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1. 然而,经济学把个人的“幸福程度”与其拥有的“财富量”分别对待,则是一项思维进步。用俗语来说,就是“有钱未必幸福,幸福未必有钱。”这样一分为二地看问题,解释了许多本来显得扑朔迷离的人类行为,例如“赌性”。
2. 该院的县级公立医院综合改革成效曾受到表彰和肯定。
3. Becky obeyed with alarmed haste and hastily backed toward the door.
4. "We saw some kind of swift-moving vehicles the first day," Jeff reminded us. "If they've got motors, they ARE civilized."
5. 上线一年多的时间,同程生活的估值从1000万增长了200倍,也成为同程资本投资的明星项目。
6.   "When I had told him this, the ghost of Achilles strode off across ameadow full of asphodel, exulting over what I had said concerningthe prowess of his son.


1. 旅客(恩施火车站):就是有时候抢得到,有时候会抢不到的情况出现。
2.   My Lord Judge, you are welcome hither, and to answer you breefelyvery true it is, that I have a yong Gentlewoman in my house, whom Ineither know to be your wife, or any other mans else whatsoever: for Iam ignorant both of you and her, albeit she hath remained a while herewith me. If you be her husband, as you seeme to avouch, I will bringher to you, for you appeare to be a worthy Gentleman, and(questionlesse) she cannot chuse but know you perfectly. If she doconfirme that which you have saide, and be willing to depart hencewith you: I shal rest well satisfied, and will have no otherrecompence for her ransome (in regard of your grave and reverendyeeres) but what your selfe shall please to give me. But if it fallout other then you have affirmed, you shal offer me great wrong, inseeking to get her from me; because I am a young man, and can aswell maintaine so faire a wife as you, or any man else that I know.Beleeve it certainly, replyed the judge, that she is my wife, and ifyou please to bring me where she is, you shall soone perceive it:for she will presently cast her armes about my necke, and I durstadventure the utter losse of her, if she deny to do it in yourpresence. Come on then, saide Pagamino, and let us delay the time nolonger.
3. 不变价值部分,只是再现在新的使用价值上,再现在新的实物形式即消费资料的形式上,而以前它是以生产资料的形式存在的。它的价值通过劳动过程,从它的旧的实物形式转移到它的新的实物形式上。但是,产品价值的这2/3的价值=2000,并不是在第II部类当年的价值增殖过程中产生的。
4.   Here Sindbad paused, and commanded the musicians to play again, while the feasting continued until evening. When the time came for the porter to depart, Sindbad gave him a purse containing one hundred sequins, saying, "Take this, Hindbad, and go home, but to-morrow come again and you shall hear more of my adventures."
5. (海外网-美国-乔珊珊/实习编译张馨)。
6. 这是当下AI在突破批改、拍照搜题、测评等教育辅助功能之后,迈入价值创造时代的全新进展。


1. Mr. Barrow undisturbedly moved toward the door.
2. 其中涉及多名未成年少女。
3. 所以在武汉,外卖经常会翻、会损坏,没办法,路面太不平整了。
4.   So strange a reception naturally gave Milady ample matter forreflection; so seeing that the young officer did not seem at alldisposed for conversation, she reclined in her corner of thecarriage, and one after the other passed in review all thesurmises which presented themselves to her mind.
5. 接下来要继续实现规模化及盈利时,或会面临更多的挑战。
6.   'And shall I see you again, Helen, when I die?'


1. 10. Neuroscientists have discovered a whole new role for the brain's cerebellum. It's long been assumed that the cerebellum functions largely outside the realm of conscious awareness, coordinating basic physical activities like standing and breathing, but it could actually play a key role in shaping human behaviour.
2.   This time Bonacieux became so pale that D'Artagnan could not helpperceiving it, and asked him what was the matter."Nothing," replied Bonacieux, "nothing. Since my misfortunes Ihave been subject to faintnesses, which seize me all at once, andI have just felt a cold shiver. Pay no attention to it; you havenothing to occupy yourself with but being happy.""Then I have full occupation, for I am so."
3. 长达3个月的抢修失败后,最终选择放弃中星18号卫星。
4. 这就是所谓的流量,说白了不给天猫钱商家就没有流量。
5.   Flies and midges all unite With frog and chirping cricket, Our orchestrathroughout the night, Resounding in the thicket!(Solo)
6. 承担不利判决的后果,还不是年终奖玩套路的全部代价。


1.   Hurstwood at first sympathised with the demands of these men--indeed, it is a question whether he did not always sympathisewith them to the end, belie him as his actions might. Readingnearly all the news, he was attracted first by the scare-headswith which the trouble was noted in the "World." He read itfully--the names of the seven companies involved, the number ofmen.
2. 吉密欧(Jamil Anderlini)
3. 医生开了静脉滴注的药物,他们输液至午夜。

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      When Alcinous heard this he took Ulysses by the hand, raised himfrom the hearth, and bade him take the seat of Laodamas, who hadbeen sitting beside him, and was his favourite son. A maid servantthen brought him water in a beautiful golden ewer and poured it into asilver basin for him to wash his hands, and she drew a clean tablebeside him; an upper servant brought him bread and offered him manygood things of what there was in the house, and Ulysses ate and drank.Then Alcinous said to one of the servants, "Pontonous, mix a cup ofwine and hand it round that we may make drink-offerings to Jove thelord of thunder, who is the protector of all well-disposedsuppliants."

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      At the same time that the steamer disappeared behind CapeMorgion, a man travelling post on the road from Florence toRome had just passed the little town of Aquapendente. He wastravelling fast enough to cover a great deal of groundwithout exciting suspicion. This man was dressed in agreatcoat, or rather a surtout, a little worse for thejourney, but which exhibited the ribbon of the Legion ofHonor still fresh and brilliant, a decoration which alsoornamented the under coat. He might be recognized, not onlyby these signs, but also from the accent with which he spoketo the postilion, as a Frenchman. Another proof that he wasa native of the universal country was apparent in the factof his knowing no other Italian words than the terms used inmusic, and which like the "goddam" of Figaro, served allpossible linguistic requirements. "Allegro!" he called outto the postilions at every ascent. "Moderato!" he cried asthey descended. And heaven knows there are hills enoughbetween Rome and Florence by the way of Aquapendente! Thesetwo words greatly amused the men to whom they wereaddressed. On reaching La Storta, the point from whence Romeis first visible, the traveller evinced none of theenthusiastic curiosity which usually leads strangers tostand up and endeavor to catch sight of the dome of St.Peter's, which may be seen long before any other object isdistinguishable. No, he merely drew a pocketbook from hispocket, and took from it a paper folded in four, and afterhaving examined it in a manner almost reverential, he said-- "Good! I have it still!"

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