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1.   How fares it with your heart?
2.   As the ghost was offering to depart, Meucio remembred TingoccioesGossip Monna Mita, and raysing himselfe higher upon his pillowe, said.My memorie informeth me friend Tingoccio, your kinde Gossip MonnaMita, with whom (when you remained in this life) I knew you to be veryfamiliar: let me intreat you then to tell me, what punishment isinflicted on you there, for that wanton sinne committed heere? OhBrother Meucio, answered Tingoccio, so soone as my soule was landedthere, one came immediately to me, who seemed to know all mineoffences readily by heart, and forthwith commanded, that I shoulddepart thence into a certaine place, where I must weepe for mysinnes in very grievous paines. There I found more of my companions,condemned to the same punishment as I was, and being among them, Icalled to minde some wanton dalliances, which had passed betweene myGossip and me, and expecting therefore farre greater afflictions, thenas yet I felt (although I was in a huge fire, and exceedingly hot) yetwith conceite of feare, I quaked and trembled wondrously.
3. 大家根本顾不上休息、下班,就想着尽快联系上女孩家人,确保她的安全。
4. ['k?pirait]
5.   "Me?" said the young girl, "he never even glances at me; onthe contrary, if I accidentally cross his path, he appearsrather to avoid me. Ah, he is not generous, neither does hepossess that supernatural penetration which you attribute tohim, for if he did, he would have perceived that I wasunhappy; and if he had been generous, seeing me sad andsolitary, he would have used his influence to my advantage,and since, as you say, he resembles the sun, he would havewarmed my heart with one of his life-giving rays. You say heloves you, Maximilian; how do you know that he does? Allwould pay deference to an officer like you, with a fiercemustache and a long sabre, but they think they may crush apoor weeping girl with impunity."
6. 这个排行榜是不断变化的全球商业环境的年度快照。美国仍然是拥有最多数量的全球2000强公司的国家:总共564家。尽管今年日本失去的成员最多(26家),仍然尾随美国,总计拥有225家公司。


1.   No sooner were they arrived, but Pasimondo, the intended Husband forIphigenia (who had already heard the tydings) went and complained tothe Senate, who appointed a Gentleman of Rhodes named Lysimachus,and being that yeere soveraigne Magistrate over the Rhodians, to gowell provided for the apprehension of Chynon and his company,committing them to prison, which accordingly was done. In this manner,the poore unfortunate lover Chynon, lost his faire Iphigenia, havingwon her in so short a while before, and scarsely requited with so muchas a kisse. But as for Iphigenia, she was royally welcommed by manyLords and Ladies of Rhodes, who so kindely comforted her, that shesoone forgotte all her greefe and trouble on the Sea, remaining incompany of those Ladies and Gentlewomen, untill the day determined forher marriage.
2. 这两篇论文,第一篇共观察了41个病例,到1月22日,有28名患者出院(68%),6名患者死亡(15%)。
3. 记者于工作日早8点左右驾车沿进京方向行驶,由于此时北皋进京方向入口附近并无交警设岗整顿,从这里直至五元桥前方,应急车道再次车满为患。
4. 齐家网这种远高于同行的风险,以及其暴露的质量问题,当然难以令资本市场看好。
5. 这不是妥妥撞车了吗?届时俱乐部要打季后赛,国家队要打奥运会落选赛,虽然后者希望极其渺茫,但国家队荣誉和俱乐部荣誉如何取舍,两个舞台都要登场的国手们又岂能不犯难。
6. 由于外卖平台基本垄断了消费者与商家的订单信息,因此骑手在选择这个工作时只能被动接受平台在定价、派单、奖惩和评价等方面的运行规则。


