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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At the moment when d'Avrigny was returning to Valentine'sroom, accompanied by Villefort, an Italian priest, ofserious demeanor and calm and firm tone, hired for his usethe house adjoining the hotel of M. de Villefort. No oneknew how the three former tenants of that house left it.About two hours afterwards its foundation was reported to beunsafe; but the report did not prevent the new occupantestablishing himself there with his modest furniture thesame day at five o'clock. The lease was drawn up for three,six, or nine years by the new tenant, who, according to therule of the proprietor, paid six months in advance. This newtenant, who, as we have said, was an Italian, was called IlSignor Giacomo Busoni. Workmen were immediately called in,and that same night the passengers at the end of thefaubourg saw with surprise that carpenters and masons wereoccupied in repairing the lower part of the tottering house.
2.  A light yacht, chaste and elegant in its form, was glidingamidst the first dews of night over the immense lake,extending from Gibraltar to the Dardanelles, and from Tunisto Venice. The vessel resembled a swan with its wings openedtowards the wind, gliding on the water. It advanced swiftlyand gracefully, leaving behind it a glittering stretch offoam. By degrees the sun disappeared behind the westernhorizon; but as though to prove the truth of the fancifulideas in heathen mythology, its indiscreet rays reappearedon the summit of every wave, as if the god of fire had justsunk upon the bosom of Amphitrite, who in vain endeavored tohide her lover beneath her azure mantle. The yacht movedrapidly on, though there did not appear to be sufficientwind to ruffle the curls on the head of a young girl.Standing on the prow was a tall man, of a dark complexion,who saw with dilating eyes that they were approaching a darkmass of land in the shape of a cone, which rose from themidst of the waves like the hat of a Catalan. "Is that MonteCristo?" asked the traveller, to whose orders the yacht wasfor the time submitted, in a melancholy voice.
3.  "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"
4.  "And you will probably find your theme ill-chosen."
5.  "Hark!" said Morrel. They both listened; steps weredistinctly heard in the corridor and on the stairs.
6.  "Albert, my child," said Mercedes, "if I had a strongerheart that is the counsel I would have given you; yourconscience has spoken when my voice became too weak; listento its dictates. You had friends, Albert; break off theiracquaintance. But do not despair; you have life before you,my dear Albert, for you are yet scarcely twenty-two yearsold; and as a pure heart like yours wants a spotless name,take my father's -- it was Herrera. I am sure, my dearAlbert, whatever may be your career, you will soon renderthat name illustrious. Then, my son, return to the worldstill more brilliant because of your former sorrows; and ifI am wrong, still let me cherish these hopes, for I have nofuture to look forward to. For me the grave opens when Ipass the threshold of this house."


1.  "Because -- I scarcely know why -- but it has appeared as ifMadame de Villefort secretly objected to the marriage,although she did not choose openly to oppose it."
2.  "As usual. Like a philosopher." Danglars returned at thismoment alone. "Well," said the baroness, "do you leave M.Cavalcanti with your daughter?"
3.  "Then the postscript is as favorably received by you as therest of the letter?"
4.  "It is the same thing. You have told your coachman to leavethe city by the Porta del Popolo, to drive round the walls,and re-enter by the Porta San Giovanni?"
5.  "I?"
6.  "Have you noticed the remarkable beauty of the young woman,M. Lucien?" inquired Eugenie.


1.  "Then you are wrong, madame. Fortune is precarious; and if Iwere a woman and fate had made me a banker's wife, whatevermight be my confidence in my husband's good fortune, stillin speculation you know there is great risk. Well, I wouldsecure for myself a fortune independent of him, even if Iacquired it by placing my interests in hands unknown tohim." Madame Danglars blushed, in spite of all her efforts."Stay," said Monte Cristo, as though he had not observed herconfusion, "I have heard of a lucky hit that was madeyesterday on the Neapolitan bonds."
2.  "This is a gloomy introduction, if I may judge from yourpallor and shuddering, Morrel."
3.  "Why, thus it is," replied Dantes. "Thanks to the influenceof M. Morrel, to whom, next to my father, I owe everyblessing I enjoy, every difficulty his been removed. We havepurchased permission to waive the usual delay; and athalf-past two o'clock the mayor of Marseilles will bewaiting for us at the city hall. Now, as a quarter-past onehas already struck, I do not consider I have asserted toomuch in saying, that, in another hour and thirty minutesMercedes will have become Madame Dantes."
4.  "No, with a relation. But still, we have quite lost our dearEugenie; for I doubt whether her pride will ever allow herto return to France."
5.   "Indeed? What do you wish to say about it?"
6.  Chapter 60The Telegraph.


1.  "To-morrow evening, at five o'clock."
2.  "When will it take place?"
3.  "Oh, I am sure of it; we talked of you an hour after youleft us the other day. But to return to what we were saying.If my mother could know of this attention on your part --and I will venture to tell her -- I am sure that she will bemost grateful to you; it is true that my father will beequally angry." The count laughed. "Well," said he toMorcerf, "but I think your father will not be the only angryone; M. and Madame Danglars will think me a veryill-mannered person. They know that I am intimate with you-- that you are, in fact; one of the oldest of my Parisianacquaintances -- and they will not find you at my house;they will certainly ask me why I did not invite you. Be sureto provide yourself with some previous engagement whichshall have a semblance of probability, and communicate thefact to me by a line in writing. You know that with bankersnothing but a written document will be valid."
4、  "I say that Monte Cristo is an island in the midst of theMediterranean, without inhabitants or garrison, the resortof smugglers of all nations, and pirates of every flag. Whoknows whether or not these industrious worthies do not payto their feudal lord some dues for his protection?"
5、  "Come," said Danglars, "will you take a million?"




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      "The chemist who came here with me."

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      "And I am still mourning her loss," exclaimed the major,drawing from his pocket a checked handkerchief, andalternately wiping first the left and then the right eye.

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       "And for that reason, he besought me to try and clear up amystery he had never been able to penetrate, and to clearhis memory should any foul spot or stain have fallen on it."

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      "You say this, my dear boy; but do you think we ought toaccept these 3,000 francs?" said Mercedes, coloring.

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    {  "I shall get nothing from these fools," he muttered; "and Iam very much afraid of being here between a drunkard and acoward. Here's an envious fellow making himself boozy onwine when he ought to be nursing his wrath, and here is afool who sees the woman he loves stolen from under his noseand takes on like a big baby. Yet this Catalan has eyes thatglisten like those of the vengeful Spaniards, Sicilians, andCalabrians, and the other has fists big enough to crush anox at one blow. Unquestionably, Edmond's star is in theascendant, and he will marry the splendid girl -- he will becaptain, too, and laugh at us all, unless" -- a sinistersmile passed over Danglars' lips -- "unless I take a hand inthe affair," he added.

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      "You have done well to speak to me, and ask for myassistance, for I was about to form another plan, and leaveyou; but your age reassures me. I will not forget you.Wait."}

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      "Come, come; enough of this," said Cavalcanti.

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      He had entered Villefort's office expecting that themagistrate would tremble at the sight of him; on thecontrary, he felt a cold shudder all over him when he sawVillefort sitting there with his elbow on his desk, and hishead leaning on his hand. He stopped at the door; Villefortgazed at him as if he had some difficulty in recognizinghim; then, after a brief interval, during which the honestshipowner turned his hat in his hands, --

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       "In the name of the love you once bore me!"

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    {  "You see my position, madame," said Morrel, bestowing agrateful smile on Monte Cristo.

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      "I do not condemn you, Albert; I only restrain you. Actprudently."