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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  On their side, the three Musketeers were much attached to theiryoung comrade. The friendship which united these four men, andthe want they felt of seeing another three or four times a day,whether for dueling, business, or pleasure, caused them to becontinually running after one another like shadows; and theInseparables were constantly to be met with seeking one another,from the Luxembourg to the Place St. Sulpice, or from the Rue duVieux-Colombier to the Luxembourg.
2.  "Then you have no religion at all; I like that best," repliedLord de Winter, laughing.
3.  "But this encounter, sire, is quite out of the ordinaryconditions of a duel. It is a brawl; and the proof is that therewere five of the cardinal's Guardsmen against my three Musketeersand Monsieur d'Artagnan."
4.  "Yes," said Felton; "but silence, silence! I must have time tofile through these bars. Only take care that I am not seenthrough the wicket."
5.  D'Artagnan came again on the morrow and the day after that,and each day Milady gave him a more gracious reception.Every evening, either in the antechamber, the corridor, oron the stairs, he met the pretty SOUBRETTE. But, as we havesaid, D'Artagnan paid no attention to this persistence ofpoor Kitty.
6.  "Thirty crowns."


1.  Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account oftheir frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and aslately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobodycame, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heardfainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue duBac.
2.  As he passed the Hotel des Gardes, he took a glance in to thestables. Three of the four horses had already arrived.Planchet, all astonishment, was busy grooming them, and hadalready finished two.
3.  "No; for I put it in execution that very minute.""And the consequence?" said D'Artagnan, in great anxiety."I threw, and I lost."
4.  Planchet and Grimaud appeared in their turn, leading theirmasters' steeds. D'Artagnan and Athos put themselves intosaddle with their companions, and all four set forward;Athos upon a horse he owed to a woman, Aramis on a horse heowed to his mistress, Porthos on a horse he owed to hisprocurator's wife, and D'Artagnan on a horse he owed to hisgood fortune--the best mistress possible.
5.  At the same moment the door of the cell yielded to a shock, rather thanopened; several men rushed into the chamber. Mme. Bonacieux had sunkinto an armchair, without the power of moving.
6.  "Yes, Treville, yes," said the king, in a melancholy tone; "andit is very sad, believe me, to see thus two parties in France,two heads to royalty. But all this will come to an end, Treville,will come to an end. You say, then, that the Guardsmen sought aquarrel with the Musketeers?"


1.  "But the fleur-de-lis on her shoulder?"
2.  There are in affluence a crowd of aristocratic cares and capriceswhich are highly becoming to beauty. A fine and white stocking,a silken robe, a lace kerchief, a pretty slipper on the foot, atasty ribbon on the head do not make an ugly woman pretty, butthey make a pretty woman beautiful, without reckoning the hands,which gain by all this; the hands, among women particularly, tobe beautiful must be idle.
3.  Milady Clarik
4.  "No high-sounding words! Let us sit down and chat quietly, asbrother and sister ought to do."
5.   "Yes, yes," continued M. de Treville, growing warmer as he spoke,"and his majesty was right; for, upon my honor, it is true thatthe Musketeers make but a miserable figure at court. Thecardinal related yesterday while playing with the king, with anair of condolence very displeasing to me, that the day beforeyesterday those DAMNED MUSKETEERS, those DAREDEVILS--he dweltupon those words with an ironical tone still more displeasing tome--those BRAGGARTS, added he, glancing at me with his tiger-cat's eye, had made a riot in the Rue Ferou in a cabaret, andthat a party of his Guards (I thought he was going to laugh in myface) had been forced to arrest the rioters! MORBLEU! You mustknow something about it. Arrest Musketeers! You were amongthem--you were! Don't deny it; you were recognized, and thecardinal named you. But it's all my fault; yes, it's all myfault, because it is myself who selects my men. You, Aramis, whythe devil did you ask me for a uniform when you would have beenso much better in a cassock? And you, Porthos, do you only wearsuch a fine golden baldric to suspend a sword of straw from it?And Athos--I don't see Athos. Where is he?"
6.  "The wine you prefer."


1.  "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"
2.  "You say so."
3.  "And you know who I am, without doubt?"
4、  And Milady stretched out her arms to Mme. Bonacieux, who, convinced bywhat she had just said, saw nothing in this woman whom an instant beforeshe had believed her rival but a sincere and devoted friend."Oh, pardon me, pardon me!" cried she, sinking upon the shoulders ofMilady. "Pardon me, I love him so much!"
5、  "Who goes there, yourselves?" replied one of the horsemen."That is not an answer," replied Athos. "Who goes there?Answer, or we charge."




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      "Ah, ah!" said Athos. "This clever person is your relative,then?"

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      "Ah! She has a carriage, then, this niece of the doctor?"interrupted Porthos, one of whose faults was a great looseness oftongue. "A nice acquaintance, my friend!"

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       "Leave us, Patrick," said Buckingham; "but remain within sound of thebell. I shall call you presently."

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      "Nobody, by the faith of a gentleman."

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    {  D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.

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      "For Monsieur de Wardes?" said Kitty.}

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      "Listen to me. You have not played for a long time, D'Artagnan.""And I have no inclination to play."

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      At this moment the steps of Lord de Winter were heard; but thistime the terrible brother-in-law of Milady did not contenthimself, as on the preceding day, with passing before the doorand going away again. He paused, exchanged two words with thesentinel; then the door opened, and he appeared.

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       The same evening the cardinal spoke to M. de Treville of theexploit of the morning, which was the talk of the wholecamp. M. de Treville, who had received the account of theadventure from the mouths of the heroes of it, related it inall its details to his Eminence, not forgetting the episodeof the napkin.

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    {  "Beware of what you do!" cried the young woman, in a manner soserious as to make D'Artagnan start in spite of himself. "Oh,meddle in nothing which concerns me. Do not seek to assist me inthat which I am accomplishing. This I ask of you in the name ofthe interest with which I inspire you, in the name of the serviceyou have rendered me and which I never shall forget while I havelife. Rather, place faith in what I tell you. Have no moreconcern about me; I exist no longer for you, any more than if youhad never seen me."

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      "Dicers' oaths!" said Athos, while D'Artagnan went toconduct Kitty downstairs.