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1. 尽管头部在线素质教育机构已实现规模化,但可以看到,这些头部在线素质教育机构的共同特点是,先解决了供应链的问题,跨越了规模化的第一个门槛。
2. 连日来,他和队员们忙前忙后,指挥交通、检测体温、车辆登记、防疫宣导……却没有喝上一口温水、吃上一碗热饭。
3.   `I do think sufficient civilization ought to eliminate a lot of the physical disabilities,' said Clifford. `All the love-business for example, it might just as well go. I suppose it would if we could breed babies in bottles.'
4.   If, then, these two varieties be variable, the most divergent of their variations will generally be preserved during the next thousand generations. And after this interval, variety a1 is supposed in the diagram to have produced variety a2, which will, owing to the principle of divergence, differ more from (A) than did variety a1. Variety m1 is supposed to have produced two varieties, namely m 2 and s2, differing from each other, and more considerably from their common parent (A). We may continue the process by similar steps for any length of time; some of the varieties, after each thousand generations, producing only a single variety, but in a more and more modified condition, some producing two or three varieties, and some failing to produce any. Thus the varieties or modified descendants, proceeding from the common parent (A), will generally go on increasing in number and diverging in character. In the diagram the process is represented up to the ten-thousandth generation, and under a condensed and simplified form up to the fourteen-thousandth generation.
5. 2.基础设施缺乏,没有完整的供应链印度的政治局势比巴西稳固,经济发展势头也好得多。
6. 其时,德国人在西线上的处境日趋恶化,由于美军士兵源源而来,协约国军总司令福煦元帅能随意攻击任何地方。德军伤亡人数超过了补充人员,逃兵拥进了汽车站和火车站。这些失败加之保加利亚人投降的消息,使鲁登道夫将军紧张不安。9月29日,他带有几分恐慌地要求政府趁军队受损还不大,“立刻”着手停战谈判。为了准备谈判,德皇任命他的表弟巴登亲王马克斯为新首相。以自由主义者与和平主义者闻名的马克斯亲王要求同威尔逊总统在《十四点和平纲领》的基础上进行谈判。随后出现了柏林和华盛顿之间持续数星期之久的意见交换。一个主要的障碍是德皇坚决拒绝退位。然而,11月3日,基尔港德军舰队发生兵变,迫使他表态。兵变从一个港口迅速波及到另一个港口,然后传向内地。11月9日,马克斯亲王强行作出决定,宣布德皇退位;两天后,签订了停战协定,结束了西线的战争。


1. EOS走向另外一个极端,用户或者Dapp必须抵押token才能发起交易。
2.   "But," he went on, "it seems to me odd that olives seven years old should be as good as that! Send for some dealers in olives, and let us hear what they say!"
3. 另一个是中国快速增长的中老年人口体量,以及他们加速呈现的消费能力。
4.   Cressida was this lady's name aright; *As to my doom,* in alle Troy city *in my judgment* So fair was none, for over ev'ry wight So angelic was her native beauty, That like a thing immortal seemed she, As sooth a perfect heav'nly creature, That down seem'd sent in scorning of Nature.
5. 他也不敢回去探望,这些都成为了他人生最大的遗憾和悔恨。
6. 据山西日报消息,今年2月18日至19日,山西省委召开全省市县乡领导班子换届工作会议。


1. (1)首先讲依赖度,对流量和现金的依赖性。
2.   "Do you see that mountain?" asked the king, pointing to a huge mass that towered into the sky about three leagues from Schiraz; "go and bring me the leaf of a palm that grows at the foot."
3. 种族与人们时常设想的相反,非洲诸民族决非起于同一种族。撒哈拉沙漠以南,可发现各种种族,并存在于整个历史上。不过,它们的起源和扩散在很大程度上仍是个谜,故权威们的意见也大相径庭。目前,最少遭到异议的种族划分承认,有四大种族:(1)布须曼人,操科伊桑诸语言;(2)俾格米人,由于他们采用后来的征服者的语言,其原先的语言至今不知;(3)黑人,操尼日尔-刚果诸语言;(4)高加索人,亦称为嘎普萨人、库希特人和含米特人,操亚非语系诸语言。这四大种族似乎发源于维多利亚湖地区;由此,布须曼人向南迁至非洲南部,俾格米人向西移入刚果和西非沿海雨林地区,黑人向西迁至西非、向西北迁至当时肥沃的撒哈拉地区,高加索人向西北移入埃及和北非、向东北移入阿拉伯半岛和西亚。
4.   Phelps raised the cover, and as he did so he uttered a scream andsat there staring with a face as white as the plate upon which helooked. Across the centre of it was lying a little cylinder ofblue-gray paper. He caught it up, devoured it with his eyes, andthen danced madly about the room, pressing it to his bosom andshrieking out in his delight. Then he fell back into an armchair, solimp and exhausted with his own emotions that we had to pour brandydown his throat to keep him from fainting.
5.   'Well, who is it?' she asked, in a voice and with a smile I halfrecognised; 'you've not quite forgotten me, I think, Miss Jane?'
6.   "I know you won't," she remarked, half truthfully.


