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1. 只有加紧把自己内部的结构性调整做好,使产品开发体系适应制裁环境,坚决让公司生存下来,才能有解决问题的方案。
2. 让我先反问:谁知道什么叫倾销吗?真有倾销这回事吗?要是真的有,它为什么不是好事而是坏事?如果它是坏事,它坏在哪里?如果它是好事,为什么有人要那么激烈地反对?
3. Song “I Love You China”(Wang Feng)
4. 陈鑫透露,不少业务在年初五就开始了推进,为了让公司同事不白忙活,所以公司坚持在2月3日才正式复工。
5. No. This is possible, of course, but with luck, Mrs May has at least now ensured that the UK is not going to tumble over a “no deal” cliff in 2019. In December 2017, Consensus Forecasts’ prediction for the UK was of 1.5 per cent growth in 2018. Its forecasts for Japan and Italy were even lower, at 1.3 per cent. So the chances that the UK will have the slowest-growing economy in the G7 next year should be around one in four.
6.   'Me leave you, my precious!' cried Peggotty. 'Not for all the world and his wife. Why, what's put that in your silly little head?' - For Peggotty had been used of old to talk to my mother sometimes like a child.


1. 下午5时许,农场宿舍就有私拉电线充电的情况。
2.   'If you'll have the goodness to keep my secret, Master Copperfield,' he pursued, 'and not, in general, to go against me, I shall take it as a particular favour. You wouldn't wish to make unpleasantness. I know what a friendly heart you've got; but having only known me on my umble footing (on my umblest I should say, for I am very umble still), you might, unbeknown, go against me rather, with my Agnes. I call her mine, you see, Master Copperfield. There's a song that says, "I'd crowns resign, to call her mine!" I hope to do it, one of these days.'
3. 加强医院的管理,不让手术刀变成宰人刀是管理部门义不容辞的责任,而恰恰是最该发现问题的管理部门却没有发现问题。
4. 在我们投资的800多家公司里,有15家公司创造了超过10亿美金的回报,有6家公司创造了超过50亿美金的回报,还有1家公司创造了超过100亿美金的回报。
5. 施救过程中,左坤华的手机掉落水里,而他们三人的鞋子和裤子也都湿透了。
6.   Sir Doctor, in a walk with you There's honour and instruction too; Yet herealone I care not to resort, Because I coarseness hate of every sort. Thisfiddling, shouting, skittling, I detest; I hate the tumult of the vulgar throng; Theyroar as by the evil one possess'd, And call it pleasure, call it song.Peasants (under the linden - tree)


1. 这样的日子对马帮人来说,太平常了。
2. "He always says, `Tom, old man--Tom--where is the Little Missus?'" He caught at Carmichael's hand and clung to it. "I must be able to answer him--I must!" he said. "Help me to find her. Help me."
3. 新的计划生育政策将会一定程度地刺激生育率。2014年将会有2百万新生儿童。这意味着1年就产生了15%的增长,这将会在未来进一步增强消费者信心。
4. 投资回报当然也很重要,是吧?但同样重要的是跟投资人建立良好关系,找出好的(投资机会)。
5.   And the authorities felt ridiculous, and behaved in a rather ridiculous fashion, and it was all a mad hatter's tea-party for a while. Till things developed over there, and Lloyd George came to save the situation over here. And this surpassed even ridicule, the flippant young laughed no more.
6.   Why how now Friar Reynard? quoth shee, Doe Godfathers use to movesuch questions? Whereto the Friar thus replyed. Madam, when I havelaide off this holy habite (which is a matter very easie for mee todo) I shall seeme in your eye, in all respects made like anotherman, quite from the course of any Religious life. Agnesia, bitingthe lip with a prety smile, said; O my faire Starres! You will neverbee so unfriendly to me. What? You being my Gossip, would you haveme consent unto such a sinne? Our blessed Lady shield mee, for myghostly Father hath often told me, that it is utterly unpardonable:but if it were, I feare too much confiding on mine owne strength.Gossip, the Friar, you speake like a Foole, and feare (in this case)is wholly frivolous, especially, when the motions mooved by such anone as my selfe, who (upon repentance) can grant you pardon andindulgence presently. But I pray you let mee aske you one question,Who is the neerest Kinsman to your Son; either I, that stood at theFont for his Baptisme, or your Husband that begot him? The Lady madeanswere, that it was her Husband. You say very true Gossip, replyedthe Friar, and yet notwithstanding, doth not your Husband (both atboord and bed) enjoy the sweet benefit of your company? Yes, saidthe Lady, why shold he not? Then Lady (quoth Reynard) I, who am not soneere a Kinsman to your Sonne, as your Husband is, why may ye notafford mee the like favour, as you do him? Agnesia, who was noLogitian, and therefore could not stand on any curious answer,especially being so cuningly moved; beleeved, or rather made shew ofbeleeving, that the Godfather said nothing but truth, and thusanswered. What woman is she (Gossip) that knoweth how to answer yourstrange speeches? And, how it came to passe, I know not, but such anagreement passed betweene them, that, for once onely (so it mightnot infrindge the league of Gossip-ship, but that title to countenancetheir further intent) such a favour should be affoorded, so it mightstand cleare from suspition.


1. 观察结果出来了。11月6日,英国皇家学会和皇家天文学会在伦敦的伯林顿大厦召开联席会议,J·J·汤姆生在牛顿的一幅画像下宣布:是爱因斯坦的数值而不是牛顿数值才是对的。J·J·汤姆生充满激情地说:“相对论是人类思想史中最伟大的成就之一。它发现的,不是天之一方的一个岛屿,而是新科学思想的整个一个大陆。”
2. 马志强对经济观察报记者说,这一波来的先兆是,你会发现从企业级市场看,公有云的增长并不会像以前那么凶猛,反而传统企业需求逐渐旺盛,他们要求我们也并不是简单的互联网化,更多谈的是数字化转型。
3. 我的同事Sylvia Guinan让我意识到,热爱足球的丈夫应该告诉他的妻子在2014世界杯期间需要注意的一些事情。
4.   `Well! I'll say gallantry. My meaning is that I am a man,' said Stryver, inflating himself at his friend as he made the punch, `who cares more to be agreeable, Who takes more pains to be agreeable, who knows better how to be agreeable, in a woman's society, than you do.'
5. 截至10月底,累计完成应收账款融资6370笔,放款67.7亿美元,服务企业1262家,中小企业占比约70%。
6. 在这个版本中,发行数量、价格、募集金额均未确定。


1.   by Charles Darwin
2. 在这场三天三夜的闭门会上,徐雷带领20几位高管推敲出京东零售的17字经营理念(以信赖为基础、以客户为中心的价值创造),并对因为欲望取代逻辑而产生的许多新项目进行评估投票,决定关停并转。
3. 作为病毒的爆发地,武汉已经进入封城状态,人人谈之色变。

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