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1. 264
2.   `Yes! That's how I found it: his hammering. He didn't seem to like my intruding at all. In fact he was almost rude when I asked about a second key.'
3.   Effects of Use and Disuse
4. 既然同一货币额根据它的流通速度可以完成许多次购买,它也可以完成许多次借贷,因为购买使货币从一个人手里转到另一个人手里,而借贷只是货币不通过购买而从一个人手里到另一个人手里的转移。对任何一个卖者来说,货币都代表他的商品的转化形式;而在每一个价值都表现为资本价值的今天,说货币在各次
5.   There was always something in her modest voice that seemed to touch a chord within me, answering to that sound alone. It was always earnest; but when it was very earnest, as it was now, there was a thrill in it that quite subdued me. I sat looking at her as she cast her eyes down on her work; I sat seeming still to listen to her; and Steerforth, in spite of all my attachment to him, darkened in that tone.
6.   So far as it was possible to comprehend him without overstepping those delicate and gradual approaches which Mr. Lorry felt to be the only safe advance, he at first supposed that his daughter's marriage had taken place yesterday. An incidental allusion, purposely thrown out, to the day of the week, and the day of the month, set him thinking and counting, and evidently made him uneasy. In all other respects, however, he was so composedly himself, that Mr. Lorry determined to have the aid he sought. And that aid was his own.


1.   25. Hailes: An abbey in Gloucestershire, where, under the designation of "the blood of Hailes," a portion of Christ's blood was preserved.
2. 1931年9月18日晚,一颗炸弹将日本人控制的、通往沈阳北部地区的南满铁路炸坏了一小段。由于几分钟后一列南去的火车毫无困难地通过了那段铁路,日本人又在以后5天里拒绝让新闻记者前往“事故”——日本人当时审慎地称这一爆炸事件为事故——现场采访,因此,当时大多数人都认为这整个事件是捏造的。现在,人们才弄清,这件事的确发生过,因为币原喜重郎男爵在1946年6月东京国际战犯法庭上证明了这一点。这位男爵曾于1931年任外务大臣,他承认,当时一些军官筹划了这一事件,他虽设法阻止但未成功。他的证言可通过驻扎在关东半岛上的日本军队即当时所称的“关东军”立即行动起来时所具备的速度和精确性得到证实。关东军未经宣战就在24小时内攻占了沈阳和长春,然后成扇形向四面八方展开。1932年1月下旬对哈尔滨的占领意味着满洲各种有组织的抵抗的结束。1932年3月,胜利者将他们的占领地重新命名为“满洲国”。因需要一个傀儡皇帝,他们便将1911年垮台的满清王朝的幸存者、退位的皇帝博仪拉了出来,正式任命他为摄政王。
3. 当时就有很多人反对,说这个人怎么行,他就不是我们培养的对象。
4. OK,fine,富二代的梦想第十八次破灭。
5. 庭上,被告人于某交代,她和丈夫李某以及雇工翟某在出租房内将自来水灌进桶里,冒充品牌桶装矿泉水,以每桶1元到1.5元的价格向其他水站销售牟利,每天可卖出四五百桶。
6.   Connie had a sitting-room on the third floor, the top floor of the central portion of the house. Clifford's rooms were on the ground floor, of course. Michaelis was flattered by being asked up to Lady Chatterley's own parlour. He followed blindly after the servant...he never noticed things, or had contact with Isis surroundings. In her room he did glance vaguely round at the fine German reproductions of Renoir and Cézanne.


1. 想要联系第501个好友的时候,就必须从人数少的软件上跳出来用微信,这就是网络价值,用户变成微信的资产。
2. ”似乎默认了公司已经倒闭的猜测。
3. 在对外上,要时刻去注意市场上有什么新产品出来。
4. 在陵东3里处,就是震惊中外的一、二、三号兵马俑坑,埋葬着陶俑、陶马8000多个和数以万计的实用兵器。军阵庞大,气势恢宏。陵西还发现有两套铜车马和御车俑。陵北有密集的建筑遗址,据推测可能是作为供奉秦始皇的寝殿建筑。
6. 其中,年纪越轻、学历越高的主播,高收入占比越高


1. NathanVanderKlippe:您跟他们见面时,没有向他们发出来华为工作的邀请吗?任正非:他们在世界这么高的地位,我们这么低的平台,如果来华为工作,怎么发挥他们的作用?我们愿意给他们的科研提供经费支持,使用美国《拜杜法案》,不占有他们的任何成果,只是完全义务提供经费。
2.   The Doctor looked at him for a moment--half inquiringly, half as if he were angry at being spoken to--and bent over his work again.
3. 要在非常短的时间准备出整个H5环境下的演示版本,工程量不小。
4. 朱熹也继承了二程的“存天理,去人欲”说。朱熹认为“人只有天理、人欲两途”。天理与人欲也是对立的两方。因此,两者“不容并立”(《孟子·膝文公上》注),“此胜则彼退,彼胜则此退”(《语类》卷十三)。“存天理,去人欲”即以天理战胜人欲。存天理的途径,朱熹仍宗二程所说的“格物致知”和“主敬”。他认为“天理”和“天命”不同,天理是主宰一切的,但又是可知的。依据“理一分殊”的理论,人们今日格一物,明日格一物,一旦豁然贯通,便可以“致知”“穷理”。朱熹继承张载、程颐的气质说,认为“人性本明”,因为人的气禀有昏明清浊的差异,从而产生人性的善恶。去人欲如同使宝珠除去污秽的溷水,“宝珠依旧自明”。因此,必须克去私欲才能尽性穷理,使“天理常明”。朱熹曾说:“孔子所谓‘克己复礼’,《中庸》所谓‘致中和’、‘尊德性’、‘道问学’。《大学》所谓‘明明德’,《书》曰‘人心惟危,道心惟微,惟精惟一,允执厥中’,圣人千言万语,只是教人存天理,灭人欲。”(《语类》卷十二)“穷理”“克欲”构成朱熹全部学说的核心,贯穿在他对经学的注疏和讲解之中。
5. 汉代的大海船已能通航印支半岛,甚至远达印度洋。④这种船上应装风帆,《释名》中曾提到随风张幔的帆和挂帆用的桅。汉代的中小型船舶有载量为30石的■,《释名》说它是一种短而广的船。广州红花岗东汉墓所出陶船(图89),可能即■。更小的船如艇,《释名》说其形径挺,一人二人所乘行者也.山东嘉祥武氏祠画像石中出现的小板船(图90)可能与之相当⑤。
6. 钉钉、企业微信主打沟通交流,WPS主要还是提供文档处理能力。


1.   "Spain is her country," replied D'Artagnan; "and it is verynatural that she should love the Spanish, who are the children ofthe same soil as herself. As to the second reproach, I haveheard it said that she does not love the English, but anEnglishman."
2. 在国足赢下韩国的强刺激下,3月28日至3月29日期间有关‘国足’关键词的指数预计会再次激烈窜升,因为3月28日国足又会有比赛了。
3. 之所以如此,是因为之前客户给设备原厂家打电话时,对方要么不来,要么就要等很久。

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