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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "She needn't have gone away," he said. "I'd have got something."
2.  "Go on, Rubber," was her only comment.
3.  She hung about the stove, suffered a chattering chill, and wentto bed sick. The next morning she was thoroughly feverish.
4.  "He's all we've got," said Quincel, rolling up his eyes."Harrison went back on me at the last minute. Who else can weget?"
5.  Drouet had never suspected this side of Carrie's nature. She wasalive with feeling, her eyes snapping, her lips quivering, herwhole body sensible of the injury she felt, and partaking of herwrath.
6.  "I wish you hadn't said that, Pearl. You know the old proverb,'Call a maid by a married name.'"


1.  "Not yet," he said, "I'm very busy just now."
2.  When Drouet was gone, she sat down in her rocking-chair by thewindow to think about it. As usual, imagination exaggerated thepossibilities for her. It was as if he had put fifty cents inher hand and she had exercised the thoughts of a thousanddollars. She saw herself in a score of pathetic situations inwhich she assumed a tremulous voice and suffering manner. Hermind delighted itself with scenes of luxury and refinement,situations in which she was the cynosure of all eyes, the arbiterof all fates. As she rocked to and fro she felt the tensity ofwoe in abandonment, the magnificence of wrath after deception,the languour of sorrow after defeat. Thoughts of all thecharming women she had seen in plays--every fancy, every illusionwhich she had concerning the stage--now came back as a returningtide after the ebb. She built up feelings and a determinationwhich the occasion did not warrant.
3.  "Do you suppose I could get more up at the Broadway?"
4.  "This store closes at one on Saturdays," was a pleasing andsatisfactory legend to see upon doors which she felt she ought toenter and inquire for work. It gave her an excuse, and afterencountering quite a number of them, and noting that the clockregistered 12.15, she decided that it would be no use to seekfurther to-day, so she got on a car and went to Lincoln Park.There was always something to see there--the flowers, theanimals, the lake--and she flattered herself that on Monday shewould be up betimes and searching. Besides, many things mighthappen between now and Monday.
5.  "Excellent," said the manager.
6.  "Mason," said the voice. "Miss Mason."


1.  She had heard so much of the canting philosophy of the grapelessfox.
2.  He looked at her, but she paid no attention to him, working ather dishes.
3.  "Yes," said the clerk, marvelling at such ignorance of a commonfact. "You can get it at the news-stands," he added politely,seeing how pretty the inquirer was.
4.  He gave her the number.
5.   "All right," said Carrie.
6.  "I couldn't," said Carrie, her colour rising. Then, seeing thathe looked as if he said "I know," she exclaimed: "Oh, all right.I don't care."


1.  Carrie thought of this doubtfully; but, coming from him, it hadweight with her.
2.  They began talking of the people they knew and things that hadhappened.
3.  The races in question were soon to open at Washington Park, onthe South Side, and were considered quite society affairs amongthose who did not affect religious rectitude and conservatism.Mrs. Hurstwood had never asked for a whole season ticket before,but this year certain considerations decided her to get a box.For one thing, one of her neighbours, a certain Mr. and Mrs.Ramsey, who were possessors of money, made out of the coalbusiness, had done so. In the next place, her favouritephysician, Dr. Beale, a gentleman inclined to horses and betting,had talked with her concerning his intention to enter a two-year-old in the Derby. In the third place, she wished to exhibitJessica, who was gaining in maturity and beauty, and whom shehoped to marry to a man of means. Her own desire to be about insuch things and parade among her acquaintances and common throngwas as much an incentive as anything.
4、  "Terrible!" said that little lady, joining her. "I hope it snowsenough to go sleigh riding."
5、  "Were you ever on the stage?" he asked insinuatingly.




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      "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"

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      Hurstwood turned away and set his lips so as best to express andconceal his feelings.

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       Carrie acquiesced, and that evening met the portly Vance, anindividual a few years younger than Hurstwood, and who owed hisseemingly comfortable matrimonial state much more to his moneythan to his good looks. He thought well of Carrie upon the firstglance and laid himself out to be genial, teaching her a new gameof cards and talking to her about New York and its pleasures.Mrs. Vance played some upon the piano, and at last Hurstwoodcame.

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      "I will," said Carrie, who had not thought of it before.

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    {  There was no thought that the facts ought to be advertised. Itwas only a mental justification he was seeking from himself--something that would enable him to bear his state as a righteousman.

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      "Now," he said, joyously, his fine eyes ablaze, "you're my owngirl, aren't you?"}

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      "We'll have a nice game of euchre."

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      The other half of this picture came when young Blyford, son ofBlyford, the soap manufacturer, walked home with her. Mrs.Hurstwood was on the third floor, sitting in a rocking-chairreading, and happened to look out at the time.

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       "What can you do? Have you ever worked in a retail store before?Are you experienced?"

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    {  During the remainder of the week it was very much the same. Oneor two nights she found herself too tired to walk home, andexpended car fare. She was not very strong, and sitting all dayaffected her back. She went to bed one night before Hanson.

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      Carrie smiled and coloured slightly. He was so innocently frankwith her that she drew nearer in friendship. The old call of theideal was sounding.