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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1As the birds do love the Spring Or the bees their careful king,
2."We are together now," urged Alima, looking proudly at Terry's stalwart nearness. (This was one of the times when they were "on," though presently "off" again.)
3.Six of them stepped forward now, one on either side of each of us, and indicated that we were to go with them. We thought it best to accede, at first anyway, and marched along, one of these close at each elbow, and the others in close masses before, behind, on both sides.
4.Comparisons Are Odious
5."What became of them?" asked Jeff.
6.With this background, with their sublimated mother-love, expressed in terms of widest social activity, every phase of their work was modified by its effect on the national growth. The language itself they had deliberately clarified, simplified, made easy and beautiful, for the sake of the children.


1.They urged us to throw at it, and we did, but the thing was a long way off, and it was only after a number of failures, at which those elvish damsels laughed delightedly, that Jeff succeeded in bringing the whole structure to the ground. It took me still longer, and Terry, to his intense annoyance, came third.
2."Now for a rush, boys!" Terry said. "And if we can't break 'em, I'll shoot in the air."
3."Let's go," urged Terry. "Just us three. Maybe we can really find something. May be cinnabar in it."
4."Very much so," I told him. And Jeff was equally cheerful.
5.We scanned that audience, looking for the three bright faces we knew; but they were not to be seen. Just a multitude of girls: quiet, eager, watchful, all eyes and ears to listen and learn.
6.We were borne inside, struggling manfully, but held secure most womanfully, in spite of our best endeavors.


1.But she smiled her deep contented smile, and said I quite misunderstood.
2."What do YOU call them?" I mildly inquired.
3.But very early they recognized the need of improvement as well as of mere repetition, and devoted their combined intelligence to that problem--how to make the best kind of people. First this was merely the hope of bearing better ones, and then they recognized that however the children differed at birth, the real growth lay later--through education.
4."And yet--what! Come, you obdurate sentimentalist--what are you thinking about?"
5. "Education?" I was puzzled again. "I don't mean education. I mean by motherhood not only child-bearing, but the care of babies."
6.This seemed to me infinitely pathetic, and I said so. "We have much that is bitter and hard in our life at home," I told her, "but this seems to me piteous beyond words--a whole nation of starving mothers!"


1.The bathroom only opened into our chamber, and that had but one outlet, a big heavy door, which was fastened.
2.Again they laughed delightedly, and the one nearest me followed his tactics.
3."About how many--in your country?"
4、"Please tell me if I have the facts correct," she said. "In your country--and in others too?"
5、"Motherhood--yes, that is, maternity, to bear a child. But education is our highest art, only allowed to our highest artists."




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    It took some time to make clear to those three sweet-faced women the process which robs the cow of her calf, and the calf of its true food; and the talk led us into a further discussion of the meat business. They heard it out, looking very white, and presently begged to be excused.

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    In geology they were quite ignorant.

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     They were not audiences of girls, either. It was some time before we were allowed to meet the young women.

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    "Everybody congratulated me. The children all over the country were told to watch for that moth, if there were any more. I was shown the history of the creature, and an account of the damage it used to do and of how long and hard our foremothers had worked to save that tree for us. I grew a foot, it seemed to me, and determined then and there to be a forester."

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    {We reconnoitered as widely as we could in the failing moonlight-- moons are of a painfully unreliable nature; but the growing dawn showed us the familiar shape, shrouded in some heavy cloth like canvas, and no slightest sign of any watchman near. We decided to make a quick dash as soon as the light was strong enough for accurate work.

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    Physiology, hygiene, sanitation, physical culture--all that line of work had been perfected long since. Sickness was almost wholly unknown among them, so much so that a previously high development in what we call the "science of medicine" had become practically a lost art. They were a clean-bred, vigorous lot, having the best of care, the most perfect living conditions always.}

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    "We keep the most careful records," said Somel. "Each one of us has our exact line of descent all the way back to our dear First Mother. There are many reasons for doing that. But as to everyone knowing which child belongs to which mother--why should she?"

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    "What do YOU call them?" I mildly inquired.

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     What she said about our importance gave instant pleasure to Terry. I could see by the way he lifted his head that it pleased him. But when she spoke of our women--someway I had a queer little indescribable feeling, not like any feeling I ever had before when "women" were mentioned.

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    {"No stimulus to industry," they repeated, with that puzzled look we had learned to know so well. "STIMULUS? TO INDUSTRY? But don't you LIKE to work?"

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    "That we never allowed," answered Somel quietly.