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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What, that which brings you home to me? Is it not the desire ofseeing a husband again from whom you have been separated for aweek?" asked the mercer, piqued to the quick.
2.  Mme. Bonacieux looked earnestly at the young man."And if I give you this password," said she, "would you forget itas soon as you used it?"
3.  It was one of those rare and beautiful days in winter whenEngland remembers that there is a sun. The star of day, pale butnevertheless still splendid, was setting in the horizon,glorifying at once the heavens and the sea with bands of fire,and casting upon the towers and the old houses of the city a lastray of gold which made the windows sparkle like the reflection ofa conflagration. Breathing that sea breeze, so much moreinvigorating and balsamic as the land is approached,contemplating all the power of those preparations she wascommissioned to destroy, all the power of that army which she wasto combat alone--she, a woman with a few bags of gold--Miladycompared herself mentally to Judith, the terrible Jewess, whenshe penetrated the camp of the Assyrians and beheld the enormousmass of chariots, horses, men, and arms, which a gesture of herhand was to dissipate like a cloud of smoke.
4.  "This knife was my only hope.
5.  "Here, Laporte," said Buckingham, "these are the only tokens I everreceived from her--this silver casket and these two letters. You willrestore them to her Majesty; and as a last memorial"--he looked roundfor some valuable object--"you will add--"
6.  "I took then, in conformity with the orders of the authorities,who sent me a reinforcement of six men, such measures as Ithought necessary to get possession of the persons of thepretended coiners."


1.  At a hundred paces from the gates of Calais, D'Artagnan's horsegave out, and could not by any means be made to get up again, theblood flowing from his eyes and his nose. There still remainedPlanchet's horse; but he stopped short, and could not be made tomove a step.
2.  "No, monsieur, quite the contrary; but after his illness gracetouched him, and he determined to take orders."
3.  Unfortunately, the hour was badly chosen for a privateconference. The morning drum had just been beaten; everyoneshook off the drowsiness of night, and to dispel the humidmorning air, came to take a drop at the inn. Dragoons,Swiss, Guardsmen, Musketeers, light-horsemen, succeeded oneanother with a rapidity which might answer the purpose ofthe host very well, but agreed badly with the views of thefour friends. Thus they applied very curtly to thesalutations, healths, and jokes of their companions."I see how it will be," said Athos: "we shall get into somepretty quarrel or other, and we have no need of one justnow. D'Artagnan, tell us what sort of a night you have had,and we will describe ours afterward."
4.  "How so, if he love her?" asked D'Artagnan.
5.  "Gave him?" cried D'Artagnan.
6.  "Where we have orders to lead you."


1.  On returning in the evening to his quarters at the bridge of La Pierre,the cardinal found, standing before the house he occupied, D'Artagnan,without his sword, and the three Musketeers armed.This time, as he was well attended, he looked at them sternly, and madea sign with his eye and hand for D'Artagnan to follow him.D'Artagnan obeyed.
2.  "And even what I am sure of."
4.  "And yet," said Milady, with a persistence that proved shewished to see clearly to the end of the mission with whichshe was about to be charged, "if he persists?"
5.   "Your Eminence means, I presume, the knife stab in the Ruede la Feronnerie?"
6.  The queen bent in token of submission, and followed the ladieswho were to conduct her to her room. On his part the kingreturned to his apartment.


1.  "No. no!" said Milady. "On the contrary, stay, MonsieurD'Artagnan; your agreeable company will divert me.""Oh, oh!" thought D'Artagnan. "She has never been so kindbefore. On guard!"
2.  "To sell the diamond," replied Aramis.
3.  "The letter was lost," replied his Eminence; "yes, I knowthat. But Monsieur de Treville is a skilled physiognomist,who knows men at first sight; and he placed you in thecompany of his brother-in-law, Monsieur Dessessart, leavingyou to hope that one day or other you should enter theMusketeers."
4、  "By your glorious father, and by yourself, whom I love andvenerate above all the world, I swear it."
5、  "Milady will tell you."




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      "All my oil is lost!"

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      "I hope so. Now, then, all is agreed; let us go down.""You are going into the garden?"

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       "Good!" murmured Milady; "the austere Puritan lies."As to the soldier, he only smiled.

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      "Be kind enough, then, madame, to act more compliantly.""The conduct is infamously violent! Do you know that, monsieur?""The king commands it, madame; excuse me."

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    {  "I have done with him all that could be done. I have made him aspy upon his wife."

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      "I say you are a miserable creature!" continued Mme. Bonacieux,who saw she was regaining some little influence over her husband."You meddle with politics, do you--and still more, withcardinalist politics? Why, you sell yourself, body and soul, tothe demon, the devil, for money!"}

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      "No, monsieur, it is not Aramis; and by your exclamation Iperceive you have mistaken me for another, and pardon you.""You pardon me?" cried D'Artagnan.

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      Milady smiled with joy. She was free now to give way to hertransports without being observed. She traversed her chamberwith the excitement of a furious maniac or of a tigress shut upin an iron cage. CERTES, if the knife had been left in herpower, she would now have thought, not of killing herself, but ofkilling the baron.

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       They took leave of each other, and in ten minutes, after havingcommended his friend to the cares of the hostess and Bazin,D'Artagnan was trotting along in the direction of Ameins.How was he going to find Athos? Should he find him at all? Theposition in which he had left him was critical. He probably hadsuccumbed. This idea, while darkening his brow, drew severalsighs from him, and caused him to formulate to himself a few vowsof vengeance. Of all his friends, Athos was the eldest, and theleast resembling him in appearance, in his tastes and sympathies.Yet he entertained a marked preference for this gentleman. Thenoble and distinguished air of Athos, those flashes of greatnesswhich from time to time broke out from the shade in which hevoluntarily kept himself, that unalterable equality of temperwhich made him the most pleasant companion in the world, thatforced and cynical gaiety, that bravery which might have beentermed blind if it had not been the result of the rarestcoolness-such qualities attracted more than the esteem, more thanthe friendship of D'Artagnan; they attracted his admiration.Indeed, when placed beside M. de Treville, the elegant and noblecourtier, Athos in his most cheerful days might advantageouslysustain a comparison. He was of middle height; but his personwas so admirably shaped and so well proportioned that more thanonce in his struggles with Porthos he had overcome the giantwhose physical strength was proverbial among the Musketeers. Hishead, with piercing eyes, a straight nose, a chim cut like thatof Brutus, had altogether an indefinable character of grandeurand grace. His hands, of which he took little care, were thedespair of Aramis, who cultivated his with almond paste andperfumed oil. The sound of his voice was at once penetrating andmelodious; and then, that which was inconceivable in Athos, whowas always retiring, was that delicate knowledge of the world andof the usages of the most brilliant society-those manners of ahigh degree which appeared, as if unconsciously to himself, inhis least actions.

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    {  "I will go to the second after attending the first," saidD'Artagnan. "One is for seven o'clock, and the other foreight; there will be time for both."

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      I have my youth, my prayers,