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1. 以上几支外,黄河南北各地遍布着人民抗全队伍,依山靠水结寨,总计约有六、七十万人,斗志昂扬,声势浩大。知开封府宗泽,不顾高宗、黄、汪一伙对民兵的敌视,积极联络两河和陕西的人民抗金队伍,依山河筑垒防守。许多人民武装自愿拥戴宗泽,听他的号令。宗泽依靠民众的支持,驻守东京。金兵不敢来犯。
2. John Stevenage, chief executive of British Mensa, said he was delighted for Nishi. He said: 'I hope she will make full use of her membership to meet new, like-minded people and challenge herself. Joining Mensa opens the door to an international network of more than 100,000 people and many members make friends for life.
3. "How low--or how high, rather?"
4. 2019年8月16日,理想汽车宣布完成5.3亿美元C轮融资,本轮融资由美团创始人王兴领投,经纬创投、明势资本、蓝驰创投等老股东跟投,投后估值约为29.3亿美元。
5. 外婆拿出23年前家书,上面写着:今天你代数作业十六道题中总计错七道。
6.   "It is well," he answered, "the monsoon will soon bring the ivory ships hither, then I will send you on your way with somewhat to pay your passage."


1. 作为非常了解该地区IT业态和市场规律的高级管理者,郭尊华相信凭借自己的经验,能够改变这一现状。
2.   13. Corniculere: The secretary or registrar who was charged with publishing the acts, decrees and orders of the prefect.
3. 第二个因素是想要拓展的新品类与企业原有品类的关联性。
4. (二)辽朝的黑暗统治与农民起义
6.   Devoting himself wholly to the thought of Cressida -- though he yet knew not whether she was woman or goddess -- Troilus, in spite of his royal blood, became the very slave of love. He set at naught every other charge, but to gaze on her as often as he could; thinking so to appease his hot fire, which thereby only burned the hotter. He wrought marvellous feats of arms against the Greeks, that she might like him the better for his renown; then love deprived him of sleep, and made his food his foe; till he had to "borrow a title of other sickness," that men might not know he was consumed with love. Meantime, Cressida gave no sign that she heeded his devotion, or even knew of it; and he was now consumed with a new fear -- lest she loved some other man. Bewailing his sad lot -- ensnared, exposed to the scorn of those whose love he had ridiculed, wishing himself arrived at the port of death, and praying ever that his lady might glad him with some kind look -- Troilus is surprised in his chamber by his friend Pandarus, the uncle of Cressida. Pandarus, seeking to divert his sorrow by making him angry, jeeringly asks whether remorse of conscience, or devotion, or fear of the Greeks, has caused all this ado. Troilus pitifully beseeches his friend to leave him to die alone, for die he must, from a cause which he must keep hidden; but Pandarus argues against Troilus' cruelty in hiding from a friend such a sorrow, and Troilus at last confesses that his malady is love. Pandarus suggests that the beloved object may be such that his counsel might advance his friend's desires; but Troilus scouts the suggestion, saying that Pandarus could never govern himself in love.


1. "Oh yes," Moadine told him. "A good many of us have another, as we get on in life--a descriptive one. That is the name we earn. Sometimes even that is changed, or added to, in an unusually rich life. Such as our present Land Mother--what you call president or king, I believe. She was called Mera, even as a child; that means `thinker.' Later there was added Du--Du-Mera --the wise thinker, and now we all know her as O-du-mera-- great and wise thinker. You shall meet her."
2. "It's a lonely place," she said. "Sometimes it's the loneliest place in the world."
3. 主管部门:擅改规划违规,存在诸多隐患那么,公共走廊空间是否可以作为内部空间私自占用?窗边墙体的外延部分是否可以改建为内置阳台?某房产人士告诉记者,像源创空间这种情况,房产公司通常会在房屋通过验收之后再进行私自搭建,属于典型的批后违建。
4. 2、涉及伪造、涂改、出租、出借、转让公司、分公司营业执照,工商部门可以直接吊销其营业执照。
5.   Now, however, they came thick and fast. Gentlemen with fortunesdid not hesitate to note, as an addition to their own amiablecollection of virtues, that they had their horses and carriages.Thus one:
6.   Hence, also, we can see that when a plant or animal is placed in a new country amongst new competitors, though the climate may be exactly the same as in its former home, yet the conditions of its life will generally be changed in an essential manner. If we wished to increase its average numbers in its new home, we should have to modify it in a different way to what we should have done in its native country; for we should have to give it some advantage over a different set of competitors or enemies.


1.   But were it so, the blisse that I would chuse,
2. "You are aware, young ladies," the speech began--for it was a speech--"that dear Sara is eleven years old today."
3. 最极端的例子是打车市场,在千万司机和几亿的乘客之间建立连接时,很难借到巧劲,最好的办法还是通过巨额的补贴来建立交易习惯。
4.   "You gave De Wardes a meeting on Thursday last in this veryroom, did you not?"
5. 78%的药剂师知道青霉素过敏可以随着时间的推移而缓解,55%的其他受访者(非过敏症专科医师、助理医师和护士)知道这一点,需进一步提高对青霉素过敏的认识。
6. 北京市气象台预计,今天白天晴,北转南风2、3级,最高气温1℃


1. 为什么我们能看到,大量没有品类属性的新产品品牌,能快速起量。
2. 为了避免红十字会工作人员交叉感染,所有志愿者每天都需要测量体温,戴口罩,每人一个房间接听电话。
3.   Faust

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