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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "On the contrary," said the count, "after this time you mustlive with me -- you must not leave me, and in a week weshall have left France behind us."
2.  "You are sure he will keep his word with me?"
3.  "Have you kitchens here?"
4.  "Maximilian," said the count, "the friends that we have lostdo not repose in the bosom of the earth, but are buried deepin our hearts, and it has been thus ordained that we mayalways be accompanied by them. I have two friends, who inthis way never depart from me; the one who gave me being,and the other who conferred knowledge and intelligence onme. Their spirits live in me. I consult them when doubtful,and if I ever do any good, it is due to their beneficentcounsels. Listen to the voice of your heart, Morrel, and askit whether you ought to preserve this melancholy exteriortowards me."
5.  "Sir," said the count, "the world, unjust as it is, will bepleased with your resolution; your friends will be proud ofyou, and M. d'Epinay, even if he took Mademoiselle deVillefort without any dowry, which he will not do, would bedelighted with the idea of entering a family which couldmake such sacrifices in order to keep a promise and fulfil aduty." At the conclusion of these words, the count rose todepart. "Are you going to leave us, count?" said Madame deVillefort.
6.  "Because, my lord." said Haidee eagerly, "my miseries recallto me the remembrance of your goodness."


1.  "Not at all! Let us recall the exact facts. You met him at adinner party at my house, and you introduced yourself at hishouse; that is a totally different affair."
2.  "Because," said Andrea, with a certain ill-concealeduneasiness, "I thought I heard my father-in-law say that heintended embarking our property in that famous railwayaffair of which you spoke just now."
3.  "I quite agree with you," said Morcerf; "and the secret ofthat very pallor is what we want to find out. The CountessG---- insists upon it that he is a vampire."
4.  "I shall stay here for a few days longer; we must accustomourselves to parting. I want recommendations and someinformation relative to Africa. I will join you again atMarseilles."
5.  "He entered the marshal's apartment while I was there."
6.  The count praised Bertuccio's zeal, and ordered him toprepare for a speedy departure, as his stay in France wouldnot be prolonged more than a mouth. "Now," said he, "I mayrequire to go in one night from Paris to Treport; let eightfresh horses be in readiness on the road, which will enableme to go fifty leagues in ten hours."


1.  "You could do no such thing, Fernand; you are a soldier, andif you remain at the Catalans it is because there is no war;so remain a fisherman, and contented with my friendship, asI cannot give you more."
2.  "Everywhere."
3.  "Thank you, my good friend. I see that I have made atrifling mistake, as you say; but by way of rewarding yourhonesty I give you another double Napoleon, that you maydrink to my health, and be able to ask your messmates tojoin you."
4.  "Run, waiter!" At this moment the screams and ringing wereredoubled. "Ah," said the brigadier, stopping the servant,"the person who is ringing appears to want something morethan a waiter; we will attend upon him with a gendarme. Whooccupies Number 3?"
5.   "Say it, my father."
6.  "You have wounded me to the heart."


1.  "Yes, let us strive, for you ought to live, and to be happy,Albert."
2.  "Assuredly," said d'Avrigny.
3.  "Not so fast; M. Andrea only calls himself count."
4、  "Indeed, count," said Morrel, shuddering; "what has put thisinto your head?"
5、  "How did the Viscount Albert fall into Luigi's hands?"




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      "But," observed the honest notary, "the count is, I think,mistaken; it is only fifty thousand francs, everythingincluded."

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      "I feel so much pity towards you, Maximilian, that -- listento me attentively -- if I do not cure you in a month, to theday, to the very hour, mark my words, Morrel, I will placeloaded pistols before you, and a cup of the deadliestItalian poison -- a poison more sure and prompt than thatwhich has killed Valentine."

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       "It is the same thing. You have told your coachman to leavethe city by the Porta del Popolo, to drive round the walls,and re-enter by the Porta San Giovanni?"

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    {  "Sit down there," said Villefort, giving up his place toMorrel, "and write what I dictate."

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      "Dantes has done his," replied the owner, "and that is notsaying much. It was Captain Leclere who gave orders for thisdelay."}

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      "I know that is the report; but, as you are aware, thepolice does not content itself with vague reports."

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      "And did you also discover a bitter taste?"

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       "Hush," said Andrea. They passed the barrier withoutaccident. At the first cross street Andrea stopped hishorse, and Caderousse leaped out.

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    {  "Oh, don't worry about me, Sir Mocker," said Danglars; thenturning to the count he said, "but will you undertake tospeak to the father?"

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      When he believed that the right moment had arrived, he tookthe knife, pried open the teeth, which offered lessresistance than before, counted one after the other twelvedrops, and watched; the phial contained, perhaps, twice asmuch more. He waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, halfan hour, -- no change took place. Trembling, his hair erect,his brow bathed with perspiration, he counted the seconds bythe beating of his heart. Then he thought it was time tomake the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lipsof Faria, and without having occasion to force open hisjaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole ofthe liquid down his throat.