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1.   'Well, who am I?' he asked.
2. (2)(↓B+?)>(↓T+?)→↑v
3. 领导这样一家公司是是一项艰巨的工作。
4.   Like house - encumber'd snail we creep; While far ahead the women keep,For when to the devil's house we speed, By a thousand steps they take thelead.
5. 国家新闻出版广电总局官员表示,中国电影业在2016年经济发展“新常态”下保持了稳定的发展势头。
6.   Now the stones were off, and Hurstwood took his place again amida continued chorus of epithets. Both officers got up beside himand the conductor rang the bell, when, bang! bang! through windowand door came rocks and stones. One narrowly grazed Hurstwood'shead. Another shattered the window behind.


1. 另一方面,多步骤多页面表单比单独长表单的转化率要高,因为每一个步骤页面中涉及的表单项目相对比较少,适合访客填写心理。
2. As foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, who broke free from a violent relationship in her 20s, is challenging assumptions in a traditionally male sphere.
3. 秦始皇在建立中央集权的君主专制政权过程中,就积极利用阴阳五行说为其统治服务,以证明其统治的合法性和神圣性。史载,齐人奏五行德运说,黄帝得土德,夏得木德,殷得金德,周得火德,秦变周而兴,应得水德。秦始皇采用此说,于是秦更命河曰'德水',以冬十月为年首,色上黑,度六以为名,音上大吕,事统上法①。按照阴阳五行说,水在季节上属冬,颜色为黑色,时间应从夏历十月开始,五德循环的位数是六,在音律上属阴,水阴主刑杀。因此,秦得水德,就应以冬十月为岁首,崇尚黑色(衣服、旌旗为黑色),以六为度量单位(如符是六寸,步为六尺之类),以大吕(为阴律之始)为正音,以法为施政准则。于是五行德运之说首次为最高封建统治者所利用。秦始皇标榜得水德,为的是向天下宣示,秦朝之兴适应了五行演化的法则,理当代周统治中国。秦始皇的统治既然是得到上天的委任,于是他就极为重视祭天帝。统一中国的第三年(公元前219年)就到泰山封禅,即在泰山顶上筑坛祭祀天帝。此外,秦始皇仍按时祭青、黄、赤、白四帝。
4.   Thus did they converse. Meanwhile the suitors were throwing discs,or aiming with spears at a mark on the levelled ground in front of thehouse, and behaving with all their old insolence. But when it wasnow time for dinner, and the flock of sheep and goats had come intothe town from all the country round, with their shepherds as usual,then Medon, who was their favourite servant, and who waited uponthem at table, said, "Now then, my young masters, you have hadenough sport, so come inside that we may get dinner ready. Dinner isnot a bad thing, at dinner time."
5. 回想起当时的场景,小刘仍感觉到深深的恐惧与痛苦。
6. 10岁女儿被未成年男孩杀死凶手家属至今未道歉2019年10月20日下午,家住大连市沙河口区的王章和妻子贺玲发现,本应已经下美术课回家的10岁女儿王萱并未回来。


1. 我不了解你是什么样的情况,但是如果我根据工作,生活和生活各自准备一个日历,我会手忙脚乱的。如果你生活中所有的事都记在一个日历上,在一个计划中,你就不能重复安排任何事了,就像一个重要的测试或者和老板的晚餐一样。
2. 尽可能在原有村庄形态上整治环境,保护好村落周边的山、水、田、林、园、塘等自然资源,努力做到不推山、不削坡、不填塘、不砍树、不改路。
3.   This scheme I went over twice, thrice; it was then digested in mymind; I had it in a clear practical form: I felt satisfied, and fellasleep.
4.   "Your wife has escaped. Did you know that?"
5. 以下为访谈实录:主持人:您应该是2016年创立了这家企业,之前是在特斯拉。
6.   "It is a pity he did not write in pencil," said he, throwing themdown again with a shrug of disappointment. "As you have no doubtfrequently observed, Watson, the impression usually goes through- afact which has dissolved many a happy marriage. However, I can find notrace here. I rejoice, however, to perceive that he wrote with abroad-pointed quill pen, and I can hardly doubt that we will find someimpression upon this blotting-pad. Ah, yes, surely this is the verything!"


1. 在头面部已经被火焰包围的情况下,喊叫会引起严重呼吸道烧伤。
2.   "Oh, wouldn't you?" said Carrie, the, to her, new attitudeforcing itself distinctly upon her for the first time.
3.   The Englishmen bowed and went upstairs.
4. 未来会怎样?未来是“共享经济”。过去也是因为信息不对称,许多资源难以共享,只能闲置,所以闲置不算是成本。今天所有的资源都可以在互联网实现共享。不是说所有权不重要,而是使用权变得碎片化了,资源的使用效率提高了。既然有这个选择,能增加效益,能提高收入,那么闲置的成本就变得很高,而共享经济就会变成无法阻挡的潮流。
5.   Well! Well! I'll leave you to yourself with pleasure, A serious tone you hardlydare employ. To part from one so crazy, harsh, and cross, Were not in truth agrievous loss. The live - long day, for you I toil and fret; Ne'er from hisworship's face a hint I get, What pleases him, or what to let alone.Faust
6. 对于一些产品不适合于直发的产品,Shopee也提供了海外仓的模式,帮助卖家可以进行提前的备货到当地,然后再进行当地的派送,一方面可以拓展渠道和品类,另一方面也可以给当地的消费者提供一个更好的物流体验。


1. "You ran away because your brain had given way under the strain of mental torture," he said. "You were half delirious already. If you had not been you would have stayed and fought it out. You were in a hospital, strapped down in bed, raving with brain fever, two days after you left the place. Remember that."
2.   No sooner had hee opened the doore, but stich a smell of brimstonecame foorth (whereof wee felt not the least savour before) as madeus likewise to cough and sneeze, being no way able to refraine it.Shee seeing her Husband to bee much moved, excused the matter thus:that (but a little while before) shee had whited certaine linnenwith the smoake of brimstone, as it is a usuall thing to doe, and thenset the Pan into that spare place, because it should not bee offensiveto us. By this time, Herculano had espied him that sneezed, whobeing almost stifled with the smell, and closenesse of the small roomewherein hee lay, had not any power to helpe himselfe, but stillcontinued coughing and sneezing, even as if his heart would have splitin twaine. Foorth hee pluckt him by the heeles, and perceiving howmatter had past, hee saide to her. I thanke you Wife now I see thereason, why you kept us so long from comming into this roome: letmee die, if I beare this wrong at your hands. When his Wife heardthese words, and saw the discovery of her shame; without returningeither excuse or answere, foorth of doores shee ranne, but whither,wee know not. Herculano drew his Dagger, and would have slaine himthat still lay sneezing: but I disswaded him from it, as well inrespect of his, as also mine owne danger, when the Law shouldcensure on the deede. And after the young man was indifferentlyrecovered; by the perswasion of some Neighbours comming in: hee wasclosely conveyed out of the House, and all the noyse quietly pacified.Onely (by this meanes, and the flight of Herculanoes Wife) wee weredisappointed of our Supper, and now you know the reason of my so soonereturning.
3. “虽然这是一项艰苦的工作,但仍然有许多人愿意从事这个职业,并且还在不断参加着那些名目众多的通往最高等级的竞争考核。但是,即使到达了最高等级,也还是有压力存在——主要是你得努力去协调好所有的事情。”

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