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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That settles it," murmured Franz. "'Tis he, past alldoubt."
2.  "It seems to me," returned the count, smiling, "that youplayed a sufficiently important part to know as well asmyself what happened."
3.  The prisoner heard the cry, which sounded like the sob of abroken heart, and leaning from the coach he called out,"Good-by, Mercedes -- we shall soon meet again!" Then thevehicle disappeared round one of the turnings of Fort SaintNicholas.
4.  "Yes, you have guessed rightly, Morrel," said the count,"that is what I intended."
5.  "I waited patiently, not to overhear what they said, butbecause I could do nothing else; besides, the same thing hadoccurred often before. The man who was with Caderousse wasevidently a stranger to the South of France; he was one ofthose merchants who come to sell jewellery at the Beaucairefair, and who during the month the fair lasts, and duringwhich there is so great an influx of merchants and customersfrom all parts of Europe, often have dealings to the amountof 100,000 to 150,000 francs. Caderousse entered hastily.Then, seeing that the room was, as usual, empty, and onlyguarded by the dog, he called to his wife, `Hello,Carconte,' said he, `the worthy priest has not deceived us;the diamond is real.' An exclamation of joy was heard, andthe staircase creaked beneath a feeble step. `What do yousay?' asked his wife, pale as death.
6.  "But," said Valentine, timidly, "does all the father's shamerevert upon the son? Monsieur Albert appears to me quiteinnocent of the treason charged against the general."


1.  "Yes, do you know how we are situated? At his mother's ballhe danced once with Eugenie, and M. Cavalcanti three times,and he took no notice of it." The valet announced theVicomte Albert de Morcerf. The baroness rose hastily, andwas going into the study, when Danglars stopped her. "Lether alone," said he. She looked at him in amazement. MonteCristo appeared to be unconscious of what passed. Albertentered, looking very handsome and in high spirits. He bowedpolitely to the baroness, familiarly to Danglars, andaffectionately to Monte Cristo. Then turning to thebaroness: "May I ask how Mademoiselle Danglars is?" said he.
2.  "Sometimes."
3.  "`I say that the diamond is real, and that this gentleman,one of the first jewellers of Paris, will give us 50,000francs for it. Only, in order to satisfy himself that itreally belongs to us, he wishes you to relate to him, as Ihave done already, the miraculous manner in which thediamond came into our possession. In the meantime please tosit down, monsieur, and I will fetch you some refreshment.'The jeweller examined attentively the interior of the innand the apparent poverty of the persons who were about tosell him a diamond that seemed to have come from the casketof a prince. `Relate your story, madame,' said he, wishing,no doubt, to profit by the absence of the husband, so thatthe latter could not influence the wife's story, to see ifthe two recitals tallied.
4.  "What does that signify, so long as they favor your suit?"
5.  Having delivered himself of this pompous address, utteredwith a degree of energy that left the baron almost out ofbreath, he bowed to the assembled party and withdrew to hisdrawing-room, whose sumptuous furnishings of white and goldhad caused a great sensation in the Chaussee d'Antin. It wasto this apartment he had desired his guest to be shown, withthe purpose of overwhelming him at the sight of so muchluxury. He found the count standing before some copies ofAlbano and Fattore that had been passed off to the banker asoriginals; but which, mere copies as they were, seemed tofeel their degradation in being brought into juxtapositionwith the gaudy colors that covered the ceiling. The countturned round as he heard the entrance of Danglars into theroom. With a slight inclination of the head, Danglars signedto the count to be seated, pointing significantly to agilded arm-chair, covered with white satin embroidered withgold. The count sat down. "I have the honor, I presume, ofaddressing M. de Monte Cristo."
6.  "Yes, for the mother's sake -- his poor mother!" cried themajor, taking a third biscuit.