1. 在当时,就有不少观察家和学者对这种以所有制为上市前提的制度提出了异议。《人民日报》记者凌志军在他的观察手记中写道,“看起来,国有企业是永远要人家来扶持的,过去是政府的财政,接着是银行,现在是股市,扶持的办法就是不停地把钱送到国有企业里面去。”北京大学教授张维迎则撰文认为:“我们现在把股票市场看做是解决国有企业困难的一种办法,而不是当做使有限的资源流向最有效率的企业、最有能力的企业家的融资渠道。这种为了扶贫而发展股票市场的思路是不健康的。政府的指导思想应该是保证保护公平交易,保护投资者的利益,而不是保护少数人的特殊利益。”张维迎还为此提出了自己的建议,“我建议中央,应该对国有企业进行间接解困,让那些好的、有潜力的私营企业、非国有企业上市,然后用筹集的资金收购国有企业,这种间接不仅解决了资金问题,而且解决了机制问题。”他的这个建议因缺乏操作性而没有得到重视。①提出过与张维迎类似观点的人士还有很多。1998年,香港证券及期货事务监察委员会主席梁定邦大律师被中国证监会聘为首席顾问,这被解读为证监会试图规范中国股市的标志性行动之一。梁定邦到任不久后就对股市频频开炮,其中第一条便是指标配额制。他认为,“指标配额上市的办法,其计划有很大的随意性,绝大多数上市指标都是为当地解困脱贫的,捆绑上市很普遍。上市之后,企业的机制和财务问题很快就暴露出来,相当一部分公司成为空壳。”除了配额制外,梁定邦对另一个“中国特色”的“股份分置”制度也提出了批评,所有上市的国有公司都存在非流通股与流通股两类股份,前者为国有股份。两类股份的权利相同,但持股的成本则有巨大差异,这造成了两类股东之间的严重不公,同时也为日后的“庄家经济”提供了天然的操作空间。2005年之后,通过国有股减持的改革,才结束了这一制度。
2. 华商报记者谢涛来源:华商报。
3.   `Not to death,' said the uncle; `it is not necessary to say, to death.'
4. 目前,其抢劫时使用的枪支和赃物已被追回,韦尔因此被指控犯有抢劫罪,但估计还会有更多针对他此次犯罪行为的指控。
5.   "Madam," answered the porter, "these gentlemen entreat you to explain to them why you should first whip the dogs and then cry over them, and also how it happens that the fainting lady is covered with scars. They have requested me, Madam, to be their mouthpiece."
6.   "When we reached the harbour we found it land-locked under steepcliffs, with a narrow entrance between two headlands. My captains tookall their ships inside, and made them fast close to one another, forthere was never so much as a breath of wind inside, but it wasalways dead calm. I kept my own ship outside, and moored it to arock at the very end of the point; then I climbed a high rock toreconnoitre, but could see no sign neither of man nor cattle, onlysome smoke rising from the ground. So I sent two of my company with anattendant to find out what sort of people the inhabitants were.


1. 701
2. 获得较大幅度增长的莱克·碧云泉和惠而浦,主要销售的产品中直饮机占比相对其他品牌更大。
3.   "That's a pretty ring you have," he said, touching a commonplacesetting which adorned the hand holding the card he had given her.
4. 新的一年来临,新的情况也跟着出现。
5. 夏国是在不断的战争中发展起来的,所以又很重视中原的兵书,现存的西夏文译本有:《孙子兵法三注》、《六韬》、《黄石公三略》和诸葛亮的《新书》等。唐太宗的“贞观之治”,被历代统治者奉为楷模,吴兢的《贞观政要》也部分译成西夏文,称为《贞观要文》。
6. 你没有足够的时间和空间来展现全部的信息,所以你应该快速的呈现信息,换句话说,你可以让用户看到一部分,然后期待另外一部分。


1.   "Prince," returned she as soon as her confusion permitted her to speak, "you have given me the greatest pleasure, and I have followed you closely in all your adventures, and though you are positively sitting before me, I even trembled at your danger in the upper regions of the air! Let me say what a debt I owe to the chance that has led you to my house; you could have entered none which would have given you a warmer welcome. As to your being a slave, of course that is merely a joke, and my reception must itself have assured you that you are as free here as at your father's court. As to your heart," continued she in tones of encouragement, "I am quite sure that must have been disposed of long ago, to some princess who is well worthy of it, and I could not think of being the cause of your unfaithfulness to her."
2. "Of course there are men," said Terry. "Come on, let's find 'em."
3. 而Atlassian则是围绕用户需求,通过扩充产品线的方式来扩张。

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