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1. 专家称,当地的野狼会捕食野猪和鹿之类的动物,类似袋鼠大小的动物可以被野狼轻易带走。
2. The child entered upon a broad open field of life, in which motherhood was the one great personal contribution to the national life, and all the rest the individual share in their common activities. Every girl I talked to, at any age above babyhood, had her cheerful determination as to what she was going to be when she grew up.
3. 大半辈子为理想中的科技创造美好生活而奋斗的张衡,31岁那年成为华为最年轻的副总裁,而后和每个总想做点与众不同的创业者一样,走出来创立了自己的事业——途鸽科技。
4.  如果这些扫码者真的都是为了推销产品,那问题就简单了。
5. 再坚持一下,实验就结束了,就可以给办案单位出检测结果了。
6. 他表示,2017年的目标是航班整体准点率维持在75%左右。


1.   "On this we all went inland, and Eurylochus was not left behindafter all, but came on too, for he was frightened by the severereprimand that I had given him.
2. 为此,毕胜分别谈妥了Burberry、Prada、UnderArmour、耐克、依视路及卡地亚中国供应商,推出了女鞋、运动鞋、眼镜及配饰等多个品类。
3.   `Old Bailey spy,' returned his informant. `Yaha Tst! Yah! Old Bailey Spi-i-ies!'
4. 知道这个季节感冒发烧的人多,但没想到连跑两家医院都是人满为患。
5.   Mephistopheles
6. 这里面,应当承担法律责任的,不仅是在场哄抢的人员,对故意制造和传播全部免费谣言者,更应承担相应的法律责任。


1.   "Well, how goes it, Caddie?" he said.
2. 千平大店倒也不是新生事物,十年前,购物中心的特产就是千平大店。
3. 原标题:一身冷汗。
4.   Mephistopheles (to Faust)
5. 报告还显示,近四分之一的人为所有账户设置同一密码。
6.   The Dutchesse being faithfully perswaded, that he would do thisonely for her sake, and not in any affection he bare to the Lady,answered, that it highly pleased her; alwayes provided, that itmight be performed in such sort, as the Duke her husband shouldnever understand, that ever she gave any consent thereto; whichConstantine sware unto her by many deepe oaths, whereby she referredall to his owne disposition. Constantine heereupon secretly preparedin a readinesse a subtile Barke, sending it in an evening, neere tothe Garden where the Lady resorted; having first informed the peoplewhich were in it, fully what was to be done. Afterwards, accompaniedwith some other of his attendants, he went to the Palace to theLady, where he was gladly entertained, not onely by such as waytedon her, but also by the Lady her selfe.


1. 53
2. 你的精神世界是一个参考系,你发表你的看法、观点,你看到的事实,推论的过程和逻辑,把自己的参考系呈现出来。
3.   "What's the use of mentioning that? What is done is done.Let us talk of your happy return, my boy. I had gone on thequay to match a piece of mulberry cloth, when I met friendDanglars. `You at Marseilles?' -- `Yes,' says he.
4.   The words contained in this Song, did manifestly declare, whattorturing afflictions poore Philostratus felt, and more (perhaps)had beene perceived by the lookes of the Lady whom he spake of,being then present in the dance; if the sodaine ensuing darknessehad not hid the crimson blush, which mounted up into her face. But theSong being ended, and divers other beside, lasting till the houre ofrest drew on; by command of the Queene, they all repaired to theirChambers.
5.   Two children were presented to him as olive merchants, and the Cadi addressed them. "Tell me," he said, "how long can olives be kept so as to be pleasant eating?"
6. 每个人都喜欢饼干,但是买一个智能烤箱似乎可以多烤一点。这个烤箱承诺在短短10分钟内就烤好饼干,但不考虑时间的因素,使用老式的烤箱似乎更容易做更多饼干。


1.   He made his way into the heart of the small group, eyed bypolicemen and the men already there. One of the officersaddressed him.
2. 市场上的钞票竞逐,我们司空见惯。钞票竞逐的结果就是价格,它既传达了资源的稀缺性,又反映了生产的代价,是调配资源和刺激生产的关键信号。相反,选票竞逐却既不能反映代价,也不能刺激生产。政客往往用小恩小惠换来选票,当选后就运用权力和政策,为特殊的团体谋利益。
3.   'It is not my house, sir; and Abbot says I have less right to behere than a servant.'

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    Not very long after this a very exciting thing happened. Not only Sara, but the entire school, found it exciting, and made it the chief subject of conversation for weeks after it occurred. In one of his letters Captain Crewe told a most interesting story. A friend who had been at school with him when he was a boy had unexpectedly come to see him in India. He was the owner of a large tract of land upon which diamonds had been found, and he was engaged in developing the mines. If all went as was confidently expected, he would become possessed of such wealth as it made one dizzy to think of; and because he was fond of the friend of his school days, he had given him an opportunity to share in this enormous fortune by becoming a partner in his scheme. This, at least, was what Sara gathered from his letters. It is true that any other business scheme, however magnificent, would have had but small attraction for her or for the schoolroom; but "diamond mines" sounded so like the Arabian Nights that no one could be indifferent. Sara thought them enchanting, and painted pictures, for Ermengarde and Lottie, of labyrinthine passages in the bowels of the earth, where sparkling stones studded the walls and roofs and ceilings, and strange, dark men dug them out with heavy picks. Ermengarde delighted in the story, and Lottie insisted on its being retold to her every evening. Lavinia was very spiteful about it, and told Jessie that she didn't believe such things as diamond mines existed.

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    Then they slipped through the skylight as noiselessly as they had entered it. And, after he was quite sure they had gone, Melchisedec was greatly relieved, and in the course of a few minutes felt it safe to emerge from his hole again and scuffle about in the hope that even such alarming human beings as these might have chanced to carry crumbs in their pockets and drop one or two of them.

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