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1.   Now Carrie was affected by music. Her nervous compositionresponded to certain strains, much as certain strings of a harpvibrate when a corresponding key of a piano is struck. She wasdelicately moulded in sentiment, and answered with vagueruminations to certain wistful chords. They awoke longings forthose things which she did not have. They caused her to clingcloser to things she possessed. One short song the young ladyplayed in a most soulful and tender mood. Carrie heard itthrough the open door from the parlour below. It was at thathour between afternoon and night when, for the idle, thewanderer, things are apt to take on a wistful aspect. The mindwanders forth on far journeys and returns with sheaves ofwithered and departed joys. Carrie sat at her window lookingout. Drouet had been away since ten in the morning. She hadamused herself with a walk, a book by Bertha M. Clay which Drouethad left there, though she did not wholly enjoy the latter, andby changing her dress for the evening. Now she sat looking outacross the park as wistful and depressed as the nature whichcraves variety and life can be under such circumstances. As shecontemplated her new state, the strain from the parlour belowstole upward. With it her thoughts became coloured and enmeshed.She reverted to the things which were best and saddest within thesmall limit of her experience. She became for the moment arepentant.
2. 事故现场目前,事故处理交警已对现场进行了勘查,肇事货车驾驶员被警方控制并带离现场,接受询问调查,具体的事故原因还有待进一步的认定
3.   "Have you that fresh drawing?"
4. 无论你用微信、短信、邮件或是其他传输工具发送原图,都会将附带信息一并发送。
5. 奥本海默大学的好友保罗·霍根感觉到自己的朋友像是灾难日益临近。他给奥本海默另一个大学好友弗朗西斯·弗格森写信问:“罗伯特过得如何?寒冷的英国社会和天气是否像你发现的那样可怕?他是否欣赏异国情调?顺便说说,我有一个想法,你推动他获取对社会的适应性的努力可能反而会增强他的失望感……我担心他会不会去想自己的生命是否还有价值继续下去。”
6. 阴极射线管内原是真空的。新的一年开始,汤姆生在重大发现中迈出了最关键的一步:他想到,把里面充上气体结果会是如何?他这样做了,先充上了氢气,后充上了氮气,再充上氦气……结果发现,那种神奇的物质光束没有受到这些气体的阻碍……这一切又意味着什么呢?


1. 公约发起方:广州恒大淘宝足球俱乐部北京中赫国安足球俱乐部上海上港集团足球俱乐部江苏苏宁足球俱乐部山东鲁能泰山足球俱乐部武汉卓尔职业足球俱乐部天津泰达足球俱乐部河南建业足球俱乐部大连一方足球俱乐部重庆当代力帆足球俱乐部河北华夏幸福足球俱乐部广州富力足球俱乐部上海绿地申花足球俱乐部天津天海足球俱乐部深圳市足球俱乐部北京人和足球俱乐部青岛黄海足球俱乐部石家庄永昌足球俱乐部2019年12月25日。
2.   But not for long. Releasing his arm, she laid her hand upon his shoulder. After looking doubtfully at it, two or three times, as if to be sure that it was really there, he laid down his work, put his hand to his neck, and took off a blackened string with a scrap of folded rag attached to it. He opened this, carefully, on his knee, and it contained a very little quantity of hair: not more than one or two long golden hairs, which he had, in some old day, wound on upon his finger.
3. 将2005年公告发行的第五套人民币1角硬币称为2005年版第五套人民币1角硬币。
4. 第十七章
5. 诚然,在这数十年间,土耳其的禁卫军以亚洲的无数前辈为榜样,正进逼多辎河流域、围攻欧洲的中心维也纳。但是,若将此事置于世界历史舞台上,这只不过是一次仅具有局部意义的小规模行动。从世界历史的观点看,真正具有重要意义的是最初伊比利亚人的海外扩张、稍后西北欧洲人的话动以及与此同时俄国人朝太平洋方向的陆上扩张。这些也是本编以下各章要论述的主题。
6.   "On which side were the marks on the grass?"