1.  "A letter?"
2.  "How so?"
3.  A gloomy scene had indeed just passed at the house of M. deVillefort. After the ladies had departed for the ball,whither all the entreaties of Madame de Villefort had failedin persuading him to accompany them, the procureur had shuthimself up in his study, according to his custom. with aheap of papers calculated to alarm any one else, but whichgenerally scarcely satisfied his inordinate desires. Butthis time the papers were a mere matter of form. Villeforthad secluded himself, not to study, but to reflect; and withthe door locked and orders given that he should not bedisturbed excepting for important business, he sat down inhis arm-chair and began to ponder over the events, theremembrance of which had during the last eight days filledhis mind with so many gloomy thoughts and bitterrecollections. Then, instead of plunging into the mass ofdocuments piled before him, he opened the drawer of hisdesk. touched a spring, and drew out a parcel of cherishedmemoranda, amongst which he had carefully arranged, incharacters only known to himself, the names of all thosewho, either in his political career, in money matters, atthe bar, or in his mysterious love affairs, had become hisenemies.
4.  "I have spoken to you indiscreetly about Danglars."
5.   "Merciful heavens!"
6.  "Speak out then, say what it was!"


1.  Caderousse was choking; he looked around for some corner tohide in, some way of escape.
2.  At twenty minutes of twelve, Madame Danglars, tired ofwaiting, returned home. Women of a certain grade are likeprosperous grisettes in one respect, they seldom return homeafter twelve o'clock. The baroness returned to the hotelwith as much caution as Eugenie used in leaving it; she ranlightly up-stairs, and with an aching heart entered herapartment, contiguous, as we know, to that of Eugenie. Shewas fearful of exciting any remark, and believed firmly inher daughter's innocence and fidelity to the paternal roof.She listened at Eugenie's door, and hearing no sound triedto enter, but the bolts were in place. Madame Danglars thenconcluded that the young girl had been overcome with theterrible excitement of the evening, and had gone to bed andto sleep. She called the maid and questioned her.
3.  "I am going to fight" --
4、  "At least a year."
5、  "May I depend on it?"




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      "That who was here?"

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      "Yes, in life or death."

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       "An enemy!" cried Mercedes, with an angry look at hercousin. "An enemy in my house, do you say, Edmond! If Ibelieved that, I would place my arm under yours and go withyou to Marseilles, leaving the house to return to it nomore."

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      "Here they are, and 200 more besides. See, I have sold mywatch for 100 francs, and the guard and seals for 300. Howfortunate that the ornaments were worth more than the watch.Still the same story of superfluities! Now I think we arerich, since instead of the 114 francs we require for thejourney we find ourselves in possession of 250."

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    {  It was evident that one sentiment affected all the guests onentering the dining-room. Each one asked what strangeinfluence had brought them to this house, and yetastonished, even uneasy though they were, they still feltthat they would not like to be absent. The recent events,the solitary and eccentric position of the count, hisenormous, nay, almost incredible fortune, should have mademen cautious, and have altogether prevented ladies visitinga house where there was no one of their own sex to receivethem; and yet curiosity had been enough to lead them tooverleap the bounds of prudence and decorum. And allpresent, even including Cavalcanti and his son,notwithstanding the stiffness of the one and thecarelessness of the other, were thoughtful, on findingthemselves assembled at the house of this incomprehensibleman. Madame Danglars had started when Villefort, on thecount's invitation, offered his arm; and Villefort felt thathis glance was uneasy beneath his gold spectacles, when hefelt the arm of the baroness press upon his own. None ofthis had escaped the count, and even by this mere contact ofindividuals the scene had already acquired considerableinterest for an observer. M. de Villefort had on the righthand Madame Danglars, on his left Morrel. The count wasseated between Madame de Villefort and Danglars; the otherseats were filled by Debray, who was placed between the twoCavalcanti, and by Chateau-Renaud, seated between Madame deVillefort and Morrel.

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      "Well? that is all I require. To-morrow morning, at seveno'clock, you will be with me, will you not?"}

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      Chapter 40The Breakfast.

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      "How is it concealed?"

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       "He comes to fetch his wife and daughter."

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    {  "Now," replied Monte Cristo "there is only one source ofuneasiness left in your father's mind, which is this -- heis anxious to know how you have been employed during yourlong absence from him, how you have been treated by yourpersecutors, and if they have conducted themselves towardsyou with all the deference due to your rank. Finally, he isanxious to see if you have been fortunate enough to escapethe bad moral influence to which you have been exposed, andwhich is infinitely more to be dreaded than any physicalsuffering; he wishes to discover if the fine abilities withwhich nature had endowed you have been weakened by want ofculture; and, in short, whether you consider yourselfcapable of resuming and retaining in the world the highposition to which your rank entitles you."

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      "You must be mad, my friend," said the baroness.