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1. 虽然我最终没有加入,但我直到现在都相信,冯鑫做体育的初心,就跟他那天的神情一样,是富有感染力的红色。
2. When you need help, reach out to people in your networks – that’s what they’re there for. Whether you need a confidence-boosting pep talk or advice about building your technical experience — your mentor, your colleagues, and your manager can help. You may not know how to do something today, but chances are you’re smart enough to find someone who can help you learn it. And once you do, don’t unfasten your seatbelt – there’s always going to be another challenge headed your way.
3.   Here was a coincidence! I immediately went into an explanation how I had never seen my own father; and how my mother and I had always lived by ourselves in the happiest state imaginable, and lived so then, and always meant to live so; and how my father's grave was in the churchyard near our house, and shaded by a tree, beneath the boughs of which I had walked and heard the birds sing many a pleasant morning. But there were some differences between Em'ly's orphanhood and mine, it appeared. She had lost her mother before her father; and where her father's grave was no one knew, except that it was somewhere in the depths of the sea.
4. 工商业中的官商关系,在清玉朝工商业政策的支配下,表现得相当复杂。概括他说,官之于商,是在限制的前提下,进行大量的榨取。它表现在以下几个方面。
5.   "Well, then, take him," said the cardinal; "when four menare so much attached to one another, it is only fair thatthey should serve in the same company."
6. 视频中,等等自己下游泳池游泳,十分勇敢,手触到了游泳池底部。


1.   The young woman wondring at these words, and beleeving he did notfable in them: she told them to her Husband, with this additionbeside, Pietro (quoth she) if he be such a deare friend to thee, asthou hast often avouched to me; wish him to instruct thee in so rare acunning, that thou maist make a Mule of me; then shalt thou haveboth an Asse and a Mule to travell withall about thy businesse,whereby thy benefit will be double: and when we returne home to ourhouse, then thou maist make mee thy wife againe, in the same conditionas I was before. Gossip Pietro, who was (indeed) but a very Coxecombe;beleeved also the words to be true, yeelding therefore the more gladlyto her advise; and moving the matter to his Gossip John, to teachhim such a wonderfull secret, which would redound so greatly to hisbenefit: but John began to disswade him from it, as having spoken itin merriment, yet perceiving, that no contradiction would serve toFrevaile, thus he began.
2. 监控视频显示,在11点30分左右,他们将孩子留在外面的停车场后又回到店里。
3. 如果说业绩下滑股价跌到破净还容易理解,但读懂君感到奇怪的是,还有34家营收和盈利都在增长的公司也破净了。
4.   They went, shutting the door, and locking it behind them.
5. 服务增长率大约为16%,可达到570亿美元。
6.   "Not more than a dollar," said Mrs. Vance.


1. 夜晚已经成为90后寻找自我、释放压力的窗口。
2. 视频中男子为广东中亿健康科技有限公司董事长陈某某。
3. 在口罩制作现场,护士们一手将叠放好的口罩材料放进小型缝纫机里,一手按动缝纫机的开关,在一阵阵哒哒哒声中,麻利地缝制、剪去多余的线条,一只美观大方、科学实用的口罩就诞生了。
4. "It's all very well to suppose things if you have everything," said Lavinia. "Could you suppose and pretend if you were a beggar and lived in a garret?"
5. 我们现在假设政府希望做到既能从每一名公民的劳动果实中至少抽取一部分,又不会损害工作的激励。如果收税者分辨得出每一个人付出了多大努力,做到这一点当然毫无问题。每个人应该上缴的税款数目可以直接与他付出的努力挂钩,变成一个真正意义上的惩罚性的税制,目标针对那些努力程度未能达到理想水平的人。
6.   I shook my head, and said, 'Not a bit.' Traddles also shook his head, and said, 'Not a bit.'


1.   'Peggotty,' I said in a thoughtful whisper, one evening, when I was warming my hands at the kitchen fire, 'Mr. Murdstone likes me less than he used to. He never liked me much, Peggotty; but he would rather not even see me now, if he can help it.'
2.   Soon after five P.M. we had another meal, consisting of a small mugof coffee, and half a slice of brown bread. I devoured my bread anddrank my coffee with relish; but I should have been glad of as muchmore- I was still hungry. Half an hour's recreation succeeded, thenstudy; then the glass of water and the piece of oat-cake, prayers, andbed. Such was my first day at Lowood.
3. in的版本和理念更新,也由此而生。
4.   The two young Laddes, verie poorely garmented, but much worsehosed and shodde, continued thus in the house of Gasparino, where boththey and the Nurse were long time employed about verie base anddrudging Offices, which yet they endured with admirable patience.But Jehannot, aged already about sixteene yeeres, having a loftierspirit, then belonged to a slavish servant, despising the basenesse ofhis servile condition; departed from the drudgery of Messer Gasparino,and going aboord the Gallies which were bound for Alexandria, fortunedinto many places, yet none of them affoording him any advancement.In the end, about three or foure yeeres after his departure fromGasparino, being now a brave yong man, and of very goodly forme: heunderstood, that his father (whom he supposed to be dead) was as yetliving, but in captivity, and prisoner to King Charles. Wherefore,despairing of any successefull fortune, he wandred here and there,till he came to Lunigiana, and there (by strange accident) he becameservant to Messer Conrado Malespino, where the service proved wellliking to them both.
5. 失去了英国的欧洲大陆开始和英美之间渐行渐远,内部矛盾也越来越深厚,逐渐开始分崩离析。
6.   He stopped, and, looking in my face, said, 'Daisy, I believe you are in earnest, and are good. I wish we all were!' Next moment he was gaily singing Mr. Peggotty's song, as we walked at a round pace back to Yarmouth.


1.   Gaze not upon her! 'Tis not good! Forbear! 'Tis lifeless, magical, a shape ofair, An idol. Such to meet with, bodes no good; That rigid look of hers dothfreeze man's blood, And well - nigh petrifies his heart to stone: The story ofMedusa thou hast known.
2.   Mr. Lorry and Monsieur Defarge had made all ready for the journey, and had brought with them, besides travelling cloaks and wrappers, bread and meat, wine, and hot coffee. Monsieur Defarge put this provender, and the lamp he carried, on the shoemaker's bench (there was nothing else in the garret but a pallet bed), and he and Mr. Lorry roused the captive, and assisted him to his feet.
3.   "Come; you are joking yourself now. Are there any moreslaves to be had who bear this beautiful name?"

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