2. 这次很荣幸可以和GGV团队合作,共同响应国家推动建筑智能化和工业化的号召,在全球范围内输出中国标准。
3. 其实,这样的提醒不只是为某个相声演员量身定制,既是在提醒当事人,也是在提醒他的同行勿忘学艺先学德,做戏先做人。
4. 海军研究院研究员张军社28日接受《环球时报》记者采访时表示,从公开报道情况来看,俄海军太平洋舰队派出了包括舰队旗舰瓦良格号导弹巡洋舰在内的主战舰艇来中国参加本次海上联演。
5. 不过,增长疲软对年终奖的影响或许在2015年已见顶。当时,66%的白领员工没有收到年终奖。而2016年的比例实际上比2014年都有所好转,那一年未收到年终奖的比例为61%。
6. 1991年圣诞节前夕,张兰怀揣着打工挣来的2万美元和创业梦,乘上了回国的飞机。


1.   Now will I turn to Arcita again, That little wist how nighe was his care, Till that Fortune had brought him in the snare. The busy lark, the messenger of day, Saluteth in her song the morning gray; And fiery Phoebus riseth up so bright, That all the orient laugheth at the sight, And with his streames* drieth in the greves** *rays **groves The silver droppes, hanging on the leaves; And Arcite, that is in the court royal With Theseus, his squier principal, Is ris'n, and looketh on the merry day. And for to do his observance to May, Remembering the point* of his desire, *object He on his courser, starting as the fire, Is ridden to the fieldes him to play, Out of the court, were it a mile or tway. And to the grove, of which I have you told, By a venture his way began to hold, To make him a garland of the greves*, *groves Were it of woodbine, or of hawthorn leaves, And loud he sang against the sun so sheen*. *shining bright "O May, with all thy flowers and thy green, Right welcome be thou, faire freshe May, I hope that I some green here getten may." And from his courser*, with a lusty heart, *horse Into the grove full hastily he start, And in a path he roamed up and down, There as by aventure this Palamon Was in a bush, that no man might him see, For sore afeard of his death was he. Nothing ne knew he that it was Arcite; God wot he would have *trowed it full lite*. *full little believed it* But sooth is said, gone since full many years, The field hath eyen*, and the wood hath ears, *eyes It is full fair a man *to bear him even*, *to be on his guard* For all day meeten men at *unset steven*. *unexpected time <27> Full little wot Arcite of his fellaw, That was so nigh to hearken of his saw*, *saying, speech For in the bush he sitteth now full still. When that Arcite had roamed all his fill, And *sungen all the roundel* lustily, *sang the roundelay*<28> Into a study he fell suddenly, As do those lovers in their *quainte gears*, *odd fashions* Now in the crop*, and now down in the breres**, <29> *tree-top Now up, now down, as bucket in a well. **briars Right as the Friday, soothly for to tell, Now shineth it, and now it raineth fast, Right so can geary* Venus overcast *changeful The heartes of her folk, right as her day Is gearful*, right so changeth she array. *changeful Seldom is Friday all the weeke like. When Arcite had y-sung, he gan to sike*, *sigh And sat him down withouten any more: "Alas!" quoth he, "the day that I was bore! How longe, Juno, through thy cruelty Wilt thou warrayen* Thebes the city? *torment Alas! y-brought is to confusion The blood royal of Cadm' and Amphion: Of Cadmus, which that was the firste man, That Thebes built, or first the town began, And of the city first was crowned king. Of his lineage am I, and his offspring By very line, as of the stock royal; And now I am *so caitiff and so thrall*, *wretched and enslaved* That he that is my mortal enemy, I serve him as his squier poorely. And yet doth Juno me well more shame, For I dare not beknow* mine owen name, *acknowledge <30> But there as I was wont to hight Arcite, Now hight I Philostrate, not worth a mite. Alas! thou fell Mars, and alas! Juno, Thus hath your ire our lineage all fordo* *undone, ruined Save only me, and wretched Palamon, That Theseus martyreth in prison. And over all this, to slay me utterly, Love hath his fiery dart so brenningly* *burningly Y-sticked through my true careful heart, That shapen was my death erst than my shert. <31> Ye slay me with your eyen, Emily; Ye be the cause wherefore that I die. Of all the remnant of mine other care Ne set I not the *mountance of a tare*, *value of a straw* So that I could do aught to your pleasance."
2. 对于店长所反映的基础设施等问题,也一直没有得到经理的明确答复。
3. 苏联人对芬兰和波罗的海其他国家的这些行动的主要意义,也许在于它们反映了在苏-德合作的幌子背后存在的竞争和不信任。波罗的海地区的日耳曼人数世纪以来一直在梅梅尔和里加这样的城市中心居支配地位,但由于苏联的坚决要求,他们撤退到德国——这一情况也充分表明了上述这一点。
4. 2016年腊月二十八,黄景教收拾材料准备返回县城时,弄费队卢叔叔特地送来土特产,往他的车里塞。
5.   While Thorello remayned in this his Faulconers condition, itfortuned uppon a day, that Saladine, conversing with him about hisHawkes: Thorello chanced to smile, and used such a kinde of gesture ormotion with his Lippes, which Saladine (when he was in his house atPavia) had heedfully observed, and by this note, instantly heremembred Signior Thorello, and began to eye him very respectively,perswading himselfe that he was the same man. And therefore fallingfrom their former kinde of discoursing: Tell me: Christian (quothSaladine) what Country-man art thou of the West? Sir, answeredSigniour Thorello, I am by Country a Lombard, borne in a Cittycalled Pavia, a poore man, and of as poore condition.
6. 如今,雀巢咖啡已在全球100多个国家中销售,每年的消耗量为17亿杯。尽管公司将近24%的营业额、110亿瑞士法郎来自饮品,然而雀巢并非只是一个速溶咖啡、果汁、矿泉水的制造商。1990年,雀巢公司的营业额为460亿瑞士法郎,而在1997年,头10个月的营业额就已高达569亿瑞士法郎,比去年同期增长217.5%。1994年底,雀巢被美国《金融世界》杂志评选为全球第三大价值最高的品牌,价值高达115.49亿美元,仅次于可口可乐和万宝路。它在各个事业领域的营业额分配是:饮品(23.6%)、麦片、牛奶和营养品(20%)、巧克力和糖果(16%)、烹饪制品(12.7%)、冷冻食品和冰淇淋(10.1%)、冷藏食品(8.9%)、宠物食品(4.5%)、药品和化妆品(3%)、其它制品和事业(1.1%)。它被誉为当今世界在消费性包装食品和饮料行业最为成功的经营者之一。


