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1. 但生态健康状况程度仍然是张小龙最重视的。
2.   Bessy
3. 为了操作方便并防止有人检查,锅炉工张某使用一根铁丝一头插入燃气表内,另一头穿过墙体伸入休息室内。
4.   The hour was come, when Saint Antoine was to execute his horrible idea of hoisting up men for lamps to show what he could be and do. Saint Antoine's blood was up, and the blood of tyranny and domination by the iron hand was down--down on the steps of the Hotel de Ville where the governor's body lay--down on the sole of the shoe of Madame Defarge where she had trodden on the body to steady it for mutilation. `Lower the lamp yonder!' cried Saint Antoine, after glaring round for a new means of death; `here is one of his soldiers to be left on guard!' The swinging sentinel was posted, and the sea rushed on.
5.   "That is it," said the old man's eye. Then he lookedanxiously at Valentine.
6.   1. The nails and blood of Christ, by which it was then a fashion to swear.


1.   L'amour avait possé par là, as somebody puts it. But he was a man of experience himself, and let life take its course. As for the mot a nervous invalid in the last few months of her life, she wanted her girls to be `free', and to `fulfil themselves'. She herself had never been able to be altogether herself: it had been denied her. Heaven knows why, for she was a woman who had her own income and her own way. She blamed her husband. But as a matter of fact, it was some old impression of authority on her own mind or soul that she could not get rid of. It had nothing to do with Sir Malcolm, who left his nervously hostile, high-spirited wife to rule her own roost, while he went his own way.
2.   "Would he really put her to work? Oh, blessed fortune, could itbe?"
3. 听起来,共享自习室就是简单的架几张桌子收钱,但其内在逻辑远不止这些。
4. 因为也没办法,总不能天天去想我得了这个病去世怎么办。
5. 据两名男子描述,其中一名男子王某与同事张某轮流开着一辆重型大货车从厦门到上海送货。
6. 封面、导语图为SOHO中国董事长潘石屹,SOHO中国供图。


1. Mr Karl added: “We would have likely had a record [year] even without El , but it pushed it way over the top.”
2. 非常“野狗”范儿的点评,现场三水老师又会怎么分享W的那些刷屏案例呢?来现场活捉。
3. ”最典型的案例可能就是在电商方面的投资了。
4.   Extinction
5. 此时淘宝的技术团队同时支持淘宝和天猫的业务。
6. 大失所望的姚先生向彩票店老板交涉多次无果后,委托律师起诉彩票店老板和陕西省体彩中心,讨要这千万大奖。


1.   Illustrations of the action of Natural Selection
2.   `Why?' she said, a little breathless, as she looked at him. `You are, aren't you?'
3. 在百度地图APP的图层选项中,还有热力图服务。
4. 萨克斯没有立即回答罗斯福提出的问题。他稍稍犹豫了一会儿,道:“总统先生,请允许用我预先设计的会见方式进行这次会见……”
5.   Adam Philomena having concluded her discourse, and the rareacknowledgement, which Titus made of his esteemed friend Gisippus,extolled justly as it deserved by all the Company: the King, reservingthe last office to Dioneus (as it was at the first granted him)began to speake thus. Without all question to the contrary (worthyLadies) nothing can be more truely said, then what Madame Philomena,hath delivered, concerning Amity, and her complaint in theconclusion of her Novell, is not without great reason, to see it soslenderly reverenced and respected (now a dayes) among all men. But ifwe had met here in duty onely for correcting the abuses of iniquity,and the malevolent courses of this preposterous age; I could proceedfurther in this just cause of complaint. But because our end aimeth atmatters of other nature, it commeth to my memory to tel you of aHistory, which (perhaps) may seeme somewhat long, but altogetherpleasant, concerning a magnificent act of great Saladine: to theend, that by observing those things which you shall heare in myNovell, if we cannot (by reason of our manifold imperfections)intirely compasse the amity of any one; yet (at least) we may takedelight, in stretching our kindnesse (in good deeds) so farre as weare able, in hope one day after, some worthy reward will ensuethereon, as thereto justly appertaining.
6. 恋情达成涉及的因素很多,大多是社交产品无法影响的,用户短期在社交产品上达成恋情的概率不高,更多的时候,社交产品给用户的是希望(能交到恋人)和陪伴(孤独时有人陪)。


1.   'Do you read your Bible?'
2. 对于小娜描述的案发过程,李某也供认不讳。
3.   "No, I think not, for he ordered his breakfast at teno'clock."

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      The nature of the bond of correlation is very frequently quite obscure. M. Is. Geoffroy St Hilaire has forcibly remarked, that certain malconformations very frequently, and that others rarely coexist, without our being able to assign any reason. What can be more singular than the relation between blue eyes and deafness in cats, and the tortoise-shell colour with the female sex; the feathered feet and skin between the outer toes in pigeons, and the presence of more or less down on the young birds when first hatched, with the future colour of their plumage; or, again, the relation between the hair and teeth in the naked Turkish dog, though here probably homology comes into play? With respect to this latter case of correlation, I think it can hardly be accidental, that if we pick out the two orders of mammalia which are most abnormal in their dermal coverings, viz. Cetacea (whales) and Edentata (armadilloes, scaly ant-eaters, &c.), that these are likewise the most abnormal in their teeth.

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