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1. 佛山日报记者吕润致摄12月7日晚上20:52,南洲村委新庄一队后山,佛山禅城消防队员正在全力遏制火势。
2. 2018年5月2日至4日,他连续旷工3天。
3. (2)不把自己的主张强加于人,即使这种主张出自善意;己所不欲,勿施于人;己所欲,在征得同意的条件下,慎施于人。
4.   `On a certain Friday night in November one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, did business occasion you to travel between London and Dover by the mail?'
5.   Which way didst come?
6. 第四步:把关键因素(有求于他)设定为目标实现此目标的路径和关键因素是什么?比如农民大叔实现有求于他的路径是:村民知道我这里有他们想要的东西。


1.   In some cases we might easily put down to disuse modifications of structure which are wholly, or mainly, due to natural selection. Mr. Wollaston has discovered the remarkable fact that 200 beetles, out of the 550 species inhabiting Madeira, are so far deficient in wings that they cannot fly; and that of the twenty-nine endemic genera, no less than twenty-three genera have all their species in this condition! Several facts, namely, that beetles in many parts of the world are very frequently blown to sea and perish; that the beetles in Madeira, as observed by Mr Wollaston, lie much concealed, until the wind lulls and the sun shines; that the proportion of wingless beetles is larger on the exposed Dezertas than in Madeira itself; and especially the extraordinary fact, so strongly insisted on by Mr. Wollaston, of the almost entire absence of certain large groups of beetles, elsewhere excessively numerous, and which groups have habits of life almost necessitating frequent flight; these several considerations have made me believe that the wingless condition of so many Madeira beetles is mainly due to the action of natural selection, but combined probably with disuse. For during thousands of successive generations each individual beetle which flew least, either from its wings having been ever so little less perfectly developed or from indolent habit, will have had the best chance of surviving from not being blown out to sea; and, on the other hand, those beetles which most readily took to flight will oftenest have been blown to sea and thus have been destroyed.The insects in Madeira which are not ground-feeders, and which, as the flower-feeding coleoptera and lepidoptera, must habitually use their wings to gain their subsistence, have, as Mr. Wollaston suspects, their wings not at all reduced, but even enlarged. This is quite compatible with the action of natural selection. For when a new insect first arrived on the island, the tendency of natural selection to enlarge or to reduce the wings, would depend on whether a greater number of individuals were saved by successfully battling with the winds, or by giving up the attempt and rarely or never flying. As with mariners ship-wrecked near a coast, it would have been better for the good swimmers if they had been able to swim still further, whereas it would have been better for the bad swimmers if they had not been able to swim at all and had stuck to the wreck.
2. 2013年9月18日下午2点整,位于华盛顿的美国联邦公开市场委员会,决定继续通过购买债券的方式向市场注入货币。这一决定引起了黄金价格的上涨。有意思的是,但凡华盛顿传出的消息,要经2毫秒才能到达较近的纽约,而要经过7毫秒才能到达较远的芝加哥。但这一次,在芝加哥有价值8亿美元的期货合同,比纽约提前了5-7毫秒率先入场。联邦储备金因此成立了特别小组调查消息泄露的可能。
3.   `I'm thirty...yes, I'm thirty!' said Michaelis, sharply and suddenly, with a curious laugh; hollow, triumphant, and bitter.
4. 如果在公司的危机时刻,或者市场变得非常不稳定的时候,这可能会变成一件危险的事情。
5.   'Did SHE make 'em, now?' said Mr. Barkis, always leaning forward, in his slouching way, on the footboard of the cart with an arm on each knee.
6. 企查查APP显示,禹州市英豪娱乐有限公司成立于2018年4月18日,注册资本60万元人民币,法定代表人为郭某某。


1.   Ghinotto di Tacco, for his insolent and stout robberies, became aman very farre famed, who being banished from Sienna, and an enemyto the Countes Disanta Flore: prevailed so by his bold andheadstrong perswasions, that the Towne of Raticonfani rebelled againstthe Church of Rome, wherein he remaining; all passengers whatsoever,travelling any way thereabout, were robde and rifled by his theevingCompanions. At the time whereof now I speake, Boniface the eight,governed as Pope at Rome, and the Lord Abbot of Clugni (accounted tobe one of the richest Prelates in the world) came to Rome, and thereeither by some surfeit, excesse of feeding, or otherwise, his stomackebeing grievously offended and pained; the Phisitians advised him, totravell to the Bathes at Sienna, where he should receive immediatecure. In which respect, his departure being licenced by the Pope, toset onward thither, with great and pompous Cariages, of Horses, Mules,and a goodly traine, without hearing any rumour of the theevishConsorts.
2. 这是中国首次占据榜单前三甲以及在前10强中占了5名。中国工商银行连续两年占据第1名的宝座,中国建设银行次之,而且中国农业银行向上移动了5名成为第3名。这三大银行与排在第9名的中国银行一起跻身前10强,中国银行是“四大国有银行”中的另一个成员。
3. 但是,封建政权本身便代表封建地主的利益,汉武帝一方面致力于打击地方豪强势力,另一方面又不断将其中的一部分吸引、补充到官吏队伍中来,官僚、地主、商人三位一体的结合日趋明显。尽管如此,在汉武帝时期,地主豪强和富商大贾势力的发展还是受到一定程度的限制,从而降低了土地集中的速度。
4.   "Was it not this D'Artagnan who wounded Jussac one day, in thatunfortunate encounter which took place near the Convent of theCarmes-Dechausses?" asked the king, looking at the cardinal, whocolored with vexation.
5. 然而,一方面各个国家就它们的情况和环境来说,彼此之间是存在着千差万别的,它们之中有巨人,也有侏儒,有体格健全的,也有缺手缺脚的,有文明的,也有半文明或野蛮的;但是它们就同个人一样,都要求生存、要求进步,这是天赋的本能。使国家从野蛮转变到文明,从弱小转变到强大,尤其重要的是使它获得长期生存的保障,这些都是政治任务。要完成国家的经济发展,为它进入将来的世界集团准备条件,这却是一个政治经济任务。
6.   "Poverty" --