1. 竞争的真正含义,不应该是强行拆开一个公司,让其内部以牺牲效率为代价来竞争,而应该是让各家公司根据自主确定的规模和范式展开竞争。比如,后来兴起的卫星通信和光纤网络与有线电话之间的竞争,就属于这种“范式与范式”之间的竞争。这是说,武断地肢解网络(而不是鼓励网络之间竞争)往往会损害网络的价值递增效应。
2.   So we went upstairs.
3. 下面从这2个因素来分析微信读书的营收。

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      Clifford left them alone, and she learnt to do the same: she just went by without looking at them, and they stared as if she were a walking wax figure. When he had to deal with them, Clifford was rather haughty and contemptuous; one could no longer afford to be friendly. In fact he was altogether rather supercilious and contemptuous of anyone not in his own class. He stood his ground, without any attempt at conciliation. And he was neither liked nor disliked by the people: he was just part of things, like the pit-bank and Wragby itself.

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      "These two," continued Ulysses, "will not keep long out of the fray,when the suitors and we join fight in my house. Now, therefore, returnhome early to-morrow morning, and go about among the suitors asbefore. Later on the swineherd will bring me to the city disguisedas a miserable old beggar. If you see them ill-treating me, steel yourheart against my sufferings; even though they drag me feet foremostout of the house, or throw things at me, look on and do nothing beyondgently trying to make them behave more reasonably; but they will notlisten to you, for the day of their reckoning is at hand.Furthermore I say, and lay my saying to your heart, when Minerva shallput it in my mind, I will nod my head to you, and on seeing me do thisyou must collect all the armour that is in the house and hide it inthe strong store room. Make some excuse when the suitors ask you whyyou are removing it; say that you have taken it to be out of the wayof the smoke, inasmuch as it is no longer what it was when Ulysseswent away, but has become soiled and begrimed with soot. Add to thismore particularly that you are afraid Jove may set them on toquarrel over their wine, and that they may do each other some harmwhich may disgrace both banquet and wooing, for the sight of armssometimes tempts people to use them. But leave a sword and a spearapiece for yourself and me, and a couple oxhide shields so that we cansnatch them up at any moment; Jove and Minerva will then soon quietthese people. There is also another matter; if you are indeed my sonand my blood runs in your veins, let no one know that Ulysses iswithin the house- neither Laertes, nor yet the swineherd, nor any ofthe servants, nor even Penelope herself. Let you and me exploit thewomen alone, and let us also make trial of some other of the menservants, to see who is on our side and whose hand is against us."

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