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1.   But Neptune did not forget the threats with which he had alreadythreatened Ulysses, so he took counsel with Jove. "Father Jove,"said he, "I shall no longer be held in any sort of respect among yougods, if mortals like the Phaeacians, who are my own flesh andblood, show such small regard for me. I said I would Ulysses gethome when he had suffered sufficiently. I did not say that he shouldnever get home at all, for I knew you had already nodded your headabout it, and promised that he should do so; but now they have broughthim in a ship fast asleep and have landed him in Ithaca afterloading him with more magnificent presents of bronze, gold, andraiment than he would ever have brought back from Troy, if he hadhad his share of the spoil and got home without misadventure."
2.   'He is a clergyman, and is said to do a great deal of good.'
3. 相比,简直微不足道。
4.   `On'y as 'appen yo'd like the place ter yersen, when yer did come, an' not me messin' abaht.'
5. 需要注意的是,这些协议的支持都是以直接集成官方Release实现的形式来做的,我认为这是一个很好的选择,既保证了协议解析自身的稳定性,又能使Dubbo社区更专注的将更多的精力放在Dubbo外围服务治理能力的改善上。
6.   The comfortable manager looked at him, as much as to say: "Well,I should judge so."


1. 每实施一台肾脏移植手术,孟某彬向魏某鑫支付14000元(魏某鑫从中支付刘某1000元),向门某科支付8000元,向何某南支付1000元等。
2. 一个从培训机构初出茅庐的学员,至少要经过1~2年甚至更长的锻炼,才能成为一个相对成熟的小儿推拿师。
3. 很少有人知道,波司登这个名字有个洋背景,是高德康根据美国城市波士顿的谐音取的,从创立之初就承载着他的出海梦,希望有朝一日波司登可以进入美国市场。
4.   `If you please, sir.'
5. 显然,二手楼房是全社会房源的重要部分。那些曾经、正在或将要入住二手房的朋友不妨设想,若二手楼房消失,人人涌入一手市场,那是什么局面?事实上,重税对调动空置房源不利。高房价引诱业主出让,而惩罚性税收则鼓励业主按兵不动。
6. 线索就在这里中断了,没有人知道孙卓被带到了哪里。


1.   He devoted himself during the remainder of the evening to keeping a most vigilant watch on Mrs. Cruncher, and sullenly holding her in conversation that she might be prevented from meditating any petitions to his disadvantage. With this view, he urged his son to hold her in conversation also, and led the unfortunate woman a hard life by dwelling on any causes of complaint lie could bring against her, rather than he would leave her for a moment to her own reflections. The devoutest person could have rendered no greater homage to the efficacy of an honest prayer than he did in this distrust of his Mile. It was as if a professed unbeliever in ghosts should be frightened by a ghost story.
2.   "The first I saw was Tyro. She was daughter of Salmoneus and wife ofCretheus the son of Aeolus. She fell in love with the river Enipeuswho is much the most beautiful river in the whole world. Once when shewas taking a walk by his side as usual, Neptune, disguised as herlover, lay with her at the mouth of the river, and a huge blue wavearched itself like a mountain over them to hide both woman and god,whereon he loosed her virgin girdle and laid her in a deep slumber.When the god had accomplished the deed of love, he took her hand inhis own and said, 'Tyro, rejoice in all good will; the embraces of thegods are not fruitless, and you will have fine twins about this timetwelve months. Take great care of them. I am Neptune, so now gohome, but hold your tongue and do not tell any one.'
3. 金山办公高级开发总监汪大炜说,初一开始,远程表单、文档协作服务数量明显增加,这个数据目前都没有一个平稳趋势,还是一如既往在往上走。
4. 商学院里,经典的波士顿矩阵分析法告诉我们,一个企业最重要的,是现金业务。
5. 在这个跨界案例中,“体验”的设计来自于对“春节回家”这一场景的深入洞察。
6. 纸上的生活


1.   Tommy Dukes was at Wragby, and another man, Harry Winterslow, and Jack Strangeways with his wife Olive. The talk was much more desultory than when only the cronies were there, and everybody was a bit bored, for the weather was bad, and there was only billiards, and the pianola to dance to.
2.   `Yes, Jerry,' repeated Mr. Cruncher, sitting down to tea. `Ah! It is yes, Jerry. That's about it. You may say yes, Jerry.'
3. FactSet数据显示,在这些公司中,有75%的企业业绩好于预期。
4.   "How so?"
5. 据悉,犯罪嫌疑人陈启红又名陈围济,户籍在广西隆林各族自治县德峨镇那地村阿贡屯二队13号,身高160厘米左右,逃跑时驾驶一辆无牌摩托车,身着黑色上衣。
6. 我们希望Automattic的雇用关系能够延续数十年。


1.   `Only two sets of them.'
2.   So great was Noureddin's consternation that he had not a word to say in reply.
3. 请求法院判令二被告连带赔偿智者天下公司经济损失和合理开支3.7万元。

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      Hurstwood was an interesting character after his kind. He wasshrewd and clever in many little things, and capable of creatinga good impression. His managerial position was fairly important--a kind of stewardship which was imposing, but lacked financialcontrol. He had risen by perseverance and industry, through longyears of service, from the position of barkeeper in a commonplacesaloon to his present altitude. He had a little office in theplace, set off in polished cherry and grill-work, where he kept,in a roll-top desk, the rather simple accounts of the place--supplies ordered and needed. The chief executive and financialfunctions devolved upon the owners--Messrs. Fitzgerald and Moy--and upon a cashier who looked after the money taken in.

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      The next afternoon she went to the wood again. She followed the broad riding that swerved round and up through the larches to a spring called John's Well. It was cold on this hillside, and not a flower in the darkness of larches. But the icy little spring softly pressed upwards from its tiny well-bed of pure, reddish-white pebbles. How icy and clear it was! Brilliant! The new keeper had no doubt put in fresh pebbles. She heard the faint tinkle of water, as the tiny overflow trickled over and downhill. Even above the hissing boom of the larchwood, that spread its bristling, leafless, wolfish darkness on the down-slope, she heard the tinkle as of tiny water-bells.

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