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1. 在创办北京瀛海威信息通信公司前,33岁的张树新是一个从中科院辞职下海的女商人,她在中关村做传呼台的生意。1994年底,她跟丈夫一起去美国游历。在一位同学的家里,她看到了一份印有E-mail地址的通讯录,也就在这一刻,“互联网”这只长着翅膀的精灵飞进了张树新的视野。
2. 只要外汇头寸安全一些了,我就会考虑在下次政府债券发行时购入一些政府债券。因为真实利率又一次升到了不现实的水平,更何况沙特可能真的要增加石油产出。
3.   The prince then inquired if she knew what had become of the enchanted horse since the Indian's death, but the princess could only reply that she had heard nothing about it. Still she did not suppose that the horse could have been forgotten by the Sultan, after all she had told him of its value.
4. 再有,贫与富未必有关联。除了抢劫和征税等短暂效应外,贫穷和富裕并非总是因果相关的。社会中的少部分财富,是来自于自然界并且可直接享用的,比如山鸡、野果、阳光和空气;但大部分则源自于技术和制度创新,并以无中生有的方式创造出来,比如汽车、轮船、电影和软件。纵观全球,有些地区一贫如洗,有些地区则灯红酒绿,其间的差异绝大部分是技术和制度创新造成的。也就是说,穷人往往不是富人的牺牲品,而富人也往往没有亏欠穷人。
5. 一些只在欧美上市的新药,可以在海南博鳌的超级医院先行先试。
6.   "Twelvepence!" quoth she; "now lady Sainte Mary So wisly* help me out of care and sin, *surely This wide world though that I should it win, No have I not twelvepence within my hold. Ye know full well that I am poor and old; *Kithe your almes* upon me poor wretch." *show your charity* "Nay then," quoth he, "the foule fiend me fetch, If I excuse thee, though thou should'st be spilt."* *ruined "Alas!" quoth she, "God wot, I have no guilt." "Pay me," quoth he, "or, by the sweet Saint Anne, As I will bear away thy newe pan For debte, which thou owest me of old, -- When that thou madest thine husband cuckold, -- I paid at home for thy correction." "Thou liest," quoth she, "by my salvation; Never was I ere now, widow or wife, Summon'd unto your court in all my life; Nor never I was but of my body true. Unto the devil rough and black of hue Give I thy body and my pan also." And when the devil heard her curse so Upon her knees, he said in this mannere; "Now, Mabily, mine owen mother dear, Is this your will in earnest that ye say?" "The devil," quoth she, "so fetch him ere he dey,* *die And pan and all, but* he will him repent." *unless "Nay, olde stoat,* that is not mine intent," *polecat Quoth this Sompnour, "for to repente me For any thing that I have had of thee; I would I had thy smock and every cloth." "Now, brother," quoth the devil, "be not wroth; Thy body and this pan be mine by right. Thou shalt with me to helle yet tonight, Where thou shalt knowen of our privity* *secrets More than a master of divinity."


1. 不过,流失率是非常集中的:大约10%的年流失率对公司成立之初来说是合理的。
2. 这个基础让他有了在半导体业继续追求世界级的视野、底气和能力。
3. 金沙江创投现在是非常优秀的早期投资机构品牌,有很好的投资业绩和品牌背书,我们在市场上跟最好的创始人合作,很少有不愿意跟金沙江创投合作的创始人。
4. 这股抢购潮从22日开始,很多华人一买就是四五盒,上百只,让药店店员都不理解。
5. 1999年5月是最糟糕的时期。流浪者在帕克海德球场打败了凯尔特人并赢得联赛冠军,但是事先准备好的庆祝活动被接下来发生的事情所破坏,一系列的事件表明任何糟糕的状况都可能发生,因此原定活动只能取消。
6. 村里打牌之风盛行,并不意味着缺少治理,只是治理效果不佳。


1.   Half an hour after the entrance of the king, fresh acclamationswere heard; these announced the arrival of the queen. Thealdermen did as they had done before, and preceded by theirsergeants, advanced to receive their illustrious guest. Thequeen entered the great hall; and it was remarked that, like theking, she looked dull and even weary.
2.   `I hardly seem yet,' returned Charles Darnay, `to belong to this world again.'
3. 不是荒废场地,这是EVCARD在嘉兴地区的临时停车点,有专人看守,用于第一批下线车辆的停放,数量大概是2300辆。
4. 农村是防疫的薄弱点,基层政府的行为对群众有极大的影响。
5. But there were hours when her child heart might almost have broken with loneliness but for three people.
6. 促使欧洲人开始海外冒险事业的动机很多,为上帝服务和寻求黄金可能是其中最强烈的动机。达·伽马抵达卡利库达时,曾向当地惊讶不己的印度人解释说,他来这里是为了寻找基督教徒和香料。同样,征服者伯纳尔·迪亚斯在回忆录中写道,他和他的同伴去美洲大陆,“是为了象所有男子汉都欲做到的那样,为上帝和陛下服务、将光明带给那些尚处于黑暗中的人们和发财致富。”北欧的新教徒之所以从事海外冒险活动,也是出于宗教上的考虑,只是程度上比起伊比利亚人稍微差一些。弗朗西斯·德雷克爵士在为美洲的殖民地进行宣传时这样写道:


1. 11年前,12岁的什邡男孩程强高举横幅送别亲人解放军的画面,让人记忆深刻。
2. 赵俊霞说,当时吴花燕在病床上,在场的包括吴花燕的弟弟、婶婶以及医护人员,申请表上吴花燕的签字是由弟弟吴江龙代签。
3. 展开全文3M还计划在今年推行全新的业务架构,赋予各个业务集团制定全球战略并调配各地资源的职权,放弃此前以区域为主导的模式。
4.   "What would you have, Planchet? What must come is written.""Monsieur does not then renounce his excursion for this evening?""Quite the contrary, Planchet; the more ill will I have towardMonsieur Bonacieux, the more punctual I shall be in keeping theappointment made by that letter which makes you so uneasy.""Then that is Monsieur's determination?"
5. 在这样的危急时刻,周医生时时刻刻考虑的是患者、牵挂着患者的安危,真的是医者父母心。
6. 小雪节气,天气渐渐进入真正的寒冷,室内外温差渐大。


1. (每日经济新闻)中国工商银行与阿里巴巴、蚂蚁金服签署全面深化战略合作协议工商银行与阿里巴巴、蚂蚁金服签署全面深化战略合作,加快构建数字金融的合作发展新生态。
2.   In the time of this plague and dreadful visitation, the LordPresident, his Lady, Sonnes, Daughters, Brothers, Nephewes, andKindred dyed, none remaining alive, but one onely Daughtermarriageable, a few of the houshold servants, beside Perotto, whom(after the sickenesse was more mildly asswaged) with counsell andconsent of the Countrey people, the young Lady accepted to be herhusband, because hee was a man so worthy and valiant; and of all theinheritance left by her deceased Father, she made him Lord, and solecommander. Within no long while after, the King of Englandunderstanding that his President of Wales was dead, and Fame liberallyrelating the vertues, valour, and good parts of Perotto the Piccard,hee created him President thereof, and to supply the place of hisdeceased Lord. These faire fortunes, within the compasse of so short atime, fell to the two innocent children of the Count D'Angiers afterthey were left by him as lost and forlorne.
3. 近20人因此被立案新京报讯(记者王俊)近日,晋江一男子从武汉归来后隐瞒信息,到处赴宴,后被确诊为新冠肺炎,4000多人因此被医学观察,这一消息引起广泛关注。

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