1. "If you find the little girl, give her our love," shouted Guy Clarence, jumping up and down on the door mat.
2. 原标题:749+2,数字背后的故事触动了很多人沈启华,上海大学退休教师。
3.   Hilda only glowered at him without replying; repartee was not her forte, nor Connie's; so she glowered, and he was much more uncomfortable than if she had said things.
4. 随后,破拆组利用液压顶杆对被困驾驶人腿部附近的金属构件进行扩张。
5.   Of Barbara hast nothing heard?
6. 一名高个医生的胸口写着辛建加油,另一名写着加油徐旭。


1. 理论上,如果某本宗教经典扭曲现实,门徒迟早都会发现,而让这本经典权威扫地。林肯就说过,你不可能在所有的时候骗过所有人。只不过,那是林肯一厢情愿罢了。实际上,人类合作网络的力量就是依赖于真实与虚构之间的微妙平衡。太过扭曲现实,力量就会被削弱,让你敌不过那些能看清现实的对手;但想要有效壮大组织力量,仍然得依靠那些虚构的神话。如果坚持一切都要百分之百的现实、绝不加入任何虚构,追随者肯定也不会太多。
2. 站在舞台中央,莱昂纳多发言说:“这是无上的荣誉,对我意义重大。两年前当我们置身于荒野当中拍摄电影,我们深深地被大自然的美丽和庞杂所感染。
3. "But these New Ladies didn't have anyone to be jealous of, remember," drawled Jeff.

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      Upon a day, being alone by her selfe, and the time seemingsuteable to her intention: shee sent for the Count, under colour ofsome other important conference with him. The Count D'Aongiers,whose thoughts were quite contrary to hers: immediately went to her,where they both sitting downe together on a beds side in herChamber, according as formerly shee had plotted her purpose; twice heedemaunded of her, upon what occasion she had thus sent for him. Shesitting a long while silent, as if she had no answere to make him,pressed by the violence of her amorous passions, a Vermillion tinctureleaping up into her face, yet shame enforcing teares from her eyes,with words broken and halfe confused, at last she began to deliver herminde in this manner.

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      Great was the strife and long between these tway, If that I hadde leisure for to say; But to the effect: it happen'd on a day (To tell it you as shortly as I may), A worthy duke that hight Perithous<14> That fellow was to the Duke Theseus Since thilke* day that they were children lite** *that **little Was come to Athens, his fellow to visite, And for to play, as he was wont to do; For in this world he loved no man so; And he lov'd him as tenderly again. So well they lov'd, as olde bookes sayn, That when that one was dead, soothly to sayn, His fellow went and sought him down in hell: But of that story list me not to write. Duke Perithous loved well Arcite, And had him known at Thebes year by year: And finally at request and prayere Of Perithous, withoute ranson Duke Theseus him let out of prison, Freely to go, where him list over all, In such a guise, as I you tellen shall This was the forword*, plainly to indite, *promise Betwixte Theseus and him Arcite: That if so were, that Arcite were y-found Ever in his life, by day or night, one stound* *moment<15> In any country of this Theseus, And he were caught, it was accorded thus, That with a sword he shoulde lose his head; There was none other remedy nor rede*. *counsel But took his leave, and homeward he him sped; Let him beware, his necke lieth *to wed*. *in pledge*

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      1. This elegant little poem is believed to have been addressed to Margaret, Countess of Pembroke, in whose name Chaucer found one of those opportunities of praising the daisy he never lost. (Transcriber's note: Modern scholars believe that Chaucer was not the author of this poem)