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1.   1. In this Tale Chaucer seems to have followed an old French story, which also formed the groundwork of the first story in the eighth day of the "Decameron."
2.   "We are told that three men drank from them. Does that strike you aslikely?"
3. 一分钱近年来参加了多次国际性创业大赛,屡屡获奖。
4. 他们好的时候就是2011年2012年都挺好,就是这两年从2015年2016年这块陆陆续续都不怎么太好了。
5.   "I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory fortrifles. That phrase 'the Lion's Mane' haunted my mind. I knew thatI had seen it somewhere in an unexpected context. You have seen thatit does describe the creature. I have no doubt that it was floating onthe water when McPherson saw it, and that this phrase was the only oneby which he could convey to us a warning as to the creature whichhad been his death."
6. 感情奔放的赫鲁晓夫也许是被他自己的雄辩和长期受压抑的感情冲昏了头脑,泄露了比他打算说的还要多的东西。无疑,其影响比他所期望或预料的更强烈、更深远。斯大林的遗体从红场上列宁墓旁的陵墓中被挖了出来;他的塑像被砸碎;他的名字从苏联和东欧数千个以他名字命名的城市和街道中被抹掉。新的意识形态领域的“解冻”使艺术家和作家能享有更多的批评苏联社会的自由。以往一向被斯大林的亲信牢牢控制着的外国共产党经历了一种逐渐削弱其意识形态和组织纪律的痛苦的反省。“自由的”、具有民族主义精神的共产党领导人这时开始坚持自己的权利、反对过去亲克里姆林宫的党魁。赫鲁晓夫的这颗炸弹的“影响”就是如此,这种影响同军事僵局和冷战缓解的催化作用一起,改变了苏联与其卫星国之间的关系。


1. 因为害怕暴露身份,过年过节也不敢往家里打电话,平时甚至连车也不敢坐
2. Oops. Better luck in 2015, everybody.
3.   `He's such a bounder underneath his veneer...just waiting to bounce us.'
4.   On this she led the way, while Telemachus followed in her steps.When they got to the ship they found the crew waiting by the waterside, and Telemachus said, "Now my men, help me to get the stores onboard; they are all put together in the cloister, and my mother doesnot know anything about it, nor any of the maid servants except one."
5.   She went indoors to Clifford's study, where the old brass kettle was simmering on the tray.
6.   Placebo said; "O January, brother, Full little need have ye, my lord so dear, Counsel to ask of any that is here: But that ye be so full of sapience, That you not liketh, for your high prudence, To waive* from the word of Solomon. *depart, deviate This word said he unto us every one; Work alle thing by counsel, -- thus said he, -- And thenne shalt thou not repente thee But though that Solomon spake such a word, Mine owen deare brother and my lord, So wisly* God my soule bring at rest, *surely I hold your owen counsel is the best. For, brother mine, take of me this motive; * *advice, encouragement I have now been a court-man all my life, And, God it wot, though I unworthy be, I have standen in full great degree Aboute lordes of full high estate; Yet had I ne'er with none of them debate; I never them contraried truely. I know well that my lord can* more than I; *knows What that he saith I hold it firm and stable, I say the same, or else a thing semblable. A full great fool is any counsellor That serveth any lord of high honour That dare presume, or ones thinken it; That his counsel should pass his lorde's wit. Nay, lordes be no fooles by my fay. Ye have yourselfe shewed here to day So high sentence,* so holily and well *judgment, sentiment That I consent, and confirm *every deal* *in every point* Your wordes all, and your opinioun By God, there is no man in all this town Nor in Itale, could better have y-said. Christ holds him of this counsel well apaid.* *satisfied And truely it is a high courage Of any man that stopen* is in age, *advanced <6> To take a young wife, by my father's kin; Your hearte hangeth on a jolly pin. Do now in this matter right as you lest, For finally I hold it for the best."


1. 据华商网报道,4个月大的西安女婴小雨,还没学会叫声妈妈便永远地离开了。
2.   "Athos, she is your wife, I tell you," repeated D'Artagnan;"only reflect how much the two descriptions resemble eachother."
3.   After such imaginary discourse, the passenger in his fancy would dig, and dig, dig--now, with a spade, now with a great key, now with his hands--to dig this wretched creature out. Got out at last, with earth hanging about his face and hair, he would suddenly fall away to dust. The passenger would then start to himself and lower the window, to get the reality of mist and rain on his cheek.
4. 新五代史——北宋欧阳修对《旧五代史》极为不满,决心重作,撰成《五代史记》(即《新五代史》)七十四卷,藏于家。死后,家属上献朝廷刊行。此书在体例方面,效法《南、北史》,打破朝代界限,把五朝的纪、传综合一起,按时问先后编排。列传部分采用类传,分立家人传、臣传、死节传等传,历官数朝的人编在杂传。
5.   'Sit down,' said Mr. Mell.
6. 但是需要注意的是,深圳在2004年出现人工荒,随后中国经济到达了刘易斯拐点,即劳动力不再是无限供给。


1. 坚决制止强制学生消费的行为。
2. 美奈子晒出家族合照(oricon新闻网)报道称,美奈子结过4次婚,15岁怀孕,16岁生下第一个孩子,24岁时已经生了5个。
3.   `And what will come after it?' asked Clifford.
4. 阻击新冠病毒肺炎疫情的战役打响后,作为上海市医疗救治专家组组长的复旦大学附属华山医院感染科主任张文宏教授忙碌程度可想而知。
5. 这次事情出来,也有很多人问赵红,实际她早就不管企业了,而和余祝生也没有联系了。
6. 《全境封锁2》平台:Uplay平台价格:308元→148元育碧于2019年3月15日发售的《全境封锁2》可谓是今年最好玩的几款刷子游戏之一,游戏在前作《全境封锁》的基础上做了大量改进,玩家可以在该作中扮演一名华盛顿特工,为了首都安全和人民利益,与多方势力进行战斗。


1. △3月22日,山西省平遥县,三平在自己的摩托车前化妆,他要在稍后举行的葬礼上表演《劝吃烟》。
2. 可能很多人都想要知道,为什么刘嘉玲到了现在这么大的年纪了,身材还保持的像是一个小姑娘一样,这当然和她平时的一些习惯是脱不了干系的,她平时是比较喜欢锻炼身体的,不仅可以保持身材,而且还可以保持一个健康的身体状态。
3. 快递员陈师傅:平时是240、250件一天,现在到年底了,量多一些,将近有300多件。

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      I had not the least belief, in the outset of this story, that the unknown was anything but a delusion of Mr. Dick's, and one of the line of that ill-fated Prince who occasioned him so much difficulty; but after some reflection I began to entertain the question whether an attempt, or threat of an attempt, might have been twice made to take poor Mr. Dick himself from under my aunt's protection, and whether my aunt, the strength of whose kind feeling towards him I knew from herself, might have been induced to pay a price for his peace and quiet. As I was already much attached to Mr. Dick, and very solicitous for his welfare, my fears favoured this supposition; and for a long time his Wednesday hardly ever came round, without my entertaining a misgiving that he would not be on the coach-box as usual. There he always appeared, however, grey-headed, laughing, and happy; and he never had anything more to tell of the man who could frighten my aunt.