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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And you understand what brings me here?"
2.  "My study?"
3.  "That is not all; give my compliments to your illustriousLuccanese, Cavalcante of the Cavalcanti; and if by anychance he should be wishing to establish his son, find him awife very rich, very noble on her mother's side at least,and a baroness in right of her father, I will help you inthe search."
4.  "Well, repeat it, -- repeat it, I beg of you, that I may atlast believe it! Tell me for the hundredth time that yourefuse my love, which had your mother's sanction. Make meunderstand once for all that you are trifling with myhappiness, that my life or death are nothing to you. Ah, tohave dreamed for ten years of being your husband, Mercedes,and to lose that hope, which was the only stay of myexistence!"
5.  "Into what room did you take him?"
6.  "Quite sufficient," replied the count, as, taking out histablets, he wrote down "No. 27, Rue du Helder, 21st May,half-past ten in the morning."


1.  "He is rich, then?"
2.  "I prefer going, sir."
3.  "You have opened my eyes," said the Italian gravely; "I willshow the gentlemen the door." Monte Cristo resumed theperusal of the letter: --
4.  "Thirty-five or thirty-six, mother."
5.  Chapter 53Robert le Diable.
6.  "How does that annoy you?"


1.  "More than my life."
2.  "I do not think that is the case."
3.  "But then you are rich, -- very rich, indeed," continuedDebray, taking out some papers from his pocket-book, whichhe spread upon the table. Madame Danglars did not see them;she was engaged in stilling the beatings of her heart, andrestraining the tears which were ready to gush forth. Atlength a sense of dignity prevailed, and if she did notentirely master her agitation, she at least succeeded inpreventing the fall of a single tear. "Madame," said Debray,"it is nearly six months since we have been associated. Youfurnished a principal of 100,000 francs. Our partnershipbegan in the month of April. In May we commenced operations,and in the course of the month gained 450,000 francs. InJune the profit amounted to 900,000. In July we added1,700,000 francs, -- it was, you know, the month of theSpanish bonds. In August we lost 300,000 francs at thebeginning of the month, but on the 13th we made up for it,and we now find that our accounts, reckoning from the firstday of partnership up to yesterday, when I closed them,showed a capital of 2,400,000 francs, that is, 1,200,000 foreach of us. Now, madame," said Debray, delivering up hisaccounts in the methodical manner of a stockbroker, "thereare still 80,000 francs, the interest of this money, in myhands."
4.  "I do not say that you ought not to fight, I only say that aduel is a serious thing, and ought not to be undertakenwithout due reflection."
5.   "He appears cool. But, then your word is given."
6.  "By whom?"


1.  "About the papers."
2.  "Pen, ink, and paper," muttered Fernand.
3.  "Then the news originated" --
4、  "Oh, yes; I will listen, monsieur, for I am most curious tohear what explanation you will give. These two gentlemenshall decide between us; but, first, I will state the caseto them. Gentlemen," continued the baroness, "among the tenhorses in the stables of Baron Danglars, are two that belongexclusively to me -- a pair of the handsomest and mostspirited creatures to be found in Paris. But to you, atleast, M. Debray, I need not give a further description,because to you my beautiful pair of dappled grays were wellknown. Well, I had promised Madame de Villefort the loan ofmy carriage to drive to-morrow to the Bois; but when mycoachman goes to fetch the grays from the stables they aregone -- positively gone. No doubt M. Danglars has sacrificedthem to the selfish consideration of gaining some thousandsof paltry francs. Oh, what a detestable crew they are, thesemercenary speculators!"
5、  "That is impossible."




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      "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --

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      "I do not know."

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       "What is this?" asked the captain.

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      "Has your resolution changed, Valentine?"

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    {  "What grottos?"

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      "So serious, sire, that when the circumstance surprised mein the midst of a family festival, on the very day of mybetrothal, I left my bride and friends, postponingeverything, that I might hasten to lay at your majesty'sfeet the fears which impressed me, and the assurance of mydevotion."}

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      "Well, then, under these circumstances," said Caderousse, "Iwill, I even believe I ought to undeceive you as to thefriendship which poor Edmond thought so sincere andunquestionable."

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      Maximilian had scarcely finished his story, during which thecount's heart had swelled within him, when Emmanuel enteredwearing a hat and coat. He saluted the count with the air ofa man who is aware of the rank of his guest; then, afterhaving led Monte Cristo around the little garden, hereturned to the house. A large vase of Japan porcelain,filled with flowers that loaded the air with their perfume,stood in the salon. Julie, suitably dressed, and her hairarranged (she had accomplished this feat in less than tenminutes), received the count on his entrance. The songs ofthe birds were heard in an aviary hard by, and the branchesof laburnums and rose acacias formed an exquisite frameworkto the blue velvet curtains. Everything in this charmingretreat, from the warble of the birds to the smile of themistress, breathed tranquillity and repose. The count hadfelt the influence of this happiness from the moment heentered the house, and he remained silent and pensive,forgetting that he was expected to renew the conversation,which had ceased after the first salutations had beenexchanged. The silence became almost painful when, by aviolent effort, tearing himself from his pleasing reverie --"Madame," said he at length, "I pray you to excuse myemotion, which must astonish you who are only accustomed tothe happiness I meet here; but contentment is so new a sightto me, that I could never be weary of looking at yourselfand your husband."

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       At twenty minutes of twelve, Madame Danglars, tired ofwaiting, returned home. Women of a certain grade are likeprosperous grisettes in one respect, they seldom return homeafter twelve o'clock. The baroness returned to the hotelwith as much caution as Eugenie used in leaving it; she ranlightly up-stairs, and with an aching heart entered herapartment, contiguous, as we know, to that of Eugenie. Shewas fearful of exciting any remark, and believed firmly inher daughter's innocence and fidelity to the paternal roof.She listened at Eugenie's door, and hearing no sound triedto enter, but the bolts were in place. Madame Danglars thenconcluded that the young girl had been overcome with theterrible excitement of the evening, and had gone to bed andto sleep. She called the maid and questioned her.

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    {  "From you?"

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      Chapter 46Unlimited Credit.