1. "They take care of the home--and the children."
2. 近日,海南省药监局公布了对海南安润科技的行政处罚决定书。
3. 他意识到他可以这样描述一个二次方程的两个根:通过两者的和可以计算出两者的平均数,然后用字母z表示一个未知的值(按照罗博士的方法,z代表两者与平均数的差额——译注)。
4. “为什么要追溯到那么远去寻找七年战争以前萨克森工场手工业繁荣的原因呢?只要看看18000万国债就够了!”
5.   Alph. De Candolle and others have shown that plants which have very wide ranges generally present varieties; and this might have been expected, as they become exposed to diverse physical conditions, and as they come into competition (which, as we shall hereafter see, is a far more important circumstance) with different sets of organic beings. But my tables further show that, in any limited country, the species which are most common, that is abound most in individuals, and the species which are most widely diffused within their own country (and this is a different consideration from wide range, and to a certain extent from commonness), often give rise to varieties sufficiently well-marked to have been recorded in botanical works. Hence it is the most flourishing, or, as they may be called, the dominant species, those which range widely over the world, are the most diffused in their own country, and are the most numerous in individuals, which oftenest produce well-marked varieties, or, as I consider them, incipient species. And this, perhaps, might have been anticipated; for, as varieties, in order to become in any degree permanent, necessarily have to struggle with the other inhabitants of the country, the species which are already dominant will be the most likely to yield offspring which, though in some slight degree modified, will still inherit those advantages that enabled their parents to become dominant over their compatriots.If the plants inhabiting a country and described in any Flora be divided into two equal masses, all those in the larger genera being placed on one side, and all those in the smaller genera on the other side, a somewhat larger number of the very common and much diffused or dominant species will be found on the side of the larger genera. This, again, might have been anticipated; for the mere fact of many species of the same genus inhabiting any country, shows that there is something in the organic or inorganic conditions of that country favourable to the genus; and, consequently, we might have expected to have found in the larger genera, or those including many species, a large proportional number of dominant species. But so many causes tend to obscure this result, that I am surprised that my tables show even a small majority on the side of the larger genera. I will here allude to only two causes of obscurity. Fresh-water and salt-loving plants have generally very wide ranges and are much diffused, but this seems to be connected with the nature of the stations inhabited by them, and has little or no relation to the size of the genera to which the species belong. Again, plants low in the scale of organisation are generally much more widely diffused than plants higher in the scale; and here again there is no close relation to the size of the genera. The cause of lowly-organised plants ranging widely will be discussed in our chapter on geographical distribution.From looking at species as only strongly-marked and well-defined varieties, I was led to anticipate that the species of the larger genera in each country would oftener present varieties, than the species of the smaller genera; for wherever many closely related species (i.e. species of the same genus) have been formed, many varieties or incipient species ought, as a general rule, to be now forming. Where many large trees grow, we expect to find saplings. Where many species of a genus have been formed through variation, circumstances have been favourable for variation; and hence we might expect that the circumstances would generally be still favourable to variation. On the other hand, if we look at each species as a special act of creation, there is no apparent reason why more varieties should occur in a group having many species, than in one having few.
6. c=0.744磅纱=8.928便士


1. 此后她视高热量为敌人。
2. 事发小区被指消防栓一度不出水物业及消防回应称有水且救火未受影响当时赶去帮忙的遇难者的多位邻居对北青报记者称,得知12-1发生火灾时,浓烟已经飘到顶层的18楼,赶到现场帮忙时,曾尝试砸门未果,要用消防栓时发现消防栓一度不出水,后来消防人员来了才正常使用上。
3.   The man looked at him, looked at the village in the hollow, at the mill, and at the prison on the crag. When he had identified these objects in what benighted mind he had, he said, in a dialect that was just intelligible:

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