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1. [k?'min]
2. 近日,在中国摄影家协会和中共哈尔滨市委宣传部指导下,由中国摄影出版社和哈药集团共同举办的“世界之眼聚焦哈尔滨国际摄影展”在哈尔滨哈药美术馆开幕,中国摄影家协会主席、分党组书记王瑶出席并宣布影展开幕;中共哈尔滨市委常委宣传部部长张丽欣致辞;同时,由中国。
3.   Carrie did not sign.
4. To put this all in a bit more perspective, the current World Cup is averaging more goals than any of the top leagues around the world averaged in 2013/14. TheNetherlands' Eredivisie was the highest scoring of the top European leagues at 3.20 and the Bundesliga was just a shade behind at 3.16. No other top European league averaged more than 2.80 last season. In theAmericas, Major League Soccer is the current pace setter at 2.89 goals per game.
5.   Michiele Scalza, a young Florentine, had so facetious and productivea genius that the principal youth of Florence took a great deal ofpleasure in and thought it an honour to enjoy his company. Being oneday at Mont Ughi with many gentlemen, the discussion happened to runupon the antiquity and nobility of the Florentine families. Somegave the preference to that of the Uberti, others to that of theLamberti, everyone speaking, as people ordinarily do, according totheir different humours and interests.
6. 第二,灵活多样的形式之美。


1. 刘军透露称,现在联想中国直连的用户数已经超过1亿。
2.   Thus, then, the ship sped on her way through the watches of thenight from dark till dawn.
3.   With these words he placed the double cup in the hands ofTelemachus, while Megapenthes brought the beautiful mixing-bowl andset it before him. Hard by stood lovely Helen with the robe ready inher hand.
4. 众多企业跨界做口罩口罩、防护服等资源紧缺,除富士康,越来越多的企业跨界生产防疫物资。
5. 所以,在2005年左右,我痛下决心,开始做手机的软件,这个时候我开始艰苦的探索创新,而不是说只是为了做一个生意,因为做这个事情,我才得以认识俞永福,加入UC,才得以在后来进入阿里。
6. 好利来官方旗舰店称,湖北地区无法配送,其他地区订单将根据实际情况陆续安排发货。


1. 对方不再说话,挂断了电话。
2. 美国有540位富豪入选,是世界上最多的国家。中国和德国则分别有251人和120人入选,分列二、三位。
3.   The sweet scents of the summer night rose all around him, and rose, as the rain falls, impartially, on the dusty, ragged, and toil-worn group at the fountain not far away; to whom the mender of roads, with the aid of the blue cap without which he was nothing, still enlarged upon his man like a spectre, as long as they could bear it. By degrees, as they could bear no more, they dropped off one by one, and lights twinkled in little casements; which lights, as the casements darkened, and more stars came out, seemed to have shot up into the sky instead of having been extinguished.
4.   "This evening; but for the moment, let us separate."Accordingly, that same evening D'Artagnan repaired to the quarters ofAthos, whom he found in a fair way to empty a bottle of Spanish wine--anoccupation which he religiously accomplished every night.D'Artagnan related what had taken place between the cardinal andhimself, and drawing the commission from his pocket, said, "Here, mydear Athos, this naturally belongs to you."
5. 德弘资本完成对电子科技公司MFSTechnology的控股投资36氪获悉,德弘资本宣布完成对MFSTechnology的投资,德弘资本联合高管团队共同对公司整体控股权完成收购。
6.   "You weren't here," he said, "when I came back this morning, andI thought you had gone out."


1. 在手工制作这艘航母的过程中,有些不易用模具铸造的部件,他们用上了3D打印。
2.   Ulysses was glad at finding himself, as Minerva told him, in his owncountry, and he began to answer, but he did not speak the truth, andmade up a lying story in the instinctive wiliness of his heart.
3. 因此,掌握正确的疏散逃生知识很有必要。
4. 两者取其一,做好再扩大。
5. 时隔20年,MAS对银行业再次开闸,这个传统行业将迎来有着互联网、保险、投资机构、电信、零售等多元背景的新玩家。
6. 起火库房承租企业负责人、施工现场负责人及施工人员等相关责任人已被公安机关控制,案件正在进一步调查中。


1. 据疾控专家介绍,流感一般起病很急,全身症状重,可见持续高热(体温达39℃~40℃)、畏寒、头痛、肌肉酸痛、明显疲乏等,鼻咽部症状相对轻,病程持续1~2周。
2. Ellador told me a lot about it. She took me to see the children, the growing girls, the special teachers. She picked out books for me to read. She always seemed to understand just what I wanted to know, and how to give it to me.
3.   "With this train of reasoning in my head I naturally looked about inMortimer Tregennis's room to find some remains of this substance.The obvious place to look was the talc shield or smoke-guard of thelamp. There, sure enough, I perceived a number of flaky ashes, andround the edges a fringe of brownish powder, which had not yet beenconsumed. Half of this I took, as you saw, and I placed it in anenvelope."

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      When the Pilgrim had heard their voluntary confession, he tookehis leave of his Knight, returning secretly to the house of MadamHermelina, and there (because all her people were in their beds) shecarefully awaited his returne, to beare some glad tydings of herfather, and to make a further reconciliation betweene her andTheobaldo, when sitting downe by her, he said: Deare Love, be ofgood cheere, for (upon my word) to morrow you shall have your fatherhome safe, well, and delivered from all further danger: and toconfirme her the more confidently in his words, he declared at largethe whole carriage of the businesse. Hermelina being wondrouslyjoyfull, for two such succesefull accidents to injoy her husband aliveand in health, and also to have her father freed from so great adanger; kissed and embraced him most affectionately, welcomming himlovingly into her bed, whereto so long time hee had beene a stranger.

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      In this determination, wrapping a mantle about her head, and lyingdowne weeping in the boats bottome, she hourely expected her finallexpiration: but it fell out otherwise, and contrary to her desperateintention, because the wind turning to the North, and blowing verygently, without disturbing the Seas a jot, they conducted the smallBoat in such sort, that after the night of her entering into it, andthe morrowes sailing untill the evening, it came within an hundreleagues of Thunis and to a strond neere a Towne called Susa. The youngDamosell knew not whether she were on the sea or land; as one, who notby any accident hapning, lifted up her head to looke about her,neither intended ever to doe. Now it came to passe, that as theboate was driven to the shore, a poore woman stood at the Sea side,washing certaine Fishermens Nets; and seeing the boate comming towardsher under saile, without any person appearing in it, she wondredthereat not a little. It being close at the shore, and she thinkingthe Fishermen to be asleepe therein: stept boldly, and looked into theboate, where she saw not any body, but onely the poore distressedDamosell, whose sorrowes having brought her now into a sound sleepe,the woman gave many cals before she could awake her, which at thelength she did, and looked very strangely about her.

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