am fully convinced that the common opinion of naturalists is correct, namely, that all have descended from the rock-pigeon (Columba livia), including under this term several geographical races or sub-species, which differ from each other in the most trifling respects. As several of the reasons which have led me to this belief are in some degree applicable in other cases, I will here briefly give them. If the several breeds are not varieties, and have not proceeded from the rock-pigeon, they must have descended from at least seven or eight aboriginal stocks; for it is impossible to make the present domestic breeds by the crossing of any lesser number: how, for instance, could a pouter be produced by crossing two breeds unless one of the parent-stocks possessed the characteristic enormous crop? The supposed aboriginal stocks must all have been rock-pigeons, that is, not breeding or willingly perching on trees. But besides C. livia, with its geographical sub-species, only two or three other species of rock-pigeons are known; and these have not any of the characters of the domestic breeds. Hence the supposed aboriginal stocks must either still exist in the countries where they were originally domesticated, and yet be unknown to ornithologists; and this, considering their size, habits, and remarkable characters, seems very improbable; or they must have become extinct in the wild state. But birds breeding on precipices, and good fliers, are unlikely to be exterminated; and the common rock-pigeon, which has the same habits with the domestic breeds, has not been exterminated even on several of the smaller British islets, or on the shores of the Mediterranean. Hence the supposed extermination of so many species having similar habits with the rock-pigeon seems to me a very rash assumption. Moreover, the several above-named domesticated breeds have been transported to all parts of the world, and, therefore, some of them must have been carried back again into their native country; but not one has ever become wild or feral, though the dovecot-pigeon, which is the rock-pigeon in a very slightly altered state, has become feral in several places. Again, all recent experience shows that it is most difficult to get any wild animal to breed freely under domestication; yet on the hypothesis of the multiple origin of our pigeons, it must be assumed that at least seven or eight species were so thoroughly domesticated in ancient times by half-civilized man, as to be quite prolific under confinement.An argument, as it seems to me, of great weight, and applicable in several other cases, is, that the above-specified breeds, though agreeing generally in constitution, habits, voice, colouring, and in most parts of their structure, with the wild rock-pigeon, yet are certainly highly abnormal in other parts of their structure: we may look in vain throughout the whole great family of Columbidae for a beak like that of the English carrier, or that of the short-faced tumbler, or barb; for reversed feathers like those of the jacobin; for a crop like that of the pouter; for tail-feathers like those of the fantail. Hence it must be assumed not only that half-civilized man succeeded in thoroughly domesticating several species, but that he intentionally or by chance picked out extraordinarily abnormal species; and further, that these very species have since all become extinct or unknown. So many strange contingencies seem to me improbable in the highest degree.

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    St. Vincent “Digital Witness” (Loma Vista/Republic)

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      And for to have of them compassion, As though I were their owen brother dear. Now listen all with good entention,* *attention For I will now go straight to my mattere, In which ye shall the double sorrow hear Of Troilus, in loving of Cresside, And how that she forsook him ere she died.